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How to Add Family and Friends (FnF) on Glo

If you ever find the need to know how to add family and friends (fnf) on Glo, then you must have realised you have been missing out big on cheaper calls for long. Meanwhile, this article will also show you how to remove and modify Glo family and friends numbers.

As one of the biggest telecoms in Nigeria that are all about ensuring Customers get more value for money, Glo Nigeria also has a special plan that allows you to make call at an inexpensive rate and that is if you are calling any Glo number on your family and friends list.

There are lots of tariff plans on the Glo network with their unique attributes. Some are good for calls and some for data, but I will be more specific on Glo Tariff Plans that support Glo Family and Friends (fnf). If you have ever been on Glo infinito, Glo Yakata or Glo gbam, you will notice that you can make calls at a reduced rate when you call any Glo numbers on your Glo fnf list.

This move is to ensure you get to stay long on calls when calling your loved ones. Such loved ones could be your father, mum, spouse, business partner, or children. These are the people that you are likely to spend more time when on the Phone.

However, know that Glo family and friends is not a tariff plan, but just an icing on the cake for any Glo tariff plan that supports the offer.

If at any time when you decide to leave the tariff plan, all existing numbers on the Glo tariff plan will be removed. If you are also given a call bonus for your family and friends number, you will no longer be able to use it upon migration as it is only applicable for your current plan.


To use the Glo family and friends feature, you must be in any of the Glo tariff plans that support it. Customers on Glo gbam, Glo infinito and Glo yakata will be able to use the GLO fnf.

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As a customer on Glo Infinito, you will be able to add up to 10 Glo numbers on Glo friends and family free of charge the first time and up to 5 numbers on Glo gbam. When you attempt to delete or remove a registered number and replace with another, a charge of N50 will follow as a way to deter people from abusing the system.

The call rate charged on the family and friends on Glo fnf list is dependent on the current tariff plan of Glo subscribers.

At any point in time when you decide to remove a Glo number from family and friends, you will be able to do so as long as you are still on the plan. When you move away from the Glo tariff plan that supports Glo family and friends, you will lose all accumulated bonus. The advantage is that when you switch back, you can get back your 10 free adds of Glo fnf number.


Call charges vary on Glo family and friends. Call rate will be determined based on Customer’s current tariff plan.

Customers on Glo Infinito and already have mobile numbers listed on Glo family and friends will make calls at 11k/sec. When you call any of your Glo family and friends number on Glo Gbam, the call rate is charged 9k/sec.

Call rate on Glo yakata when you call your family and friends numbers is 70k/sec. As a Glo yakata customer, you must be wondering why the call rate is higher than the rest. It has to with the various benefits enjoyed on Glo yakata. When customers recharge, they get bonus in multiple folds and they still get to keep their main balance.

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  • To add the mobile number on Glo family and friend, simply dial *101*1*Glo Mobile Number#
  • Ensure the Glo family and friends’ code is correct. The format should be in this way, “*101*1*080512345678#.
  • Number should be successfully added if done right. You can start enjoying your bonus call.


  • Customers can remove any registered numbers anytime for free. If they are adding another number after depleting their free tips, they will be charged N50/added number.
  • To delete a Glo number on Glo family and friends (fnf), simply enter *101*3* Glo Mobile No# and dial the code.
  • Deletion should occur immediately.


  • For customers who wish to change any registered fnf number, they can do that easily without deleting an FNF number only to be replaced one at a time.
  • To change or modify existing glo number on Glo family and friends, dial *101*2*Existing F&F Mobile No*New F&F Mobile No#.


  • To view the numbers on GLO FNF, dial 125 on your mobile phone.
  • Follow instructions as the system dishes out commands to check your Glo family and friends.
  • You will need to listen or write it down in a pad if it needs adjustments.

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