10 Fun Things to do on Vacation

10 Fun Things to do on Vacation

Everybody loves vacations. Whether you’re working a 9-5 or you own your business, when it comes to vacation, everybody wants to make sure they max out all the possibilities with the available time. It gets even better if these holidays are spent with family.

However, a lot of times we’ll plan out vacation dates but get lost for ideas on how to make these days memorable. Not necessarily because we’re not creative enough to think about things, it could be we’ve been on so many vacations we’re starting to burn out of ideas on things to do when it gets to that time of the year. It can also be because our budget can’t accommodate a lot of expensive activities, and at the same time, we’re running out of cost-effective ideas to make the time worthwhile.

Whichever is your excuse for not maxing out on fun things to do on vacation, this article will be helping you with that. We’ve put together ten fun and inexpensive things you can do on vacation. If you’re someone that takes holidays off work a lot, this article may just spur new ideas to act on for your next vacation.

1. Hop on, Hop off Bus Tours

Bus Tours is one of the most exciting ways to kick off a vacation, especially if you’re going to be visiting a big city. Aside from giving you an overview of the city’s layout and major sight attractions which you may visit later, it helps take fairly long rides for relatively cheap prices while also enjoying yourself on the way. It’s a great way to check out city sightseeing and fun bus rides in a single outing.

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First, you want to download the bus company app to help you know bus stops, and also track bus locations. Also, it’s wise if you always purchase your tickets online in advance to avoid an unnecessary last-minute rush.

2. Attend a Cooking Class

If you’re someone that has always been creative with your kitchen at home, this is a great way to get into your element during a vacation. Not only does it give you a chance to eat delicacies of other cultures, but you’re also in a position to learn these dishes and use the knowledge to spice up your diet when you get home.

Food tours are always welcome especially if you’re going on vacation alone, to enjoy some personal time. More so, it’s also a sort of walking tour, so you’re technically killing two birds with one stone.

3. Visit the Museum

Museum tours are part and parcel of vacations, especially if you have the intention to connect with the history of the country or region you’re visiting. In addition, the experience in museums of today has been spiced up by technology and modern-day architecture such that it becomes fun to have an experience inside these buildings.

4. Picnic in the Park

May sound cliché, but a picnic is still the best way for a family to bond during a vacation. Regardless of how busy the city you’re visiting is, there’s always a park for people to hang around and have fun. Even in the worst locations where parks aren’t as comfortable as you’d want, you can also hold a picnic at the relaxation centers where you’re staying, or lodge in a private resort.

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5. Walk Tours

Yes, we’ve mentioned walk tours being a lot linked with cook tours and cooking classes, but we can’t ignore the fact that the experiences gotten from it being a standalone activity in your vacation schedule can be worthwhile.

Walk tours help you connect with the environment where you’re currently taking a vacation – you get to have a perspective as if you’re one of the locals. It’s also a great way to catch other tourists and interact with them, and possibly build new networks.

6. Bike Riding

Just like walk tours, bike riding allows you to experience the region up close and personal. If you’re spending your vacation in a place with a lot of woods and trails, riding bikes in these places can be fun. It’s a great way to connect directly with nature, and perhaps a nice way to exercise your legs.

7. Photo Hunt Challenge

Even though it’s normal to take lots of photos about your experience on vacations, not many people turn it into a real challenge where they get to document everything worth seeing to save all those memories. Going on a photo scavenger hunt challenge puts you in a better position to catch all the things worth seeing in the area, from unusual signposts, weird street names, and beautiful buildings, to mountains, and waterfalls, it puts you in the right quest to capture everything on camera.

8. Check out the Local Live Music

There are a lot of bars and restaurants that level up during weekends and bring in live artists for performances to boost attendance. This is your cue to experience some of the local music in the location you’re spending your vacation. More so, listening to local music of any region is a way to tap into their culture, which is probably part of the reason you chose the location for your vacation in the first place.

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9. Take Dance Classes

If you’re a person of high spirit that loves to stay jiggy, this will probably generate the best experience while you’re on that vacation. Aside from being a great way to exercise, it’s also another way to connect with the culture of the area especially if you’re attending local dance classes – which you should. Also, it can stir up a romantic bonding moment for couples; something to think about if you’re going on a vacation with your partner.

10. Attend Drinking Activities

If you’re ever going to try and get drunk, all through the year, it might as well be when you don’t have to go to work for the next few days. Drinking activities have long been a great way for business partners to unite. If you’re going on a group vacation with colleagues, it might be a great choice for you guys to get to know each other.

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