How to start an email marketing business in Nigeria

How to Start an Email Marketing Business in Nigeria

Starting an email marketing business in Nigeria does not need as much capital as most people believe, you can start small and be on your way to creating a vast enterprise.

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways you can reach out to prospects, educate them on your products or services, build a relationship and keep them.

It is also a way you could hold onto existing customers, by connecting with them oftentimes, this ensures the bonds you have with them gets stronger. Although you might want to be careful at the rate messages are sent.

However, if you are keen on providing solutions to individuals, businesses, companies, or any establishments, we will be providing you a step-by-step guide on how to start an email marketing business in Nigeria even on a low budget.


Email marketing is a method used by individuals and businesses that involves sending messages to people via email. The message normally revolve around letting potential and existing customers know about promotional offers, what they can get from using a product or service, offers, and more.

email marketing business in Nigeria

An individual or any establishment can use it to broadcast information to a large group. It does not have to be for business purposes, it could also be to inform or educate people.


Email marketing service is very profitable in Nigeria and you can make a lot of money from it by setting up the business in Nigeria.

how to start email marketing business in Nigeria

If you own an email address, have you not wondered how these messages managed to arrive in your inbox despite not soliciting for it?

Were you not tempted to request service or whatever products they are marketing. Most of these are handled by email marketing companies for individuals or businesses to improve their sales or images.

Meanwhile, email marketing is not only about offering a product or service. You can also be earning huge commissions through Affiliate marketing programs.

Although when starting new, you may not get the kind of results you expected. This is common with most new businesses especially one that started with a small amount of Capital. It is no news that marketing strategies play a role and for you to quickly skyrocket your business, you need enough money. As an email marketer, no one should tell you that anyway.

In the long run, the email marketing business is very profitable as you are not only bent on delivering for clients, you can also make some side deals using the email list you have been able to accumulate.

In a country like Nigeria where the Email marketing business is still among the untapped businesses in Nigeria, it makes sense to want to start it, you can invest small cash while you gradually build your base.


Below are the email marketing business plans you can follow to start your own small email marketing establishment:

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1. Select an Email Marketing Service Provider

There are tons of options when it comes to selecting the email service providers but you will need to make the right choice here. Your success will also depend on how reliable they are. We recommend any of the following Providers – Mailchimp, Sendinblue, Getresponse, and Constant Contact.

Choosing a reliable email marketing service provider ensures that your targeted audience receives messages. With the tools provided by the provider, you will be able to spread your message across to a large group of people. You will also be able to make use of available designed campaigns and data analysis that could prompt you to make better decisions.

The email marketing service providers work by assigning a unique email address where your messages are now forwarded or distributed to the intended list of email addresses.

Aside from that, you will also get a tool to have an in-depth analysis of your Campaign including who viewed and engaged with the messages. This is a very useful tool to measure performance especially if your clients desire to know how the email campaign is fairing

2. Build your email list

Gathering email addresses for the campaign is the most difficult phase when starting an email marketing business in Nigeria or any part of the world. Also, comes the issue of selecting the kind of messages that owners of the email addresses might be interested in.

For instance, someone with a USA email list might find it difficult to generate leads on messages that have to do with sales of products meant for Nigerians. So relevance matters a lot when hoping for successful outreach.

Knowing that the targeted audience has a propensity for the products or services already will go a long way, so you do not have much convincing or marketing to do. If you have the time, you can build different kinds of email lists that will fall in line with their specific audience.

This will ensure you can generate leads that your targeted audience will be interested in – products, services, or whatever you are offering. If this is successful, it makes it easy for you to know what will work in your next project.

3. Add the emails into your email marketing account

Once you have built a decent list of email addresses, the next step is uploading the contacts to the account you have with your email marketing service provider.

Instead of adding one by one, you can upload a comma-separated value file (CSV), or import your contact list from spreadsheet programs like Ms. Excel or Google Sheets.

If possible, organize your contacts to reflect what service or business they are likely to be interested in. For example, you could create a list for women, this could help a lot when trying to help businesses to sell products or services that ladies will be willing to buy. If it happens, you can get more information like age, then it makes it easy for you to narrow it. Take a deep breath, and think of the many lists you want to create.

Meanwhile, you could merge them in a different list for campaigns that concern everyone irrespective of gender, age, or affiliation. This could be very challenging but it makes your jobs easier in the long run especially if you are serious about growing your small email marketing business to become the best in Nigeria.

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4. Create or select a template

It could save you so much to have a particular model you use from time to time. Every email marketing service provider has lots of templates you can use or edit to suit your taste. Go through the list and make a good choice, but ensure you are selecting a mobile-friendly template as the majority of your targeted audience might open their mail from the app.

The templates are easy to customize, you just need to drag and drop content such as video, link, or images you want to appear as part of the messages. To further help your email marketing business, you can subtly put your logo or website link. The link does not have to appear very bold as the interest of customers should always supersede yours. In other words, your customers getting value for money should come first.

5. Test run the Email Marketing Campaign to know if your settings are in order.

An email marketing campaign is an email or group of emails sent to a specific group to promote, inform, or achieve a specific objective.

To create an email campaign, simply log into your selected email marketing service provider and click the icon to create your Campaign. Ensure you have already uploaded or had subscribers in your Audience. Follow prompts

Now craft out a beautiful page using the email builder. You will want the page to appear very warm and lovely to the eyes by diligently working on the design. Ask People for opinions if you are finding it difficult to decide if it is okay

The next part is creating content that will attract clicks. Most people will only click if the title is catchy enough, and if they are not engaging with the campaign, the hard work is just a waste. Even when it is likely to receive clicks, another is creating descriptions and content that will generate leads.

Since you are only test running the campaign, for now, this is a good time to check how you can fair when your email marketing business goes live.

6. Plan your schedules

If you are bent on quickly convincing people, I am afraid it is never going to work especially for new businesses that are yet to command interest from the public.

Email Marketing is no different from traditional marketing, most people will need to be worked on before they start showing interest in your offer. Let your plans align with the long term and that does not mean you are not going to convert during those phases. But most people need more convincing, and you can stay in touch by sending messages once in a while.

If you send too many emails they can handle, it could get annoying thereby leading to them marking the message as spam. This means any message you send henceforth will go to Spam instead of inbox. Once in a week should do especially if you are not providing any promotional offers, but only information on products or services.

7. Measure your performance

If after doing the hard work, and you are not measuring your performance, then you are a long way to establishing a successful email marketing business in Nigeria.

You will want to track your click-through rate, bounce rate, conversion rate, people who open the mail, and the number of people that unsubscribed to come up with a better plan. Even if you were able to get a positive result, you will still want to improve in other areas.

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8. Build a business website

Now that you are confident of the service you can render, you will need an online shop for people to know more about the service you can render. The business website can also be used to introduce other types of digital marketing like social media marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing, etc that could help businesses succeed.

Therefore when choosing your domain name, ensure it is a name that could encompass all forms of digital marketing unless you are keen on running only an email marketing service. You do not need to rush it, take a few hours or days to decide what the URL of the business will be.

If you have had experience with building a website, this should only take a few hours especially with a free and open-source content management system (CMS) called However, you can always watch Youtube or contact a designer for help.

An email marketing business does not need a physical office, maybe with time, you might open one. Right now, the main priority is to build your online presence as your service does not require a physical meeting. However, you must work on building trust and confidence people have in your ability to deliver.

9. Create a Google my business listing

With the free SEO tool called, Google my business, you can easily be found on Google search results.

Chances of making sales are even higher once you have set up your GMB Listing, when a customer uses certain keywords like Email Marketing Company Near Me, your business profile could come up in search results if you put great effort into Local SEO and Optimizations. You can use GMB to provide relevant information about your business such as website links, photos, phone numbers, working days and hours, etc.

Customers will also be able to drop reviews and you can also respond as well. It could leave a lasting impression on prospects especially when they are positive. Therefore, prioritize satisfying customers to improve your business image.

10. Get more contacts

A website allows you to grow your email list quickly, but users will need a reason to visit such a website. As a website owner, you will be able to insert a signup form on any page that visitors may likely visit.

Since you are running a business website and not a blog, you could also create a blog page where you can share articles and content about digital marketing, making money, and tips on how to grow your business. With that, you will be able to easily get some organic and social media traffic, thereby giving you a way to quickly grow your contact list. However, this may not be quick but a good SEO effort will boost your pages with time.

11. Advertise your email marketing business

As a new business, it is not a time to relax as there are still lots to be done. You need to boost your business profile by advertising on search engines and social media.

For the search engine, Google and bing have my vote while Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ads are also effective platforms to get the desired effects for your business.

However, if you have a low budget, you could adopt content marketing. Social media platforms and websites as already stated are quite effective but the results are not always quick as when you run a paid advertising campaign.

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