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Top Ten (10) Free Scanner Apps for IOS Devices | iPHONE and iPAD

Due to so many uncertainties, people have longed for ways that offer better security and protection to store important documents. The creation of digital scanners has helped to eliminate quite a number of these concerns.

In this digital age, different tools utilize the cloud network and other means to save documents easily. Scanner apps are used to scan and upload documents such as forms, receipts, invoices, etc. They are also used to convert documents from one format to another – from Docx form to PDF format and vice versa.

There are various scanner apps available for iOS (iPhone operating system) users, however, this article will highlight the top ten (10) scanners you should use if you own an iOS device.

Top 10 Free Scanner Apps For IOS Devices

Apple notes

When talking about iOS and scanners you probably shouldn’t look elsewhere or go through the stress of downloading a scanner app; just use the Apple Notes app. Apple Notes has had basic note editor features right from iOS 1.0, but it got better with every new iOS release. Up until iOS 9, the Apple Note was just the regular note app you could use for writing and editing notes.

Starting with iOS 9 the Apple Note received new features like making sketches, and adding web links, attachments, and images to your note. Later versions of iOS 9 allowed users to password their notes with their TOUCH ID.

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In iOS 11, Apple added even more features to Apple notes to stand out; users can now create tables in their notes, make checklists, pin notes, format texts, and scan documents. Scanning documents with Apple Note is a big flex because it makes all other scanning apps for iOS redundant except if some specific features are needed by the user. The Apple Note app is normally preinstalled on your iOS device just launch the app then tap on the ‘+’ icon with a circle around it then tap on scan images. Now you can scan images on your iOS device without a document scanner app.

Cam Scanner

This scanner app is portable as well as powerful as it utilizes optical character recognition (OCR) when it scans paperwork. It is a must-have for students, managers, growing businesses and lawyers, etc. Cam Scanner can be downloaded for free at the Apple Store and can be used to scan, store and share chosen documents in PDF, JPG, Word, or TXT formats.

Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro is one of the best scanning apps for iOS devices – iPhone and iPad. This app utilizes the phone camera to scan documents that can be sent to various cloud networks such as Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud and One Drive, etc. Scanned documents can also be saved on your iPhone or iPad. Scanner Pro has a special feature that allows its users to scan multiple pages at once. This scanner app is free and can be downloaded from the App Store

JotNot pro

This scanner app is free, fast, easy, portable, and powerful. Unlike the most utility apps, JotNot provides a special feature of password protection. It is a password-protected app that scans receipts, notes contracts, sketches, photos, etc. JotNot scans can be saved as a document (PDFs) or in JPEG or PDF format.

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TinyScan Pro

TinyScan Pro is a scanning app for iOS devices. It allows users to scan receipts, notes, and convert to PDFs which you can save on cloud networks such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote and even your Camera roll using an email. SImilar to JotNot, It is a password-protected app, that allows you to share files with your PC via Wi-Fi, and also lets you print out the scanned document using Airprint.


Prizmo is a free scanner app that is easy to use. It allows you to save scanned documents as Text, PDF, vCard, JPEG, and PNG. This app can also scan PDF files and save them directly to your device’s Camera Roll or your iCloud account.

Adobe Scan

Adobe is already a household name recognized all over the world for its professional excellence; seeing them on the list, also having a scanner shouldn’t be much of a surprise. The Adobe scanner lets you scan paper documents into PDF using your device’s camera. Like Cam Scanner, Adobe scanners use OCR technology and allow you to edit or make changes to the PDF document. This scanner app is available in the Apple Store but not entirely free, you’ll need to purchase it to use its advanced features.

Swift Scan

Another free Scanner app for iOS devices witch special features including one that allows iPhones and iPad users to name their files, fax, access hosting companies, and organize tools. Swift Scan does a good enough job of enhancing your documents by employing light regulation, color regulation, etc. It’s available to iOS users on the apple store.

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Microsoft Office Lens

The Microsoft office Lens is part of the Microsoft Office suite so it works in tandeem with Microsoft Word and Powerpoint. From reviews, it is said that Microsoft Office lens has unnecessary white lines appearing on their scanned documents; a flaw they say can be corrected with future updates. The Office lens provides tools such as text formatting, and PDF conversion to other formats.


This scanner app doesn’t fall short when it comes to features; it’s most notable for its special feature called ‘annotation’. This feature allows users to add text within a scanned file and merge multiple pages into a single document. Also, it allows users to add signatures to their documents.

Following the standard practice for scanner apps, FineReader stores its documents in either PDF format or JPG format.
Having just one of these scanner apps on your iPhone or iPad is way handier compared to using an actual scanning machine. So do well to visit the Apple Store and download any one of the scanner apps that suits your need.

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