Glo super value pack

Glo Super Value Pack: benefits, call charges and how to subscribe

Do you have the need to find a pack that works both worlds of voice calls and internet activities? Unveiling Glo super value pack to you!

Glo super value pack does not offer just one slot but presents you with whatever you need to make your calls and browsing experience last as long as they can.
Our needs are insatiable, we always find it difficult to make a choice especially if they both mean so much to us.

Some will actually be cool with just voice calls and luckily for them, there are some exciting Glo tariff plans to pick from. People like us who barely make calls will find Glo data plans more valuable than Glo tariff plans. Who can blame me though? Social media platforms are now embedded with voice and video calls services, as long as your internet connection is fine, you can enjoy a very smooth ride.

If both voice calls and data bundle mean so much to you, Glo in their benevolent way ensures you have it all with the Glo super value pack.

Glo super value pack is a pack with voice and data combo offer which customers can subscribe to and use locally or internationally while roaming.

Glo Nigeria is not holding you back from enjoying all the varieties that life has to offer. Use your Glo super value pack the way you want either in Nigeria or when you are in Obodo Oyinbo.

Nothing is ever stopping you from calling the people that matter to you, bonding with them and even go very hard on the internet. There is enough to go around and that is because you have the Glo super value pack.

Benefits of Glo Super Value Pack

  1. The plan is available for both new and existing Glo customers.
  2. It comes in two variants called more data with talk pack and more talk with data pack.
  3. Customers can get the bonus offer even on recharge as low as N100.
  4. You can accumulate your bonus as much as you want.
  5. Customers will be able to use the Glo super value pack either in Nigeria or at an international destination.
  6. Plan can be gifted to any Glo number of your choice.
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How does Glo super value pack

Glo super value pack is not a promo and neither it is part of Glo tariff plan. This offer is for the customers, who intend to use more Voice and less Data or who intend to use more data and less voice.

After you have recharged your Glo phone number, you will be able to subscribe or activate the plan by dialing Glo super value pack code. Do note that this is not a tariff plan you can migrate to, the glo super value pack stands until you have fully exhausted all that come with the plan, you now then revert back to your current glo tariff plan.

Charges on Glo super value pack

Charges are different on the two variants available on Glo super value pack. If you subscribe to More Voice with Data bundle, you will make voice calls at 46K/sec on voice bonus. On More Data with Voice Bundle, Usage on voice Bonus is charged at the rate of 50K/sec.

While roaming on the Glo super value pack and you activate more data and less calls, you will be charged Standard Tariff plus 54%. For more voice with data, Glo customers on roam mode will be charged the standard rate.

On-net and off-net SMS is N4/SMS and SMS to International destinations is charged N35/SMS.

How to activate the Glo Super Value Pack

  • To migrate to the Glo super pack dial *777# on your phone dialer pad.
  • Respond with 8 for Glo Super Value Recharge.
  • Decide if you want more data or more calls by selecting either 1 or 2.
  • Enter your Glo recharge pin to get your voice and data combo offer.
  • Alternatively, you can dial *223*Glo Recharge Pin to subscribe to Glo super value pack.
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How to check balance on Glo super value pack

  • To check your Glo super value pack balance, dial *606# for Voice, FnF voice bonuses respectively.
  • Dial *127*0# to view your current data plus validity. It will be shown on your screen.

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