How To Get Free Paypal Funds With Bigtoken

This article on how to earn free PayPal funds with bigtoken is coming a few weeks after I revealed how you can get earn as much as over $185 on Capterra.

Payment will be made in Gift cards. The gift card can be used to pay for items online or even purchase services.

We all know the several benefits of PayPal not to talk of the immense joy that we get when we earn free PayPal fund for doing almost nothing.

PayPal remains the most used payment system in the country to the point that it is even more beneficial to buyers more than it does for sellers.

Buyers do not need to go about with their credit card details, all they need is to login to their PayPal business account to make a purchase whenever they want. The seller can be over joyous in the sense that, easy payment system means more sales.

Paypal, over the years, has proved to always take the business of security seriously and also act as a shield to the buyers. You might be surprised to hear that Paypal might actually be more secure than your reputable financial institution in the country you reside in.

What is BigToken?

The idea behind big token is to collect some information, which comes in the form of survey and in return you get rewarded.

Bigtoken is a platform where users get to own data, confirm their data. In exchange, they get rewarded for it.

This development was pursued by Nasdaq listed company, a company which is known for excellence services over the years.How to earn paypal

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Is Bigtoken Real?

There have been a series of questions on whether Bigtoken is legit or not.

Like I have always done on this blog, I make out time to confirm how genuine a scheme is. I have done that with capterra and few others.

Earning online is a big business and it is my duty to let you know what you are getting into. I am currently into the program now and I can confirm it is one of the easiest ways to fund your PayPal account.

Let’s go on the negative part. The sad one is that before you can redeem, you will have to wait for 30 days. When the 30 days finally come, it is then you will discover you can only withdraw 1/4 of your total points.

The minimum points you can get before you can finally redeem is 2100 points which are equal to $21 Paypal Fund.

Let us say you manage to raise about $21 Paypal funds, you will only be able to get $5.25 of the earnings. You can get another 25% in next 30 days. More work still needs to be done if the company wants to compensate for the effort of participants, it could get better as it is still in the development period.

Racking enough points is the best way of getting a reasonable PayPal fund from Bigtoken. You are going to need all the help you can get and that is by inviting as many people as possible.

Build up a team of people who are interested in making some bucks and invite them into the fold. Once they start earning, it automatically raises your points.

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A piece of advice before you move to the next section. Do it at your own leisure. It is not something you should spend all your time since you won’t even get the total amount in your wallet in one go.

How does Bigtoken work?

There is an app available on your mobile store that allows you easy navigations around the platform.

On big token app, you can check into your locations, invite friends, connect cards, provide answers to surveys, link in your facebook and others, connect rewards program and many more. All these are some of the activities that earn you points.

Every day, you have a chance to earn funds. The more questions you provide answers to, the more your rewards swell in. Every task you performed on the Big token app, earns you points which you can be exchanged for PayPal funds.

The app is so light and fast. It opens main page the moment you connect it to the internet. Your login stays on the app and you do not need to always enter your username and passcode to grant access.

There are some certain requirements you should know.

  • Bigtoken is completely for US and Canada residents.
  • Anyone who wishes to participate in this program must have a US number. If you don’t have, you can get one on Textplus.
    Textplus is an app that allows you to have your own USA number, make calls, receive calls, send and receive messages while making sure your identity is secured.
  • You must be 18 years old or older.
  • Users must have a PayPal account that can receive PayPal funds. You can open a PayPal business account if you do not have one.
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How to Download Bigtoken App

Bigtoken app is available on the apple store (Ipad & iPhone) and play store (Android).

If you own a mobile phone that makes use of Android Os, all you need to do is visit the Google Play store or follow this link.

For iPhone and Ipad Users, it is pretty straightforward to download it on the apple store. Can’t find the app? Click here.

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