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Download Latest Version Of PPSSPP Gold Apk Emulators for Android ~ Free Psp Emulator

Real gamers would have probably seen several emulators like PPSSPP Emulator, but none comes close to the great features it offers. The app is everything you need to play your Favourite Playstation game.

PPSSPP emulator is an emulator that allows gamers to play any PPSSPP game on devices such as Android Smartphone. Normally, the PSP games are not developed for smartphones, but with emulators, players can run and play most of the video games available on Sony’s first portable console.

The emulator has been known to be very responsive and even easy to use. It even gets better if you are using a phone with a big screen. This way, you can easily punch the key without misplacing your touch every time.

Another thing you should take note of when using the emulator is that at times, your phone features also have a lot to play, although it depends on the size of the game file. An Iso with a file size less than 200Mb would run effortlessly on most android phones while a big file size would demand more.

To make the most of it, it is advisable to have some decent grades to ensure that downloaded PPSSPP Games run smoothly.


Let’s talk about the various options you have when considering an installation of a PSP emulator on your phone so you have a shot at playing any PPSSPP game.

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The PPSSPP comes in two versions, the free and the paid version. The developer was kind enough to allow users to download the PSP emulator for free. There are not many differences between the two as you can get almost the same level of service.

However, the free version of PPSSPP shows ads which is just like a way for the developers to generate some money to continue keeping it free for gamers. The paid version, often called PPSSPP Gold does not show ads. Another difference is that the free version has a blue logo while the paid version has it in gold color.

Still, if you choose to go for the PPSSPP Gold, you are only supporting the development while also avoiding obstructions from Ads. While there are various pricing for the PPSSPP, but for as low as $2.49, you could download and install the PSP gold apk on your Android smartphone.

If you want to show support by purchasing the gold version, ensure that the email you use is the right one as the download link containing the Apk will be sent to the registered email address. To buy the ppsspp gold apk, you can visit the Official Website. However, we will provide you the app for free in this article.


  1. It supports save states.
  2. Enjoy better high-resolution graphics and faster emulation when playing your favorite games.
  3. Users are also provided turbo buttons for use in those role-playing games.


Gamers that do not wish to make any financial obligation to the developer can download the PSP emulator for free on their Android Smartphone.

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To download the ppsspp (PSP) emulator apk, simply click on this link. The file size is less than 14Mb.

However, if you are considering installing the FREE PSP EMULATOR, simply visit the Google Play Store to download and install it on your device.


After downloading the app from the host, the next step is to install the PSP emulator, and below is the guide on how to install it:

1. Installing the file is very easy and it normally begins with you locating the file on your file manager.

2. Allow installation from ‘Unknown sources’ by navigating to ‘SETTINGS’, then security > unknown sources. Enable it by turning it on.

3. Now go back to your Storage location within your file manager. Most downloads go to the ‘Download’ folder. This is the place you want to check first.

4. Once the PSP emulator apk is located, click on it, install and follow the prompts as things get easier now.


This is only a guide on how to install the PPSSPP emulator on your phone. If you are to use the emulator to play your favorite Playstation games, you will need a PSP iso file of the game, as well as a file extractor. Most importantly, know how to download and install the PPSSPP game on your Android for use on the emulator.

However, this is an exciting start. As time goes on, you are bound to discover several great games that you can get from friends or download from the internet.

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