Best free Calling Apps For iPhone And iPad

Top 7 Best Free Calling Apps For iPhone And iPad

There are free calling apps for iPhone and iPad that can save you lots of cash in the long term, especially if you stay in an area where there is reliable Wi-Fi. So, instead of acquiring expensive mobile phone plans, get the cheap one instead and complement it with free call and text apps.

With the invention of free calling apps, it has become much easier for humans to communicate both locally and internationally. You’d remember how you struggled with the hefty charges imposed by your network provider when you had to make calls to friends and families, especially in other countries.

Remember how you had to be double sure the call was very important and even had to end it when you wished you could talk more? Well, all that’s history now!

These 7 best free calling apps that we have pulled together will allow you to talk more and with no airtime-worries. You can use them on your iPhone or iPad to make both local and international calls. And since you will not be spending money on airtime, you’ll need to have a stable internet connection to use these apps. Simply choose the one that is most suitable for your unlimited voice and video calls.


WhatsApp is widely used around the world for texting, but you can also make free calls on it on a variety of devices. You can use it on iPads, iPhones, and PCs. You can also initiate group calls with up to eight participants.

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WhatsApp allows you to call family members and friends anywhere around the world without purchasing your traditional network airtime. You can have face-to-face conversations with people from anywhere on the planet. You will also be able to send them videos, photos, and documents such as PDFs, slideshows, spreadsheets, etc. too

2. Textnow

You really shouldn’t be misguided by the name of this app. Textnow can be used for a wide range of phone services beyond just sending texts. You can call, text, and send documents to people located anywhere on the globe for free.

However, if you’ll be making calls to non-users, you’ll have to pay for it. Get started by visiting the site and signing up without paying a dime. You can download the app on Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iPhone, and iPad.

3. Google Voice

Google Voice is one of the best free calling apps to actually make free calls to real phone numbers with your internet connection. Aside from your mobile devices, you can also call loved ones over your computers.

You’ll also be able to control calls on your device by deciding who you do not want to be able to reach. You can silently block spam calls. Get started with Voice and sign up on their website. Choose if you’ll be using the app for personal or business use. The business option provides phone solutions for companies of any size with paid features.

4. Skype

Skype has features such as audio and HD video calling, call recording and live subtitles, screen sharing, smart messaging, private conversation with end-to-end encryption, and cell phones to friends who are offline at cheap rates.

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The app also allows you to hold interviews, start a meeting, and simply connect from anywhere. It is accessible on phones, Xbox, desktop, tablet, Alexa, and the web. You can get started easily by signing up on their site and downloading the app.

5. Messenger

Messenger is owned by Facebook, and it was created in 2011. The app makes it easy to connect with friends and family members harnessing a wide range of features. The app is used to power conversation within Facebook-owned apps only – Facebook, Instagram, Portal, and Oculus.

The app also allows users to watch films, TV shows, music videos, and lots more with their friends. You can also use AR effects, selfie effects, and messages effects, or consider expressing yourself with customized emojis.

6. Line

Line is another top-level free calling app the world can currently boast of. It allows you to make free local and international calls, send one-on-one texts, and send group texts with friends and work team members.

You can also share your feelings using emojis, stickers, and personalize your app with colorful themes. Line allows users to exchange stories with close friends or find their favorite stories. And for more fun, you can meet new friends who have similar interests. You can share information and news with them and even receive money or make payments or use ‘Line Pay.’

7. Viber

Viber works just like Google Hangouts and Skype and is one of the best free calling apps you should consider for your device. Simply visit the website to get started and click download on the homepage. The app is available for use on mobile and desktop.

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There is a wide range of special features available on the platform aside from engaging in high-quality and secured voice and video calls. If you are lost of words, Viber offers you an endless list of emojis and stickers you can use to express your emotions. Consider group chat or calls if you must meet your friends at once.

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