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Expert Option Reviews: Another Money Making App For Everyone

Are you a beginner and considering using an expert option broker? You need to go through our complete expert option reviews to make your final decision.

What is the Expert Option?

Expert Option is an online trading platform that started providing services in the year 2014 and records over 30 million executed deals monthly.

This platform is available for you to trade diverse financial instruments via an easy to operate and properly designed interface. Trading can be carried out through downloading any of their apps or making use of their website.

The expert option currently has over a hundred account managers in which each one concentrates on meeting the needs of clients.

The organization is determined to offer the fastest trading through innovative technologies and also be simple and reliable.

Demo Account by Expert Option

A demo account is offered by Expert Option to clients for them to hone their skills and explore the platform before investing their real money.

The demo account does not require registration and this makes Expert Option standout. The demo account usually has a balance of 10,000 in virtual money.
With the demo account, you can have a detailed and helpful knowledge of how to go about trading on Expert Option.

To get started with Expert Option, you will need to open an account.

Requirements to open an account on Expert Option

The requirement for new clients for documentation includes:

  1. A valid Identity that must be issued by the government and have at least your name, photograph, and date of birth.
  2. A proof of address which is expected to be a bill or an official document with your name and address on it.
  3. The minimum amount that will be required as a deposit to open an account varies from account to account although the absolute minimum is $50.
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Types of Account Available On Expert Option

Unlike many other brokers that operate a single account or two in some other cases, Expert Option offers five types of accounts. An additional point to note is that instead of account tiers being created on verification levels just like we have it with several brokers, under Expert Option, account tiers are created based on the size of investment along with an opportunity to upgrade.

Every of the account offered by expert option has different benefits and minimum deposits requirements.

1. Basic Account

This type of account requires only a deposit of $50 although you can choose to upgrade to a higher account as soon you are ready to do so.

It grants access to all the available educational materials. With a maximum amount of $25, you can have 10 deals open at once.

2. Silver Account

This type of account is commonly used at the starting point. It requires a minimum deposit of $500. With a maximum amount deal of $250, you have a maximum deal of 15.

You also have to financial research and market reviews daily. You get an introduction to a personal manager.

3. Gold Account

The minimum deposit requirement for this account is $2,500. The maximum deal is increased to 30 with a maximum amount deal of $1,000.

Other benefits include up to 2 % increased asset profit and higher priority withdrawals.

4. Platinum Account

The minimum deposit required for this type of account is $5,000. Under this type of account, there is no limit to the number of deals with a minimum amount deal of $2,000.

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The increased asset profit goes up to 4% and also gets an account manager.

5. Exclusive Account

This type of account is opened by those who are invited to do so. Operators of this type of account earn a senior account manager with up to 6 percent of increased asset profit and maximum amount deal of $5,000.

The deposit options include credit and debit cards like MasterCard, Visa, and Maestro. To make a deposit, click the deposit tab, choose the method of deposit, currency, and amount and submit.

It is important to note that regardless of the account that is operated, a client is expected to request the activation of the feature attached to the account that is being operated. The request is done through the mail while it will be activated manually.
Also, one dollar is the minimum amount for investment in a single trade.

Bonuses on Expert Option

Recently, Expert Option started to offer a 100 percent bonus to all initial depositors. This bonus is open to deposits of a minimum of $30 which should be claimed by the trader within one hour after their account has been created.

These bonuses are also applicable to already existing traders but at a different percentage from the initial depositors.
The acceptance of bonuses will not affect your eligibility to make withdrawals just as it applies to other brokers.

Instruments offered by Expert Option

Clients are eligible to trade a range of assets which includes forex, commodities, equities, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrency.
For equities, examples include Baidu, Amazon, Coca-cola, and Tesla.
For commodities, we have silver, oil, and gold while we can have Ripple, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold, Zcash, Dash, Classic, and Tether.

Trading Platform

This is an important aspect to address under the Expert Option Reviews although several other benefits have been alighted it is also one of the unique keys that make Expert Option stand out.

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The platform created by Expert Option completely absorbs all the features offered by the broker. The challenge is that resources that support the platform from outside are not available. Although the initiative and customer support do not allow this outside support to look necessary.


Withdrawals can be made through several payment options such as Union pay, Maestro, perfect money, Bitcoin, Fasapay, and Neteller.

Initial withdrawals or up to the amount deposited must be withdrawn through the same avenue the deposit was made after which other funds can be withdrawn via other avenues of your choice.

Education for traders

Expert Option provides several educational tools which include videos to explain in detail on how to get started.

The aim is to provide you with various tips on how to be successful on Expert Option. You will find the videos very informative.

Is Expert Option legit?

Although this platform has not earned awards in obvious places, during China Trading Expo Shenzhen which was held in May 2017, it earned the “Best Trading Platform” and considering the reviews of expert option stated above along with other positive expert option reviews, it can be concluded that the platform is legit and safe for trading.

Another point of note is that ExpertOption is an award-winning broker with its presence in about 47 countries including US, UK, Canada and Nigeria. It is understandable why everyone, at least about 20,000,000 people now trust the app, which puts the lids on if Expert Option is a scam.

Expert Option For Android Download

If you own an Android phone, you will find the app on the Google Play Store or you can just get Expert Option APK and install on your SmartPhone.

  • To install, simply visit Play Store.
  • Search “Expert Option
  • Download and install the App.
  • The app is just about 11mb in size so it should not take much space on your phone.

Expert Option For iPhone And Ipad

Even as an iPhone or iPad user, you can still get to trade and make some money while using your exquisite piece of gadget.

To download Expert Option Ios App, just head to the App Store, search for Expert Option and download into your device.

After downloading, you can register and start using Expert Option.

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