how to check spectranet data balance

How to check balance and expiry date on spectranet

Managing data has become a habit of most Nigerians unless you are using a spectranet unlimited data plan. To manage effectively, there will be a need to check spectranet data balance from time to time.

Checking spectranet is just one of the several ways to understand how your data lasts and if someone has been using it without your knowledge, it is time to devise how to avoid such occurrences.

Customers who purchase new spectranet mifi will get free data to use during the day and free unlimited data to use from 1 am till 7 am. There is also BLAZE CPE that comes with unlimited data for the day and night. No restriction but browse, stream and download the way you want.

Blaze CPE has two packages, if you need unlimited spectranet data, then go for the one with unlimited data plan.

This article will merely focus on how you can check your balance and expiry date on spectranet.

How to check spectranet data balance and its expiry data

  • To check spectranet data balance, visit
  • Click on the “menu” to reveal the options on the spectranet’s website.
  • Locate “selfcare” and select it.
  • Enter your userID and password given to you by spectranet when you got your spectranet mifi or modem.
  • On the dashboard, you will be able to access your spectranet data balance and expiry date.
  • Lastly, always try to change to change your spectranet login details after purchase.
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If you are living in states or cities where spectranet operates, you are in luck. Spectranet is inarguably one of the best internet providers with some great plans.

To enjoy this service, you should get yourself a spectranet mifi or modem. With the spectranet mifi, you will be able to connect many devices including personal computer and smartphone. People can also connect their own devices as well. This is good for people who purchase unlimited data plans from spectranet.

If you are having problem with setting up your spectranet router, you can reach out to customer care on spectranet or visit any spectranet shops around you.

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