Glo weekend plan 3gb for just N500

Glo weekend plan: How to subscribe to Glo 3gb data plan @ N500

I am sure you want to have the best value when you subscribe to a data plan. With the Glo 3gb data plan offer that goes for just N500, you could call that the deal of the year.

Imagine how many things you could do with the 3gb Glo data plan. Downloading your favourite movies, streaming on youtube, watching live football matches and doing other stuff you have always wanted to do. There is no restriction as to which website you should browse or not when you are on the Glo weekend plan.

Glo weekend plan could be a lifesaver at times, you could skip paying for live football for friends, instead connect via the plan. For a better experience, you could also use your PC or laptop to watch the match or favourite show. With the Glo 4G-LTE, you will definitely even love it more. No buffering, instead you get to watch as If you are playing from a downloaded file.

All that you need to do is to subscribe to the Glo weekend plan called Thank Glo It’s Friday (TGIF). Here is the catch, Glo weekend plan is unlike what you are used to. It is almost similar to the Glo Sunday Plan that gives you 1.25gb data for just N200. You can only use the data from 12 am on Saturday till 5 am on Monday.

All these numerous offers by Globacom is a statement as to their zeal and commitment to ensure that Nigerians have access to a good internet plan. Being tagged, “The Grandmaster of data” was never a mistake” they are the only GSM network capable of providing unbelievable data plans.

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Benefits of Glo Weekend Plan

  1. No restriction on websites. You can browse through any web pages.
  2. It can be used on the Glo 4G-LTE, a network that lets you enjoy even better internet connection.
  3. The plan is a 2 days plan, giving you enough time to use the 3gb Glo weekend plan.
  4. Stream, download or watch your favourite videos and movies.
  5. It is strictly a Glo weekend data plan, it should make your weekend less boring.

How to activate Glo weekend plan 3gb for just N500

  • Open your phone’s dialer pad, enter *777# and dial to subscribe to the 3gb Glo weekend plan.
  • Select 1 – Buy data.
  • Reply with 1 to buy data plan.
  • Select 1 or 2. Choose 1 if you want auto-renew & 2 for a one-off purchase.
  • Reply with 7, which is night and weekend plans.
  • Select 5 to purchase Glo weekend plan of 3gb for just N500.

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