What Is the Average Fashion Blogger Salary in 2022?

What Is the Average Fashion Blogger Salary in 2024?

Although the fashion world is shifting more and more toward social media influencers, it’s true that blogging still has an important role in fashion. The most popular are fashion blogs where you are paid to write about clothes, beauty products or accessories you have received for free. However, there are opportunities to work as a fashion blogger without being paid.

Fashion bloggers receive free items to review, keep or wear at events and then write about that experience on their blog. There are also opportunities to be an Instagram fashion blogger who is paid for posting pictures of clothes they like. This post will give you some ideas of what types (and levels) of fashion blogging jobs are available so that you can tailor your blog toward that type of work.

Types of fashion blogging jobs:

1) Get paid to write articles on the latest fashion trends and clothing styles for a free-lance basis, usually on an ad hoc or project basis.

2) Be a blogger for product review companies such as Product Sampling, where you are paid to test and review certain products which are sent to your home, work or other destination of your choice.

3) Be a fashion blogger for an existing blog or magazine by posting articles about clothing items, designers, makeup or accessories on their site with links back to the company or designer.

4) Be a fashion blogger for an online magazine, complimentary clothing, accessories and beauty products to keep in return for writing about them on your blog.

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5) Be a fashion blogger for companies directly who ask you to post images of clothing and accessories they send to you (for free or for a fee) onto your social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook.

6) Be an Instagram fashion blogger who is paid by brands to post images of clothing and other products on their feeds with links back to the brand’s website. Brands are looking for authenticity, creativity and credibility in the images so it’s important to build up followers and real engagement before applying for this type of fashion blogging job.

7) Run your own fashion blog where you are paid through advertising revenue, affiliate commissions or product placements.

Fashion blogging jobs by pay:

Entry-level fashion blogger positions that require no experience usually pay the equivalent of a monthly salary which provides you with free items to test out and review on your blog.

Mid-level fashion blogging positions, such as for a fashion magazine blogger, provide paid opportunities from $15 per post up to several thousands of dollars per month for full-time positions.

The most highly compensated positions are those of fashion bloggers who are paid to post images on social media sites.

If you want to become a fashion blogger, the following steps will help you achieve your goals of either getting free items or being paid for your work.

Fashion Blogger Annual Salary 2022

According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary for a fashion blogger is $37,000 per year and can be as high as $80,000 per year.

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