how to hide friends list on facebook

How To Hide Friends List On Facebook Account

Hiding a friends list on Facebook is not a common trend, but there are people who will choose to make their list private.

Unfortunately, not many understand the whole feature or how to go about it. Fb, itself has many more features than you imagined to the extent that it is easy to miss your way. Although, there is no denying that it has made Facebook even better.

For instance, the Facebook marketplace is an exciting addition which I have also used several times to buy or sell stuff. A huge part of the deal is there is no service charge. And there are many more that we will care not to focus on to avoid distractions.

This article will attempt to explain how to quickly hide your friends list from anyone or show it to only people that you care about.


After completing your Facebook sign-up process, you will notice that everything is open to the public by default including your posts, friends list, and who gets to see your account information. However, Facebook has enabled all users to do as they deem fit via the settings.

One of the major reasons why people hide their friends list is to protect anyone on their list. The internet, as cool as it is, also houses all kinds of people including pedophiles, perverts, and fraudsters.

As a result, you can expect people to do what it takes. Still, this could take the fun out of it since the major goal of Facebook is to make people connect. This will do no doubt limit the effort, but one could say it is for the greater good.

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People also avoid sharing their Facebook friends list to stop people from seeing their friends count. Sometimes, you may have a few friends on the social media platform that you believe is not worth sharing. Besides, you could also use this to avoid being incorrectly profiled by anyone based on your list as people naturally rate Facebook users with a huge list.

Another reason is to prevent people from seeing who they interact with. This is almost the same as protecting your loved ones, but in this case, it is more like you do it because you want to, and not like there is any valid reason.

You could also see people making their list private because of their spouse or mate. This is common among those who have other attachments outside and they feel like they need to protect their relationship.

Also, if you only have people that share the same interests, you could decide not to reveal the list. This is common among professionals that only want to share information within their league.

Reasons why people make their friends could vary from one person to another, but the above are the common reasons.


To hide your friends list on Facebook, below are steps to take:

  • Login to your Facebook account using your details.
  • At the upper right corner of the Facebook page, click the bar beside the search bar.
  • Scroll down and click “Settings and Privacy”.
  • Tap “Settings”
  • Go to “Who can see your friends list”
  • After clicking, you will see about 5 different options which are Public, Friends, Friends except, Specific friends, and only me.
  • Click “Only me” if you prefer not to show anyone your friends list on Facebook.
  • Other options are also available to use.
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