Clever Ways To Use Technology To Expand Your Business

10 Clever Ways To Use Technology To Expand Your Business

The advent of technology-based systems has helped billions of people around the world scale their businesses. The world is going digital, it makes perfect sense if you are using available technologies to run your business daily.

The use of technology in businesses has helped reduce costs, boost efficiency, organizing and control processes amongst others. Business owners can also take advantage of the numerous ways to use technology to expand their businesses.

10 Ways To Use Technology To Expand Your Business

Small, medium and large-scale enterprises are always on the lookout for how to improve their business performance. Here are some helpful tips on how to achieve massive growth using technology:

Productivity and profit maximisation

Maximization of profits is a priority for most business owners. Technology has further made revenue generation easier for business enterprises. For example, there exist numerous technology software that can help boost efficiency and in turn, boost profit maximization.

Technology simplifies work processes for example there are machines designed to help men do their work. Take for example a working factory where people are required to seal and package goods before they are sold to the end consumers, an automated machine can help simplify that process thereby reducing the costs of human resources while the machine executes tasks perfectly.


Technology has been a helpful tool when it comes to building awareness amongst billions of people around the world. Technology makes it easier to market or brand a product, for example, you can employ the service of a graphics designer or video editor in sending a message that appeals to your target audience. Printing machines and other automated machines are also used to project your designs to the public.

In addition, business owners can use digital mediums in reaching a large target audience such as using social media platforms to build brand presence and promote a product or service amongst others. Physical and digital marketing will help business owners harness potential customers that will in turn generate profits for the business.

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Finally, technology can help reach a large target audience locally and internationally using diverse social media websites or apps.


This plays a major role in every business startup since an organisation is expected to give adequate accounts of revenue generated and how they are distributed. There is a wide variety of software that helps track how funds are allocated, and for what purpose they are allocated.

This software can further be accessed remotely from any part of the world while replacing the need to move around with paper files. This implies that business owners can access invoices, cost of goods sold, expenditure, and others conveniently. Personal Capital, PocketGuard, Simplifi and You Need a Budget (YNAB) are some of the best resource allocation software out there.

Business owners can further keep track of their expenditures in order to avoid overspending and ensure adequate financial management processes.

Customer Service

Technology has made it easy for customers to lodge complaints about a product or service from the comfort of their homes. Customers often love a rapid customer service support system where they can direct their grievances or questions when needed, and this goes a long way in building a better customer-to-business relationship.

The invention of technology also makes it easy to respond to messages from potential and real customers. For example, business owners can employ the use of automated response features on their social media accounts where a certain question will have helpful tips on how to solve the issue at hand. It is an improved version of the FAQ services where clients can find helpful tips amidst a collection of questions and answers.


The need for this can not be overemphasised since the lower level management often needs to be guided and directed on how to work. The implementation of diverse training methods makes coordination easy during work hours; however, technology makes it easier for managers and directors to pass down information, orders, questions, and many more to their subordinates.

The use of technology also makes it easy for superiors to oversee the job of other employees at their convenience while improving the learning processes. There is a wide number of software available in the present day world where superiors can check recorded data for errors or mishaps, give directives, and check for time management skills amongst others.

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Whenever a business starts thinking of an expansion, the need to communicate ideas, visions, and missions to other people in the organization plays a crucial role. Take for example an organization with over 10 branches and more than 100 employees scattered around the country, it’ll be difficult for the CEO of the organization to manage his business appropriately.

However, technology beats the cost of transportation and calls cost since we have several communication apps and software that can be used to contact several users at the same time. This will ensure adequate management of all subordinates and have every member of the organization working towards the same aims and objectives.

Manage Presentations

Every start-up has a business plan, vision, and mission statements to which they adhere strictly. Although these plans, and visions may be communicated using word of mouth or other communication mediums, research has shown that people tend to understand a presentation with audio, photos, and video in it.

A notable example of this will be using a PowerPoint presentation to showcase business ideas, new policies, and other practices of a business to employees or shareholders where a projector will further be used to get the files on a large screen for better understanding.

Whenever a business is thinking about marketing a business idea, or modifying a policy amongst others a video presentation or a photo slide is often used to explain the necessary cause of action, and how it will be achieved for the growth of the organisation.

Backup system

An enterprise often relies on previous pieces of information and data to perform effectively. In some cases, an organisation may need to revisit previous data to fix a pending issue, and an office often needs previous data and information in order to remain functional or set future targets. For example, a tomato sauce-producing company will require statistical data about the sales of goods for every month, and know how to plan on increasing or reducing production for the next year.

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Not having a reliable information system can disrupt service delivery if for example there seems to be an issue with lost data at an office, and previous information about a customer can not be accessed. All of this can be avoided with a good backup system where all files can be saved online should anything happen to office equipment or a data breach.

Data Analytics

A business relies on information gotten from customers to make modifications to an existing product or service, and may also birth the need for a new product or service. Data can be collected from numerous sources such as using the market research team to outsource information, etc.

However, a helpful way of expanding your business is by getting into the minds of your potential customers by knowing which products or services they find appealing, and this will turn make demand and supply rates equal. This can be done via scraping off data from apps and websites, lucky for you millions of software enable business owners to extract data online

Getting to analyse data from websites, blogs, etc will also give you an edge over your competitor while driving your company at rapid growth.

Hiring a virtual assistant

A VA is considered a person who performs numerous duties while working remotely for the growth of an organic. Virtual assistant services may include handling your social media accounts which may include responding to inquiries and complaints, etc.

The cost of hiring a professional VA is less than that of a personal assistant, and they can help provide helpful solutions while prioritizing your business growth. In addition, a VA can implement the use of numerous technology software in carrying out commands for your organization at large.

Technology makes it easy to interact with everyone on your payroll and that includes a personal or Virtual assistant. Payroll software is recommended for keeping records of major events including deductions, attendance, salary calculations, and deductions if any.

In conclusion, there is an availability of numerous technology software that helps compute, craft, delegate authority, and achieve effective communication, amongst others in an organization and all of this software can help skyrocket your business at large.

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