how to borrow data from 9mobile etisalat

How To Borrow Data From 9mobile / Etisalat

Do you want to borrow data from 9mobile but finding it hard to remember the 9mobile borrow me data code? It has happened to many of us, reason why we have this article to show you how to borrow data on 9mobile/etisalat.

9mobile Nigeria, formerly known as Etisalat is no pushover in the telecom industry. Just like a phoenix, they always seem to rise even better than they were. The challenges were there and which were very noticeable, but somehow they managed to pull through. The rebranded 9mobile is the new deal.

The 9mobile tariff plans are being revamped, and now getting better compared to before. You would also love the reviewed 9mobile data plans, a service that allows 9mobile customers to subscribe for a data bundle.

No matter how good they were, our smartphones are now hungrier, our data are never enough no matter how much we try to save. Borrowing data on credit could be the only option we have when we run out of MB, thanks to 9mobile morecredit.

9mobile morecredit is a package that allows eligible 9mobile customers to request for data or airtime on credit and are expected to pay later on their next recharge.

How many businesses or relationships have this wonderful 9mobile service saved? Quite a great number, anyone would hate being suddenly cut off. Professionally, you want to be at the top of your game. There may be a need to borrow to save face.

Borrow data on 9mobile morecredit and pay later. No disturbing call from any loan officer as you can decide to pay back any time. The only disadvantage of leaving it so late is that it might hurt your credit rating.

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Your queries on search engines might be how to borrow data/Mb from 9mobile, 9mobile borrow data code or code to borrow data on Etisalat. Whatever way you choose to do it, this article will be precise enough and cover all aspects that need to be touched on 9mobile morecredit.

What you should know about 9mobile morecredit

  1. 9mobile morecredit can be accessed via ussd code and SMS.
  2. Customers can check eligibility by dialling *665# or by texting “status” to “665”
  3. It is convenient and very easy to access 9mobile loan.
  4. There is no specific time to make repayment. However, your rating might get some thumbs down.
  5. For borrowing MB or data on 9mobile, you are charged 15% transaction fee on every data bundle.
  6. 9mobile morecredit is available to all prepaid customers on 9mobile and can be used in the same way as normal airtime/data.
  7. Postpaid customers on 9mobile will not be able to make use of 9mobile morecredit.

Eligibility criteria to borrow data on 9mobile

  1. All prepaid customers on the 9mobile network can borrow data.
  2. The 9mobile number must have been registered by any authorized 9mobile registration outlets.
  3. You must have been on 9mobile network for at least 2 months.
  4. There must be no payment obligation that is yet to be met. If you have any, pay before requesting for 9mobile data loan.
  5. Data bundles are available depending on how frequent your recharge is and the denomination.
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How to borrow data on 9mobile network

  1. You are provided with two ways to borrow on 9mobile. They are via SMS or USSD.
  2. To borrow data on 9mobile network, dial *665# on your phone’s dialer pad.
  3. The system will now ask you if you are borrowing airtime or data. Select 2 for “borrow data”
  4. Press 1 to choose the loan amount.
  5. You can borrow up to 1.5gb which costs N1000. When we add the 15%, you will be paying back 1300.
  6. Confirm your loan. You will be credited with the value of the data bundle while your main account will receive a deficit of the cost of bundle and service charge.
  7. Alternatively, you can borrow data by texting “STATUS” to 665. This will guide you through the process.

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