How to get verified on TikTok for Free

How to get verified on TikTok for Free

Getting verified on any platform is one of the ultimate goals of all social media content creators. Unfortunately, this privilege is not available to everyone.

To get this special badge is an achievement that requires certain conditions to be met before it can be attained. Most celebrities are awarded this opportunity after meeting the required criteria.

TikTok is a video sharing app that allows users to share short video content that can be accessed by the public. The creators can also make money from Tiktok provided they meet the conditions. In this guide, we will be showing you the ways you can easily get verified on TikTok for free.

How to get verified on TikTok for free

Getting verified on TikTok, like any other platform, is free. Although it may cost you time and consistency, you have to invest in the platform; no form of monetary payment is required. Getting verified on TikTok differs from other platforms where you can request to be considered for verification.

On TikTok, verification is done by the TikTok team, and selection is made randomly based on a few requirements. The verification badge is to help show the authenticity of high-profile accounts. A lot of facts are put into consideration before a verification badge is handed out.

To get verified on TikTok, you have to meet the following requirements

1. Your account must be active: According to the TikTok information page, you must have an account with TikTok for at least 6 months to be a verified user.

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2. Your account must be authentic: It must be an account belonging to an actual person or brand. Verification is unique to each account, especially if it’s a personal account. The email you submit during the verification process should be connected to the business if you’re running a business account.

3. Your account must be noticeable: TikTok checks your social media presence on other platforms, especially news or any reputable platform. Adverts and press releases are not considered a means of meeting the requirements.

4. Your account must be secure: to be verified, you are expected to complete multiple means of authentication to ensure your account is secure and protected from outsiders and malicious attacks.

5. You must complete your profile: to meet the verification criteria, you must complete your profile by filling out your name and your bio and uploading a profile photo to show that you are an actual person.

Above all, you must adhere to TikTok terms and conditions.

After the verification badge is given, you cannot request for it to be taken down. More so, TikTok has the right to take down your badge at any point in time if it is found that you have gone against the rules and regulations of the app also, your verification can be revoked if it is discovered that you transferred ownership of the account.

If your username is changed or your account type is changed, your verification badge will be removed, and you’ll have to apply for it to be replaced.

Tips on How to Speed up your TikTok Verification process

Some of these verification requirements might take ages to be met, but with these tips, you can make the process a bit faster.

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Consistency: after finding your preferred niche, try to build your page by consistently creating content on your platform. Keeping up with trending TikTok challenges also helps to show that your account is active.

Get verified on another platform: having a verified account on another social media platform can also boost you towards attaining your verification badge on TikTok. This proves that you have already been found credible on that platform and thus makes it easy for you to be consistent by the TikTok verification team.

Get features: you can do this by appearing on magazines, podcasts, or YouTube channels of a notable social media person. You can do this by connecting with people with similar niches.

Stick to one Niche: while posing consistently and collaborating with other content creators is great, you want to find and stick to your niche so that TikToks knows you for a specific type of content, thus rewarding you with a verification tick regarding that type of content.

Have viral content: creating viral content shows a high level of activity and creativity. These are some of the things considered by the TikTok team, and having one or more viral video gives you visibility and makes your account noticeable.

Follow TikTok guidelines: following TikTok regulations increases your chances of getting that blue tick. It increases your chances, and repeatedly breaking TikTok guidelines can lead to the removal of content and even result in your account being deleted. It helps to study the TikTok community guidelines to avoid breaking them.

Benefits of having a TikTok verification badge

You’re probably wondering why it’s so important to get verified on TikTok or any social media platform, for that matter.
If you are a business owner and you are looking to gain more customers or maybe get people to invest in your brand, then this verification badge is what you need to give you that final push.

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A verification badge gives your brand a high level of credibility as this badge suggests that TikTok has investigated your brand and found you to be authentic. This endears you to users who might be interested in your brand.

Having a verified account entails a level of authenticity. It shows that users are getting genuine content from genuine people. Also, a verified account makes people more likely to trust your brand. It also shows that you are actually who you say you are or the content you represent.

Having a TikTok verification or verification from any platform brings about higher visibility for your page, and your account gets suggested to new users, along with a number of other benefits.

How many followers are required to get verified on TikTok

There is no specific follower threshold for getting a TikTok verification. There are many users with thousands and even millions of followers whose accounts are still not verified, while others with few followers have been verified. TikTok has its own verification process which does not involve your follower count.

Above all try not to be too focused on getting verified. TikTok has its selection methods, so keep growing your page and have fun while you’re at it.

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