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Dstv Packages, Validity + Prices In Nigeria

Do you know DSTV has lots of packages to choose from and one that might suit your pocket?

You can decide to go big with DSTV, one benefit it has over the others is that you are not restricted. On it, you can watch any channel. Did I just say any one, all rather and the last time I checked, one one came close to DSTV.

Customers can also decide to play a little low with DSTV compact and compact plus. On it, you still get to watch some of your favourite shows, even sports.

Like I said, there is something for everybody, how about getting access for a very cheap price, though not the best it you want it more. One thing is the digital view will still light up your room and even open you up some great channels.

DSTV offers various interesting packages that keep our eyes glued to the television screen and emotion lit for the interesting programmes.

In this post, we shall go through the different DSTV packages available in Nigeria, their period of validity and the price at which you can get these packages.


The DSTV Premium bouquet provides over 250 TV and Audio channels. These channels combine entertainment and news packages including lifestyle, nature, culture and religion stories.

If you are a sports lover, you will have full access to all the Super Sports channels in the DSTV Premium package. Currently, the DSTV Premium costs N15, 800 in Nigeria per month.

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It sounds interesting that on this DSTV package, you have over 210 channels. Therefore, the DSTV Compact Plus lets users have access to a large field of channels that cut across varying entertainment styles: music, movies and interestingly, sports.

In this package, you will have access to the Super Sports channels and never miss any match and other sports news. The DSTV Compact Plus costs N10, 650 per month. You may also choose to pay 117, 150 per annum for this package.


The DSTV Compact is designed to match whatever lifestyle you have. On this package, you will enjoy over 190 channels which are composed of both TV and audio channels. You will be able to view hundreds of programmes. In this package too are entertainment channels like the M-Net Action and M-Net Series.

If you are a lover of animals and nature, the Nat-Geo Wild channel will keep you interested in what you love. DSTV Compact goes at the price N6, 800 per month.


Get full access to “Confam” channels on the DSTV Confam package. This package is just an upgraded form of the DSTV Family bouquet. It however offers over 128 channels covering areas like music, movies, TV series, TV shows, culture and religion, lifestyle, nature and so much more.

This DSTV bouquet is ideal for families who want to increase their bonding for better living. The price of DSTV Confam package is N4, 500 per month.


With DSTV Access package, you will be allowed access to over 104 DSTV channels cutting across both TV and audio channels.

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Like the DSTV Yanga, you will experience on Access a plethora of movie, telenovela, local TV series, news and kids channels. This package is also economical and it goes for only N2000 per month.


The DSTV Family bouquet offers over 120 channels, covering both TV and audio channels. With this package, you will be able to share quality time with your family enjoying fantastic channels that cuts across, music and movies, news, lifestyle, nature, religion and so on.

Here are channels like Sony Max, African Magic Movies and the rest of them. With N4000, you will be able to have access to this package for just one month.


On DSTV Yanga package, you will get over 109 television channels including audio channels. On these channels you will have local TV series, telenovelas, movies and lists of music and kids channels.

You are also offered News and Business channels. In Nigeria, the price for DSTV Yanga package is N2, 500 for one month.


These DSTV packages are valid for just one month. It means that you will need to renew your subscription for any package of your choice after 30 days.

Now that you have this guide on the different DSTV packages, their prices and validity you can now go ahead to make your choice and keep enjoying smarter life.

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