how to check bvn on 9mobile

How to check BVN with 9mobile number

If you are a 9mobile subscriber, you can also check your BVN using your 9mobile phone number.

Years back, it was mandated for everyone with an account at the bank to register for BVN and failure to do so will result in their account being frozen.

The Apex financial institution gave enough time for everyone to register at the bank of their choice. Despite the reasonable time given, there are some people who did not take it seriously, not until CBN upheld their sanction. The sanction is the frozen of accounts that are yet to have their respective BVN numbers linked to them.

BVN is an 11 digit number and acts as a passport for all your bank’s transactions. Without it, you will be unable to operate your bank account.

It is very essential to know how to check your BVN with 9mobile or any other phone number. There are some genuine websites that always demand it whenever you want to apply on their sites especially loan sites.

To get your BVN number, you will only need to dial a specific USSD code. You will be able to dial the bvn code after you have registered for your BVN. Registration at the bank is totally free and you can register at any BVN registration point.

Upon dialling the BVN activation code on your phone, you will be charged N20 for the service. Do note that the BVN number will be sent only when you dialled from the same 9mobile number you dropped during your BVN registration.

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How to check BVN on 9mobile number

  • To check your BVN on 9mobile, dial *565*0# from your phone.
  • The system will immediately display your BVN number on the phone’s screen.
  • You will also receive the BVN number as a text message.

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