Hemp worx review

Hemp Worx Review: Is it legit or a scam?

If you are wondering what Hemp Worx is all about, then this review should provide you with everything you need to know including how you can make money selling or affiliating with the company. Most importantly, whether they can be trusted or just another scam.

These are the questions we will provide you with answers to.

Meanwhile, Hemp Worx are totally into CBD products which is not often a discussion that most people enjoy talking about. For some, Cannabidiol (CBD) being a compound of cannabis and hemp is not to be associated with. Whereas, science again has further proved that it is not always the case.

Therefore, it is often misunderstood, but there is so much these products can do for the body. But first, let’s start with knowing the company.


If you are not familiar with the company, then the first question you will be asking is what is Hemp Worx?

Hemp Worx is a CBD oil MLM company that sells a wide range of health and body products that contain Cannabidiol. The company was established in 2014 by Jenna Zwagil but entered into a merger with Daily Choice three years later.

Having gained massive experience as a marketer and rose to the top, she began to think of a way to help others grow too. To her, she believed she was not doing enough and tried virtually everything until she later discovered CBD oil.

She believed this is an opportunity to even help many, and the solution should not be withheld, which brought about the birth of Hemp Worx in 2014. And in 2017, a partnership was formed with Josh (now her husband), the founder and CEO of MyDailyChoice to make it even bigger.

Today, Josh and Jenna Zwagil have been able to grow the partnership and remain one of the best in the US. To gain the confidence of her customer, she declared to herself she is not going to sell any CBD products she is not using. Hence, you can rest assured that aside from the founder putting herself forward, all products passed through rigorous testing before being made available to the public.

Another thing you might love about the CBD is there are no chemicals or harsh solvents used during the extraction. Every phase goes natural.

Also, as someone who is hoping to make money on Hemp Worx through a network marketing affiliate, rest assured you have the founder, Jenna who has years of experience and is ready to support and nurture you.


If you are interested in CBD products, then you should know what you are bargaining for firsthand before ordering the product. And for people who want to make money, it is important you familiarize yourself with the product to know how to answer customers’ questions.

Having a prerequisite knowledge of what a product can do will help to command sales. Remember, not many know, so they will need you to convince them first.

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On the website, there are various products you will come across and each of them is carefully explained.

Below are the HempWorx Products:

CBD Tinctures

Tinctures have a lot of benefits the body can tap. It has proven to help boost the immune system, as well as promoting healthy mood and brain function.

It comes in different flavors that you will love, they are Natural, Peppermint, Strawberry guava, Watermelon mint, Lemon lime, and orange sunshine.
Price: 500mg – One-Time Purchase (80.10 euro), Member Price (62.10 euro).
750mg – One-Time Purchase (102.60 euro), Member Price (80.10 euro).
1500mg – One-Time Purchase (179.10 euro), Member Price (134.10 euro).

CBD Softgels

The CBD softgels come in different variants that are known to boost the body.

CBD+Vitality contains dried yeast fermentates that can lower cholesterol and boost immunity. It also ensures healthy bones.
Price: A bottle goes for 80.10 euro while members will get it at a lower price of 62.10 euro.

CBD+Coffeeberry® contains key ingredients like caffeine and coffee. These are known to have several benefits, but the most popularly talked about are alertness and enhancement of brain function.
Price: The one time purchase is 80.10 euro while members will get it at a reduced price of 62.10 euro.

CBD+Curcumin is also another variant with turmeric, a flowering plant that helps provide vitality to the body and immunity against diseases. It is also a defense against sickness.
Price: One-Time Purchase is 80.10 euro and member price is 62.10 euro.

CBD+Melatonin is one to take if you are looking for a good night’s rest especially if you are always finding it difficult to get one.
Price: It is sold for 80.10 euro while the member Price is 62.10 euro.

CBD Topicals

There are lots of creams you can try on to give your body that perfect vibes. Below are the variants available on Hemp Worx:

Refresh Daily Moisturizing Cream with CBD + CBG: This comes with natural extracts and is very okay for everyday use. It will make your skin look very healthy.
Price: 30ml is sold for 80.10 euro while people in the membership category get it at a lower rate of 62.10 euro. 50ml is at the rate of 102.60 euro while the member price is just 80.10 euro.

Relief Cooling Topical Cream with CBD + CBG: This cream is perfect after a long day or when you have had a session in the workout arena.
Price: 30ml is sold for 80.10 euro while people in the membership category get it at a lower rate of 62.10 euro. 50ml is at 102.60 euro and the member price is just 80.10 euro.

Revive Restorative Night Cream with CBD + CBG: Hemp Worx has got everything you need to get that perfect skin. This cream nourishes your skin while you are sleeping to reveal improved skin with no lines or wrinkles.
Price: It is sold for 80.10 euro while people in the membership category get it at a lower rate of 62.10 euro.

Hair & Body Care

Original Hair Care (Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil): These products are made with hemp seed oil to hydrate and strengthen your hair.
The shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask are all formulated to reduce frizz and add brilliant shine.
Price: The shampoo and conditioner go for 44.10 euro while it is sold to members at a reduced rate of 35.10 euro. The hair mask is sold at 80.10 euro while the member price goes for 62.10 euro.

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Hand & Body Lotion (Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil): This cream is imbibed with shea butter, hemp seed oil, amino acids, and vitamins to nourish your skin thereby revealing a natural glow skin.
Price: One-Time Purchase is 32.85 euro. Member Price is 26.10 euro.

Pure Glow Hair Serum (Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil): This product is made with hemp seed oil and also enriched with vitamins and amino acids to help keep your hair from breaking, and keep it silky and smooth.
Price: One time purchase goes for 68.85 euro while the member price is just 53.10 euro.

CBD Bath Bombs

CBD Bath Bombs come with about 6 different scents (Serene Soak, Ocean Breeze, Violet Dreams, Citrus Seclusion, Summer Submersion, and Natural Oasis) with each of them having different essential oil along with 30mg high-quality CBD. You are going to love these pieces of bath bombs.
Price: One-Time Purchase is 55.35 euro and the member price is 44.10 euro.

CBD Coffee

Hemp-Infused Coffee: The coffee has a great taste you will love and is made with chaga mushroom and Arabica beans. Each cup has 5mg of CBD.
Price: One-Time Purchase is 80.10 euro and the member price goes for 62.10 euro.

Facial Masks

Enjoy the freedom to select from two great choices, Facial Mask with No CBD and Facial Mask with CBD.
Botanical Facial Mask With CBD is imbued with 25mg of CBD and has natural extracts to moisturize and make skin healthy. It is sold at 8.99 euro while the member price is 7.19 euro.

The facial mask with no CBD or THC is only made using herbal extracts.
Price: the one time price for this product is 7.64 euro and the member price is at a reduced price of 6.29 euro.


Hempworx has done well in almost all areas including where they get their hemp from, the testing, and the handling. So far, they have proven to be one of the best CBD oil companies.

The company also shows the amount of CBD contains in each product and also the report of each testing, this is to make the public aware of what they are getting and even make it easier for other specialists to counter them if there are any issues.

The products are not bad and among the best. Also, their products are said not to have any form of THC. However, if you are into sport or any form of activities that might involve being tested, you should avoid any CBD-related products as most CBD products tend to have a little substance even if there are claims that it has none.

The product is available for anyone aged 18 years old or above. The site provides a safe place for you to order and get your products. All products also come with a 60-day refund policy, which should be more than enough time to know if the products work well for you.

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I have gone through series of videos, reviews, and testimonies from people and I can confirm there is more positive feedback which makes it very difficult to believe. Most time it is adjudged by 45 to 65% of positive reviews.

Normally, people with so many stakes in the business will do all they can to ensure that people patronize the products. Sales people, affiliates and network marketers are mostly behind the points gained. They are tutored to create positive vibes for the products knowing well that when the company wins, they are winning too.

Therefore, you can take these like it is nothing. However, I made my findings of one Hemp Worx product called CBD Worx CBD Oil And Tincture, and two customers claimed it does not do what it does while another set claims it works.

One of the customers, Robert Harper confirmed that it is an outstanding product. However, we were about to get over 60% positive reviews which is enough to say Hemp Worx might be another CBD business with so much to offer. Try it out and if you are not satisfied, all products coming with a money-back guarantee should help you avoid losing your money for nothing.


Hempworx CBD Oil has mostly been the talking point for customers, while a large section of the customers attest it to be good, some reported it is greasy while a few others claim it does not work for them. With various opinions presented before us, it is enough to say Hempworx is not a scam, but a legit business, although with little negative feedback which every business seems to always encounter.

Accordingly, it is on customers to try out the various products they are interested in. Customers also need to know that bodies are different, but having the backing of many customers is enough to know the company’s desire to do things the right way.

Affiliates who are also looking to join the business are encouraged to do so. Hemp Worx has been running for years, one could say you are in good hands and you have almost nothing to worry about.


It is worth noting that there are three enrolments on Hemp Worx, but basically two ways to earn;

1. Join as Affiliate

Joining as an Affiliate is one of the most popular ways that people make money from MLM Companies. By selling products, and referring people to buy, this ensures you are entitled to an agreed commission.

Additional benefits you will get from this scheme are the acquisition of products at member prices. And also earn loyalty dollars on autoship purchases.

2. As a preferred customer

Several benefits await you if you registered as a preferred customer under Hempworx. You can get a reduced price on any product instead of paying for the normal price.

Other benefits are free products when you bring people in and loyalty dollars on any autoship purchases.

3. As a Retail Customer

Another way you could benefit from Hempworx is by becoming a retail customer. This does not have much to offer, aside from buying products at the normal price from the company. They also cant earn a commission or free products.

To become mydailychoice / hemp Worx affiliate, visit this page, www.mydailychoice.com/corp/opportunity to know more and get started. You will not be asked to pay any sign up fee, and lots of benefits await you.

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