fidelity bank transfer code

Fidelity bank transfer code: Send money to any bank’s account on Phone

Fidelity bank transfer code is the best way to send money to any bank’s account in Nigeria using your Phone.

Take a moment to look back to the period when there were no bank shortcodes or bank mobile apps to carry out transactions. You will agree with me that those periods were tough. Since there was the only way to request for bank services, the queue was very long and people had no choice than to wait.

What even made it more repulsive is the fact that you will need to deal with some people who will not shy away from starting a scuffle. Meanwhile, you are only there to send money. The good thing is that you now have an option to settle bills, pay for airtime, and even do more at the comfort of wherever you are.

Services charge on Fidelity bank transfer

Here is the catch, the service charge has been reviewed recently and I could attest to the fact that I love the new charge.

Electronic transfer below N5000 will attract an extra fee of N10; transfer from N5001 to N50,000 will attract a maximum charge of N25 and transfer above N50,000 will be charged a service fee of N50.

What you should know about Fidelity Bank transfer code

To use this service, you do not need to be connected to the internet or have some special phones. With just any phone, you can access the Fidelity Bank Transfer Service. However, you will need to use the same number you presented when you registered for the service.

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If you no longer have the mobile number again, ensure you meet your bank to help you update your account with the current phone number.

This service is supported by MTN, Airtel, 9mobile and Glo, well they are by far the biggest network providers in Nigeria.

If it is your first time using the Fidelity bank ussd code, the system will automate an action which will request you to create a fidelity ussd security pin. To create this security pin, you will need to use your debit card to create the security pin. Immediately you dial *770# the first time on your Phone, the request comes up.

Single transaction limit is N20,000 while daily Limit is N100,000. This means you can only send not more than N20,000 per request in a day and which can be done up to 5 times or more, provided you have not exceeded the N100,000 daily limit.

How to transfer money via Fidelity Bank Transfer Code

  • To transfer money using the Fidelity Bank Transfer Code, dial *770*ACCOUNT*AMOUNT# from your phone.
  • The beneficiary’s names will come up which is to ensure you are sending to the right person.
  • Confirm the bank transfer by entering the last 4 numbers on your debit cards or your fidelity bank security pin.
  • The funds now leave your account while the beneficiary will be credited with the amount sent.

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