How to exchange itunes gift cards for cash

How To Exchange iTunes Gift Cards For Cash In Nigeria

iTunes gift cards have experienced a rise in demand over the years. And it is very likely that you have also received one and are considering how to exchange the iTunes gift cards for immediate cash. You’ll find a variety of platforms in Nigeria that makes this possible in this article.

These platforms have been running for years and proven to be reliable and trustworthy. There is a high risk of using platforms you do not know much about. Many people have lost their gift cards to scammers and this is why you must know how to convert your gift cards for cash easily yourself without the danger of losing your cards.

Besides, using a third party to redeem the card may incur charges. If this is your first time, you should have no issue finding your way around as we will provide the websites’ names. Each of the sites has instructions on how to go about your trade on their online platform.


What is itunes gift card

iTunes gift cards are some kinds of electronic cards that are used to carry out payment for services received from the iTunes store. You can use it to watch movies, pay for apps, download music, get books, and do so much more!

You can sell iTunes gift cards on various platforms online, but you must be wary of fraudulent individuals who will want to rob you, or people that would want to have your gift cards for very ridiculous low prices. If you visit OLX, eBay, Instagram, and even Facebook, you’ll very likely come across willing buyers. But you can almost not tell how authentic these potential buyers could be.

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This article helps you discover the 10 best and safest sites and platforms to exchange iTunes gift cards for cash in Nigeria.


1. Cardnosh

Cardnosh is a registered company under Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission. It is one of the platforms that are worth considering when it comes to trading gift cards. It kicked off in 2016 and its registered name is Cardnosh Trading Services and RC Number 2777339.

Cardnosh focuses on trading cryptocurrencies, gift cards, and providing customers around the globe with other remarkable services. Aside from exchanging iTunes gift cards for cash, you can also sell Walmart gift cards, Amazon gift cards, Google Play gift cards, Steam Wallet gift cards, and any other gift card you have.

And the juicy part is that payment doesn’t take forever. In just about 5 minutes, you get your Naira cash from Cardnosh!

2. Cardtonic

Cardtonic moves abreast with innovations to provide their customers with the best rates when it comes to exchanging gift cards for naira. iTunes, Target, Xbox, Amazon, American Express, eBay, Google Play, Playstation, and several others are accepted on the platform.

Cardtonic prides itself as a modern gift card exchange platform that offers customers utmost satisfaction. It also has mobile app versions for Android and iOS.

3. Climax Cardings

Climax Cardings is your other go-to source for gift card trading at the best rates. You can sell a variety of gift cards and receive the best returns on them. You can choose to receive your payments in Naira, dollars, Cedis, and RMB.

They make payments within 10 minutes, and also buy coins in any quantity with outstanding rates to offer you the best profits.

Simply get started by visiting the site and tell them the amount of iTunes gift cards you have. They will let you know the current rate. Confirm rates, send your card and payment details, and wait to get verified. You’ll receive payment after completing your verification.

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4. Omega Verified

Omegaverified has upheld its credibility over years of being founded. They have testimonials on their platform to justify how authentic they are. Simply opt in to read reviews provided by real customers before making your decision.

Their exchange rates are one of the best you’ll find, and payment is done in just a matter of minutes. For further enquiries, they have 24/7 customer support to provide instant answers to your questions. And aside from selling iTunes gift cards for naira, you can also trade bitcoins and engage in cryptocurrency discussions.

5. Sandycards

Sandycards also provide the safest and reliable platform to exchange your iTunes gift cards for cash in Nigeria.

To sell your cards on Sandycards, you will need to visit the website, then initiate a trade by clicking the WhatsApp icon on the homepage. Since they also buy ethereum and bitcoin, you will need to be specific about what you are selling.

Once you have come into agreement and trade is successful, you will get an alert within a few minutes. They are available any time of the day, so you could make contact anytime.

6. Diamondcards

Diamondcards is another sure link if you are looking to quickly convert any form of Gift Cards including iTunes and Amazon cards and get cash within a few minutes. It is a way to cut down expenses used in looking for people who will need your cards.

The best part of it is that all denominations can be traded on the platforms and you do not even need to visit their office. Right from the comfort of your room, you can easily take care of the trade and have the money sent to your account.

7. KollyCards

Kollycards is an online platform to quickly trade your gift cards and bitcoin into cash or money within five minutes. The service is owned and managed by RootRock Optimal Services, an establishment that has been approved by CAC to trade in Nigeria.

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If you are a new customer, you can easily check the rates of the amount they buy each gift card, cashapp, and bitcoin to determine how much you are being paid.

8. Dollarcarding

Whatever gift cards you possess, be it amazon, iTunes, Walmart, steam, etc, Dollarcarding is one of the sites in Nigeria where you can quickly trade your cards for real money.

The platform also provides services to people in the UK, Ghana, US, etc and you can also be rest assured that you will be getting the best deal anyone could offer.

The minimum amount of cards you can sell on Dollarcarding is $25. Once a deal has been agreed upon, money is sent to your bank account. You can also get the value of bitcoin and ethereum.

9. Sellcardsbitcoins

You can quickly convert your card to cash using Sellcardsbitcoins, one of the gift card trading platforms in Nigeria.

The platform buys virtually all kinds of cards and also allows users to trade in their cryptos for quick money.

To get started, you will need to contact them using the WhatsApp link on their site and agree on the rate. If you are okay with it, then you will need to upload a clear image of the card provided it is a physical card. If it is electronic code, you will only need to send the correct code.

Once verified, you should get your money in a few mins. Verification should be done within 3 minutes, so you are not going to wait for long.

10. Rockloader

Rockloader is the site to turn to for sales of iTunes gift cards. The platform is also managed by RootRock Optimal Services and has been doing so for years. You will be in a business relationship with an entity that has been fully registered and licensed by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

Redeem your card at an unbelievable rate quickly, instead of going through stress looking for someone who will buy your iTunes gift cards in Nigeria.

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