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Facebook Marketplace: How To Sell & Buy Easily

Facebook Marketplace is owned by the giant social media network, Facebook. It is a place in the digital space where potential buyers meet sellers. The platform is however not directly responsible for legal procedures in transactions or the veracity of players in the marketplace.

Facebook launched Facebook Marketplace in 2016. It has ever since been a viable medium of selling household items, equipment, books, new and fairly-used items, and many more online just like Craigslist, Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Etsy, Tradesy, and Nextdoor, among a host of others.

On Marketplace, you can find good deals and also enlist your own items. And to do this, you do not have to create a special account or download a different app aside from your regular Facebook account and app. The platform is available also on tablets and desktops.

There are Facebook marketplaces with hundreds of thousands of members and can help you connect to your community. And as the retail world becomes more open to diverse opportunities online, brands have broader chances of leveraging on the huge communities and interactions already going on, on Facebook to grow their businesses.

In fact, CNET revealed that as of 2018, Facebook Marketplace was already being used by over 800 million people around the globe! That’s a staggering figure!


Facebook Marketplace is totally free for all eligible users. So long you have no violation or penalty over your account, you are free to enlist approved items on the network.

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Categories of items you can sell on the platform include Home and garden, vehicles, rentals, home sales, family, entertainment, clothing & accessories, hobbies, family, electronics, free items, deals, and classified.

Facebook being the biggest social media platform is one of the quickest places to sell any item and without subscribing to any payment plan.


how to sell on facebook marketplace

To sell your items successfully on Facebook marketplace, here are things you’d need to do:

1. Sign in to your Facebook account.

Almost everyone on the planet has a Facebook account, and if you do not have one, you can sign up here to create your own account.

2. Tap the menu button and click on the Facebook Marketplace icon.

The icon is often visible at the top of your News Feed. You can also check the menu section of the app to find the icon. The menu button is at the top right of the Facebook App.

You may consider using the search bar to locate marketplaces on Facebook if you already have a specific category in mind. This should be much easier since you are more likely to be familiar with the search bar.

3. Click on Sell.

When you open the Marketplace, you’ll find a list of items already being listed by other people on the platform, click on the sell icon to enlist your own item too.

After clicking on the sell icon, you’ll be provided with links to your local listings, buy-and-sell groups, top categories, and all available categories to find and sell your items.

4. Select Category

Pick a buy-and-sell group that resonates with your product and click on the Create a public post bar. Next, you’ll be required to fill in what you are selling, the price of the item, location, and the description of the product.

Categories you will find on the Facebook marketplace section are Classifieds, Deals, Entertainment, Electronics, Clothing & Accessories, Housing, Family, Hobbies, Home & Garden, and Vehicles.

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Under each category, you can select where your item falls. For instance, if you are selling a smartphone, you will need to select “mobile phones” under the category, “Electronic”.

5. Add useful information to help you sell easily on Facebook Marketplace

Do not leave the page yet. There is still a lot you need to do. You are to add the name of the items you are selling in the next field. If you are selling an iPhone, add it with the model number to enable potential buyers to quickly find it.

The price comes next so it is on you to find a price that resonates with the actual market price. Going overboard may not get you quick sales, and still, you may not want to keep the item for long, ensuring you fix a reasonable price will go a long way. If you are giving it out for free, leave it at 0. However, most people would rather leave it at 0 to be able to haggle better with their buyers.

Location is another piece of information you will need to put down. Selling on the Fb marketplace becomes easier when both buyers and sellers are within the same state. This would help to cut out some extra costs since none of the parties may be willing to bear it. It is also safer this way.

In the description section, you will need to do even better. This is a point where you will need to impress your potential buyers. Let them be aware of what they are buying. If it is a used item, ensure you open up to everything and if it is brand new, then you need to disclose it.

Also, If you are selling as single or multiple items, you can state that with just a simple touch of a button.

Other options you can use in this section are Offer Shipping and Commenting Option. If you turn on Offer shipping, you will be charged a 5% fee for using the Facebook payment system. Otherwise, you are good without it as you can arrange that payment should be made to your payment account directly.

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6. Add clear authentic pictures.

Uploading authentic images would convert well than using images from random websites unless you are selling brand new items. Remember, your customers are not dumb to notice the difference.

To win their trust, you must ensure you are giving them information as they are instead of trying to play smart.

7. Then, post to the public by clicking “Publish”.

After posting your items, they become visible to potential buyers in that community. Users who are looking for the exact item you post will send you messages either through the comment thread or messenger.

Again, It is advisable that you ensure your items are in very good condition and that the prices are very competitive and will not just ward off buyers.

It is however important to note that Facebook really has no role in managing or facilitating transactions. That task is on you.


To buy items, simply locate your preferred category on the space and you’ll be provided with diverse items you can choose from.

After locating it, interact with the seller on the product through messenger or the comment thread. You may also choose to send offers, save items, and perform other tasks instead.

Communicate effectively with the buyer and have a successful sale.


Consider a secure person-to-person payment website such as Paypal for your transaction.

Facebook takes strong actions against people who leverage on the platform to sell counterfeit products.

Avoid sharing your financial information with sellers or buyers, and avoid messages and emails that also request such information.

Do not offer gift card details to make payment to a stranger and avoid any that requests that must pay with gift card details.

You may want to consider requesting for proof of purchase or the certificate of the product from the seller, especially when it comes to high-value items.

If you are meeting to finalize a deal, always use an open place.

Before paying the seller for items, ensure to go through the items thoroughly to confirm if they are exactly what was described.


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