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FCMB Quick Loan Code For Personal And Business

First City Monument Bank (FCMB) quick loan is the way forward if you are looking to evade any financial issues.

We all need money to take care of things. Sometimes, it could be very demanding that we will have no choice but to borrow from the bank especially when the payday has not yet arrived.

For business owners, the loan is needed to take care of the demands of the business such as the purchase of raw materials or upgrade on the existing asset. First City Monument Bank (FCMB) cares enough to have loan products for personal and business needs.

To qualify for any loan, the major requirement is to have a regular source of living but since requirements can vary, we will carefully analyse them so you can know what type of loans you should access from the bank.

Below are some FCMB loans and how to apply


FCMB FastCash is a quick way to borrow money from First City Monument Bank (FCMB) without collateral or documentation.

FCMB FastCash is designed for existing FCMB customers and Non-FCMB Customers to access up to N200,000 loan amount using the FCMB USSD Code.

As an FCMB customer, you can access up to an N200,000 loan amount which is payable in 30 days. Customers also get to avoid the hassles that come from visiting the bank and completing paperwork. The loan is quick and within a few minutes, you can get the loan amount disbursed to your account.

Non-customers are also not left out of this affordable loan product. They can also borrow up to N200,000 loan amount with no paperwork or collateral required. Not every non-fcmb customer can apply for FCMB fast cash loan as it is only available for All Federal Government Employees EXCEPT Military and Para-Military Employees.

The interest rate on FCMB FAST CASH is 3.5% monthly and a one-off management fee of 1% will also be charged on loan. They can apply as many times in a year provided he or she is still qualified for the FCMB loan.

The non-fcmb customers who applied for the loan do not need to open an account with the bank to get the loan. Funds can only be transferred to the customers salary account in any bank where the salary is domiciled. They have 3 months to repay the loan, giving them enough time to pay without difficulties.

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This is as good as a payday loan, salaried and non-income salary earners can apply for FashCash Loan.

How To Apply For FCMB Fastcash Loan

To apply for FCMB Fastcash Loan, dial USSD code *329*11# and follow prompts to complete the loan application.


Having a regular source of income does not mean there will not be a time that you will not be desperately in need of money. Sometimes, before payday, you might have exhausted all money on you but with FCMB SALARY PLUS LOAN, you can have a cover for what emergency needs.

Salary Plus Loan is a consumer credit scheme available to salary income earners that have an account with FCMB. Through this scheme, qualified FCMB customers can access short or medium-term funding before they are paid by their respective employers.

To be eligible for this loan product, aside from having a salary account domiciled with FCMB, there must also be a consistent receipt of salaries for 6 months.

Under this FCMB loan product, there is also a Salary Top-up Loan for FCMB customers who have a salary plus loan. To qualify for the loan, there must be no missed salary and no defaults on any repayment of the loan for the last 6 months.

How To Request For Loan Top-up Via Fcmbonline

To apply for top-up Salary loan through FCMBOnline, log in to FCMBOnline banking platform using your user login ID.

Click on Consumer Loan > Salary plus top-up > Select Current account number > Confirm loan amount.

Tap the box for terms and conditions and submit the loan top up request.

Within 8 hours, the loan should be sent to you.

How To Apply For Salary Plus Top Up At Branch

To top up Salary Top Up at Branch, head over to any FCMB around you.

Provide your account number in paper to the Teller at the Branch and make your intention known.

The FCMB customer care will now proceed to confirm if you are eligible for the loan application.

After confirmation, you will be informed about how much loan you can get plus other charges.

Once you are okay with it, the bank will now proceed with the loan application and then an OTP will be sent to your mobile phone number for confirmation.

After the process, the loan will be disbursed within 8 hours.


A premium salary loan is available for confirmed staff of commercial organizations who need a huge amount of money for any emergency or business needs.

Employers must understand that employees also need funds at times to take care of things that matter to them which could be for personal or business purposes. This can also help them to achieve optimum productivity since the employees will be extra motivated to do better for the company.

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The employee’s organization must have been rated on Moody’s with a minimum BB- rating. Salary income earners interested in this loan product are only eligible for a minimum loan amount of N2m.

The repayment period is 12 months and the maximum tenure is 60 Months. It comes with collateral though, a soft one. It is as good as saying no collateral. Salaries, terminal benefits, and other allowances will serve as collateral.

To apply for FCMB Premium Loan, talk to your employer about the need to bring the organization on board or you can speak to customer care to confirm your organisation’s rating.


FCMB auto loan is a loan product that allows qualified customers to buy a car for personal uses using the FCMB Auto loan. To access this loan type, you will need to contribute about 20% of the cost of the vehicle while the bank takes care of the other.

The asset will be purchased from auto dealers who have been prequalified and have agreed service-level agreement (SLA) with the bank.

Successful applicants will be able to borrow N500,000.00 to N30,000,000.00 with a repayment plan between 12 to 60 months. The loan requires no collateral and no hidden charges.

Individuals in structured employment and self-employed individuals with regular income can apply for FCMB Auto Loan.

Customers with up to three million loan amount will get a free tracking device. To apply for Auto Loan, go to any FCMB bank to request the loan.


Business owners and customers of the bank can get a quick loan of up to five million naira from FCMB with no collateral required.

Under this plan, customers can access two types of short term facilities, they are School Aid Facility (SAF) and Temporary Advance Facility (TAF).

School Aid Facility (SAF) is a short-term loan made available for private school owners to take care of administrative expenses such as uniforms, books, tables, and chairs, etc. The loan amount one is N500,000 to N5,000,000 and with 6 weeks tenor.

Temporary Advance Facility (TAF) is a loan for all businesses (goods and services oriented) requiring quick loans to meet working capital needs or to improve turnover cycle. BDC, Financial services, and CBN prohibited list can not access this loan type.

To apply for School Support Facility (SSF), visit www.fcmb.com/school-loans to complete the form online.

For Temporary Advance Facility (TAF) Application, simply log into FCMBOnline or talk with a customer’s customer care representative at the bank.


If you are a small and medium enterprise owner in Nigeria and need an overdraft to support your businesses, then an SME working capital facility might be exactly what you need to ensure normal operation.

As a business owner, plans at times might not go as planned because of financial issues, but a quick loan as this could ensure that everything runs as expected.

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Under SME working capital facility, there is Overdraft loan and term loan with their unique characteristics. For the Overdraft loan, the minimum amount you can get is N500,000 while the maximum loan amount can be negotiated with FCMB’s customer care representative. The repayment period is 30 to 180 days.

Term loan also has a minimum loan amount of N500,000 with 1 month to 36 months tenor. For the maximum loan amount, customers can negotiate with the bank.

To apply for SME working capital facility, simply write an official loan request letter to the Relationship Manager at the nearest FCMB Branch. Alternatively, send an email to SMEhelpdesk@fcmb.com.


Small and medium enterprise owners can borrow money from FCMB to purchase new assets for the day to day running of the business.

The loan allows businesses to acquire that important machinery or equipment that would ensure productivity is improved.

Manufacturers, retail and wholesale customers in physical day-to-day business, and contractors can apply for the credit. The loan comes with a minimum of N500,000 and a maximum of an N3 million.

Loan seekers would also be able to negotiate for a higher loan with the bank. The repayment period is 12 to 48 months, giving you enough time to pay back with no difficulties. Moratorium and risk-sharing are available.

How to apply for SME Asset Finance Facility

To apply for SME Asset Finance Facility Loan, simply draft a request letter and send it to the Manager at the nearest FCMB Branch.

Alternatively, compose a loan request letter and send it to FCMB loan email at SMEhelpdesk@fcmb.com.


SME Development Finance Facility is asset finance for the acquisition of commercial properties. This can help a business to break free of challenges associated with lease agreements.

With the loan provided by FCMB Bank, they can then acquire commercial properties such as office buildings, shopping centers, industrial warehouses, or apartment complexes suited to their budget and with a good and flexible repayment plan.

The minimum loan amount is N500,000 and the maximum loan is not stated, which then means it can be negotiated. However, the maximum tenure on the loan is 36 months. To apply for the SME Development Finance Facility, visit any branch around you and declare your intention to undertake the loan facility.


SME local purchase order (LPO) finance facility is a short-term loan given to business owners and entrepreneurs who need some cash to pay suppliers or merchants upfront for verified purchased orders.

Every business goes through strain at times and when such time comes, the bank is ever ready to help your business survive the test. The target people for this kind of loan are contractors and manufacturers.

Each successful applicant can get a minimum of N500,000 in loan while the maximum can be negotiated by those who want higher. Meanwhile, the amount that each borrower can borrow will depend on the size of the business. The loan tenor is 1 to 180 days.

To apply for the SME local purchase order (LPO) finance, contact FCMB at any of their branches in Nigeria.

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