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MTN recharge code: How to load MTN Card fast

MTN Recharge Code: Do you need help on how to load your MTN recharge card pin? If you are just joining, this should be the first thing to know.

MTN, the first GSM NETWORK in Nigeria has been in operation for over a decade, during that period we have experienced a lot of massive changes.
Most people would no doubt know the old way of recharging their MTN number, I will be showing you another method to load your MTN card.

Not that the old way to load a MTN card has been discontinued. MTN has not been one that shied away from improvement. A lot of them have to do with adjustment made to their products and sometimes, a new way of performing some basic MTN stuff.

When MTN was first introduced to Nigeria, not many thought competition could close in no time until when Airtel Nigeria, Glo Nigeria and 9mobile fully emerged. Since then, the era has brought us some great value for money well spent due to friendly rivalries.

Nigerians now love the comfort of buying Airtime from their banks or third-party apps which is totally cool. For the rest of us who still prefer to get recharge pins from the retailer, this will contain vital information that might be of importance to you.

If you are loading from MTN recharge card, your MTN recharge pin should consist of 17-digit recharge PIN. It used to be just 12 digits until 2016 when MTN changed it. Now that it has been settled, this article will show how you can load your MTN card. Do note that it does not matter whether your sim card is inserted in the modem, phone, smartphone or any other devices, all follow the same approach.

MTN recharge code to load using the old method

I am not sure we are going to see the end of the old MTN recharge code. Left for me, using the MTN recharge code is the easiest way to load MTN voucher.

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The old MTN recharge code is as old as MTN Nigeria if my memory still serves me well. How could anyone will even think it will soon be discontinued. Another simple reason why I love the new MTN code is that it is very easy to remember. I can forget the Glo recharge code, 9mobile recharge code and maybe Airtel recharge code but not the MTN recharge code.

So how do you now load your MTN recharge card?

  • To load an MTN card, you need to purchase a recharge pin from a reseller or agent.
  • If it is an elegant piece of paper, scratch it off to reveal the pin or you can just retrieve the pin if it is just folded paper.
  • Dial *311*Recharge Pin# to recharge your MTN line.
  • The value of the recharge card will be credited instantly.
  • To confirm if the card was successfully loaded, dial the MTN balance checking code *310#
  • The denominations available are N100, N200, N400, N750, N1500 MTN recharge cards. The above approach works for all.

How to load MTN card using the new code

Trust me, not many people are currently aware of the new MTN recharge code. For some time now, I did not know until I stumbled upon it. However, I would still suggest you used the old MTN recharge code.

If it happens you got a MTN card that has a 10 digit, then you will need the new MTN recharge code to credit your MTN account balance.

I do not know if there are ongoing plans to bring this into the fold but for now, the card is very rare to find. Only once have I come across it which I believe it is common with people using Virtual Top-Up (VTU).

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If ever you come across such MTN recharge pin with 10 digits, you are going to need the procedure to load one.

  • To load a 10 digit MTN pin, dial *3551*Your 10 Digit Recharge Pin#.
  • Your MTN account will immediately be credited with the value of the recharge pin.
  • To confirm if it loaded successfully, dial the code to check MTN account balance.

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