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The top 10 Free Online Spreadsheet Apps

We want to make sure records are being drafted and taken down. Who wouldn’t organize and manage activities effectively? Spreadsheets help you to achieve this perfectly. However, it is more than just helping you log in some data when you consider other side features that can improve functionality and user experience.

These features include organizing, real-time collaboration, cataloging, analyzing data, range of formulas, collection of tables, and calculator options. Unfortunately, the number of features integrated into any single app depends on insights from the developer. As such, picking any from a bunch most times may mean not picking the best for the level of tasks you hope to achieve.

The features on online spreadsheets are very different; depending on what tasks you want to achieve, you could check if that particular app provides the feature before using it. It can serve as a multipurpose software used for different activities – Inflow of cash in your business, Investment returns, household budget, and other specific things you would want to use.

Let’s check how you can use these apps effectively. We will be looking at the top 10 best free online spreadsheet apps.

Best Free Spreadsheet Editors Online

1. Google sheets

Topping the list because of the seamless experience, sheets are also part of google workspace, which comes with other seamless products. Fully accessible on the browser and can be downloaded separately as an app for your devices.

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There are some features it has that make it makes it stand out and, as expected, it also has its limits. Some of its special features include – compatibility with all devices, collaboration, real-time editing, and working offline and online with free templates to use.

Even with these amazing features, it still has some cons that might limit it – Not having as many functions as excel. Some functions and formulas might differ from the normal excel you are used to working.

2. Microsoft Excel sheet

Microsoft Excel sheets is very common among PC users. Although we may be familiar with the name because it is an offline PC software, it still offers an online free version. Its popularity comes as a result of providing some accessible functions, that are uncommon in others.

These features include sharing projects, creating graphs and analysis data, flexible calculations to make on it, and creating charts to do reports on data with other special features included. On support, it supports most of the devices you are familiar with.

3. Zoho Sheets

Zoho sheets offer some unique features that would make you love them. These features make it stand out from its peers by providing a real-time collaboration version, save files in excel format, and interactive elements you could interact with easily.

In addition, it includes some special features – an audit trail, cloud storage, and support for all devices. It also supports team collaboration for up to 25 people. However, some features like limited customizability and outdated interface may look bad for user experience.

4. Numbers sheets

Numbers sheets are readily available to anyone who is using a mac device. However, it is also available for ios devices and apple devices. Features include – real-time editing and collaboration, sharing spreadsheets with a link, free spreadsheet templates, threaded comments, and built-in formulas to personalize your spreadsheets.

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However, it still has some features that limit its usability. One of the features is using iCloud drive – you don’t have a choice as it is made compulsory before you can access it fully on any device you want to use. Lastly, as it is a nonstandard spreadsheet, it might confuse accountants a little.

5. Smartsheets

Smartsheets are more than just numbers; you could use them for other special activities. It is used for projects and their stages of implementation which makes it unique from the others.

Features include notes, comments, a simple interface, and integration of G-suites. It also has a special feature which includes “Gantt charts” if you need visualization. Compatible with

6. Airtable

Apart from providing a conventional spreadsheet, Airtable also provides database capabilities in different areas. Not just the normal spreadsheets, you may be familiar with; it’s quite different as it offers some features that make it stand out.

Features include message collaborators from sheets, content calendar, project tracker, database capabilities, e.t.c. However, it offers 2GB of attachment space. Just like Numbers sheets, it has some features that limit its usability – strenuous to create worksheets and subscribe to get all the features. Compatible with all devices.

7. LibreOffice Calc

LibreOffice Calc has services that might seem perfect for what you want. These services also have some decent tools, which make them just perfect. Features include cloud storage and creating graphs, charts, and diagrams used to analyze project data.

In addition, it provides an on-screen keyboard for easy functionality and accessibility. However, it has its cons – not good for collaborations. Accessible on all devices.

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8. WPS Office Spreadsheets

WPS office spreadsheets provide a user-friendly interface and interesting visualizations that might also make you want to love them. It offers over 100 functions to make sure users can seamlessly handle data.

Features are quite flexible to use well on it. More so, there are other features it has that make it special – Integration with Dropbox and Google Drive.

9. Polaris Office

Polaris Office is a powerful tool that is used for different activities. It offers a range of features, including tools to create 2D and 3D charts and different formats of saving files. It is integrated with dropbox, Amazon cloud, Google Drive, and one drive on storage.

It is suitable for all devices and suitable for choosing your preferred storage to use on it.

10. OfficeSuite

The office suite also provides a range of services. It is well-suited for managing advanced spreadsheets – providing you the option of choosing your preferred storage to store it.

Some of its unique features include; collaboration functionality, integration with multiple storage options – One drive, dropbox, amazon cloud e.t.c, and capabilities of editing pdf and excel sheets.


Spreadsheets help you to stay organized and effectively manage your activities. They are very useful in managing personal finances and tracking their status. The listed apps are free to use but choosing which would suit your needs is important.

Carefully check out if the app is okay and suits your standard. As much as we want to manage our activities and stay organized, checking out the storage on what you are already using should be included.

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