eConestoga: How to access Conestoga College Student Portal

Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning serves a large number of students from Canada and outside the country. The school makes use of econestoga, a learning management system (LMS) to effectively deliver content and services to students as well as helping teachers to work efficiently.

With eConestoga, you will be able to carry out various tasks and access various services intended to make learning fun and easy for you. The platform allows you to access and submit assignments, engage in discussion, view class schedules, take tests and exams, and get timely updates or information from your co-learners and teachers.

In this article, we are going to provide relevant information that you should know about eConestoga. As a new student, the content would surely help in getting started with no issue.

What is eConestoga?

eConestoga is a D2L Brightspace powered LMS that is being utilized by Staff members and Students of Conestoga College. The online learning management system will help to bridge the gap left by traditional methods, using technology that will increase the pace by which students learn.

The LMS is like a website version of your courses. If you are familiar with what goes on in the classroom, this is similar except that it takes place online.

How to log into eConestoga

Follow our guide on how to sign into eConestoga:

How to log into eConestoga

1. To log into eConestoga, simply go to

2. Provide your Condor ID username and password.

3. Click sign to access your Conestoga Student account.

Note: if you have difficulties in logging in for the first time or resetting your password, you should contact

About your Condor ID and Password

A condor ID is your first initial, last name, and last 4 digits of your student number. An example of a Condor ID is ​mjohn4739.

Your school email address will also include your Condor ID and the email suffix. An example of your school email address is ​

Default passwords have the format Cc and your student number. Whenever you reset your password with IT Services, it will be reset to the default password. Your student number is a 7 digit number.

If this is your first time accessing the site using your Condor ID and password, you may be required to change your password. Ensure the change in password meets the Secure Password Criteria.

Your Condor ID and password can be used on different apps or services. It can be used to access your storage drive, log into the campus Wi-Fi, print your work on campus, get free Microsoft software downloads, check your email, and sign in to MyConestoga.

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Do note that your College email and Condor ID accounts are maintained until withdrawal, course completion, or graduation.

Where to use your Condor ID and Password

1. Log in to the campus Wi-Fi

You can connect to the school wifi using your Condor ID and Password. This service is available to Students, Faculty, and Staff. Devices such as Laptop, Linux, Android, Apple PC, and Chromebook.

There is also Guest Wi-Fi Access, otherwise known as Eduroam. Eduroam provides access to guests from other institutions to sign into Conestoga’s Wi-Fi network. If you are using Eduroam, you will need to open your device’s Wi-Fi settings, select Eduroam, then provide your home institution’s email address and password to gain access.

If you are connecting through any of the supported devices, you will need to turn on your Wifi, search for available networks, Choose CCSecure from the list and continue with the setup. When prompted, enter your Condor ID and password.

2. Your College Email Account

Your Candor Id and password can also be used for accessing your college email account. All students and employees are provided with an Office365 (O365) email account. Your email address is formed with your Condor ID and the suffix while the password is the same one you use with your Condor ID.

Students and employees can sign into their email account by downloading and signing into the Outlook app on their Android or iOS devices using their Condor login details. Alternatively, they can also access their email using the direct link on the Conestoga home page.

Another way is to sign into your Outlook account by opening your computer’s Start Menu. Search for Outlook and then double-click to open the program. When it opens, you will automatically be guided through the process. Access your Outlook account using your Conestoga email address and password.

3. Sign into MyConestoga

Another way to make use of your Condor ID and password is to use it to log into MyConestoga. But first, what is MyConestoga?

myConestoga is a community-based portal site designed to provide a collaborative, secure environment for college communities. With myConestoga, you will be able to access Office365 email and Student Portal and thereby eliminate the need to log in again by using the Apps & Services links from the landing page.

To login to MyConestoga using your Condor ID and password, visit from your web browser.

MyConestoga login

4. Get free Microsoft software downloads

As a student or employee at Conestoga College, you can access and download Microsoft software for free. There are several software available for download, at either no cost or considerably reduced cost.

Take advantage of your active condor ID and password and start getting the software in. This software is licensed for as long as your Condor ID remains active.

5. Use the Condor ID and Password to access your storage drive

Your OneDrive available through your Office 365 email account can also be accessed using your Condor ID and password. Your OneDrive lets you store and share 1 terabyte of content.

Your Onedrive app is available on both Android and IOS. If you prefer to access it using a desktop platform, it is also available for Mac and PC.

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You will also be able to access or work remotely with content or documents stored in your OneDrive by visiting Log into the onedrive using your Condor ID and password. If you are I.T Staff, your login portal is

6. Print your work on campus

Printing your documents is another and both employees and students are welcome to use their condor ID and password when the need arises.

All students are allotted 45 non-refundable print credits at the beginning of each term. Once you exhaust it, print charges will start deducting from your CONDOR CASH (ONECARD) account. You can go on with your printing by adding funds to your OneCard at

Your Condor ID and password will be needed when carrying out the following tasks:

When adding Mobility Print to your device and which will require you to visit

Also, when there is a need to check your Print Balance. Visit to view your print balance.

How to reset your Conestoga password

The major reason why people choose to reset their password is that they have forgotten their password. If you tried logging into your eConestoga account, but the system is not having it, you could request an eConestoga password reset by following our guide:

  • Change or reset your Conestoga password by visiting
  • Begin by entering your email or username.
  • Enter the characters in the picture or audio below. Now click Next.
  • Follow the online instructions to have your password changed.

How to navigate the eConestoga environment

As you already know that eConestoga is an online system used at Conestoga College where your instructors can post course materials, assessments, and grades for each of your courses.

To navigate, you will need to visit the eConestoga login portal and then log in with your CondorID and password. Once you have gained access, you will be able to see all your courses listed. Password for the account is valid for 4 months, after which it will need to be reset.

Navigating the brightspace learning environment is very easy with all the major features carefully placed where you will be able to view it easily.

At the top of the page, you will see the important features including Class progress, Discussion, Quizzes, Courses, Assignments, Content, and Grades.

We also have the toolbar which is also at the top of the page. The tool bar is the mini bar that is always present and allows you to navigate through the environment. Then we have the course selector on the mini bar, it is used to access your courses. There are 3 more icons on the mini bar, they are subscription alert, message alert, and update alert.

Also, you can click your names to open your personal menu. It allows you to view your progress, account setting, add user-specific settings, etc. There are lots more you can explore in the eConestoga environment (Powered by Brightspace). Just spend some moment with the environment and it won’t be long before you get the hang of it.

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How to submit an assignment

1. Go to the navbar, and click Assignments.

2. Find the assignment you want to submit and click on it.

3. Follow the assignment instructions, and do as directed. It could require you to type your assignment directly in the Text Submission field, add a file, or record audio.

4. Once done, Click Mark as Complete to manually mark an assignment as completed.

Note: There are other terms you should be familiar with on the Assignment page, they are due dates and end dates.

The due date is the period or day by which your assignment must be submitted through the eConestoga platform while an end date is a final date an assignment ought to be submitted by you irrespective of the due date.

Once the end date passes, you won’t be able to get your assignment to your instructor and that could make you lose some marks. Always watch out for the due date and end date.

How do I view my grades on eConestoga

It is very important to know where you stand when it comes to performance in school. And one of the ways to do that is by checking your course grades from time to time. This will give you an idea of what to do next if you are lagging.

To check your grades, go to the navigation bar after logging on to the eConestoga website. Use the Grades tool to view your scores on tests and assignments. You will be able to also see your individual grades and also the model used to assess you.

Depending on how the page is set up, you will be able to access overall class performance statistics and view comments.

How to take a quiz

1. Go to the NavBar and then click Quizzes.

2. Tap the quiz you want to partake in on the quiz list page.

3. Go through the instructions and details of the quiz. Click Start Quiz when you are ready.

4. Answer the question. As you continue, the answer will be automatically saved.

5. To navigate between pages, click Next Page or Previous Page.

6. Once you are done with all questions, you can Click Go to Submit Quiz.

7. Click Submit Quiz when you are okay with all answers. If you are not ready for submission, click the question number in the quiz’s left panel to go back to the question.

How to reply to a discussion

Below is the guide on how to reply to a discussion on eConestoga:

1. Click Discussions from the NavBar.

2. Find the thread or discussion you want to reply to.

3. Perform any of the following:

– Click Reply to Thread to join the discussion in the main thread post.

– Click Reply to reply to a particular post.

4. Enter your reply in the Editor.

5. Make necessary adjustments. You can reply as Anonymous, subscribe to the thread, add a file, etc.

6. Click Post.

How to create a discussion thread

Aside from replying to a thread in the Discussion area, you will also be able to read or post a new thread that others can also participate in. It could be based on sharing your thoughts about particular course material, share files, ask questions, or engage in group work.

1. Start by going to the NavBar after signing into the eConestoga Portal.

2. Click the topic where you want to create a thread.

3. Tap Start a New Thread.

4. Enter a subject and your post.

5. Adjust the posting options as you want them. They include posts as Anonymous, add attachments, subscribe to this thread, post to other topics, etc.

6. Click Post to get your discussion thread live. If the topic is moderated, it won’t go live until it is approved.

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