how to borrow airtime from airtel

How to borrow credit from Airtel (Airtel borrow credit code)

Do you feel like you could do with an extra credit considering that you still have much to talk about?
It can be very disappointing when talks are cut halfway, but Airtel Nigeria has a special package for us called Airtel Extra Credit.

Airtel Extra Credit is a package that allows all qualified airtel customers to borrow airtime when they run out of it and pay back anytime.

With Airtel Extra Credit, you no longer need to wait a bit longer before getting your airtel recharge pin or having to go a long distance to get it. This presents you a perfect and ideal solution to recharge your Airtel balance anytime, anywhere and any day.

Just like the MTN xtraTime, understand that there are certain rules to follow before you are given the freedom to borrow airtel credit. Just a little price to pay for the several benefits you are about to enjoy. The best part of Airtel Extra Credit is that you can take another Airtime loan from Airtel immediately you pay for the former.

This is not also like what is obtainable in the banking world. There is no loan officer to romp over you about paying back your airtime loan. You have enough time to pay back whenever you are ready.

This article promises to deliver all what you should know about borrowing from Airtel, how to be eligible for Airtel extra credit and how to borrow airtime from Airtel.

How to qualify for Airtel Extra Credit which allows you to borrow Airtel airtime

  • Customers who wish to borrow from Airtel must be a prepaid customer.
  • The airtel line must have been registered from any Airtel outlets.
  • You must have been an AIRTEL customer for at least 2 months to borrow airtime from Airtel.
  • At least N200 must have been used monthly for 2 months to enjoy Airtel extra credit.
  • Customers must have paid up any previous loan and associated charges.
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How Airtel extra credit work

As a prepaid customer, you will be able to borrow up to N2000 from airtel while the minimum loan amount is N25. This depends on your recharge value and how frequent it is.

The Airtel borrowed credit can be used to call any network in Nigeria and other international destinations. 15% service charges apply at the point of borrowing for all amounts except N25 which is 20%.

The advance airtime from Airtel can also be used to browse the internet but it is advisable not to do that. When you use your airtime to browse, you will be spending more when compared to activating a data plan. You should rather purchase an airtel data plan or borrow airtel data.

Borrowing airtime from Airtel grants you a cover when you desperately need one. It should be one of those important codes you should not forget.

How to borrow airtime from Airtel network (Airtel Extra Credit)

  • To borrow airtime from Airtel Nigeria, dial *500# from your airtel number
  • Reply with 2.
  • A new page pops up showing you how much you can borrow. Select your preferred amount.
  • After you have done the needful, you will receive the airtime loan excluding the service fee of 15%.

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