how to contact spectranet customer care

Spectranet customer care phone number, email, live chat and and head office

Every big thing in Nigeria will have in place customer service agents to help with providing valuable information, responding to complaints and resolving issues. Spectranet is also not an exception, hence, the need for this article which centres on how to contact spectranet customer care.

I am sure most people will prefer to iron it out at any spectranet office, probably because things are done quicker, compared to speaking with an agent over the spectranet customer care line. The main barrier is how many people have so much time in their hands to visit their office?

Most issues can be attended to online without visiting any sprectranet outlet or store, all you just need is to present your request very clearly. The common issues no doubt is how to subscribe to spectranet data plans and internet connectivities issues. Trust me, this is not something you should burn your time and resources for, you can always make your request via social media or email instead.

This article will expose you to the easiest and fastest way to reach out to spectranet. Other channels will also be included

1. Get in touch with spectranet customer care via their official line.

If you are looking for a very quick and easiest way to reach out to spectranet customer care line, then you are in for a treat via spectranet customer care line.

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With this channel, you will be chatting over the phone with an agent to help you with your feedback, enquiries and complaints. The best time to get the spectranet agent is during the daytime, from 9 am to 5 pm.

To contact spectranet customer care via their phone number, call 07002345678.

2. Spectranet on social media platforms

You will agree with me that every big brand is now taking social media very seriously. Social media have proven to be one of the core points of a business. These days, everyone lives partially on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you are able to make the most of it, you should have no issue with building additional audiences then.

As a customer, you will also find spectranet on virtually every social platform but we will be concentrating on Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter will always be the most preferred if I was asked to choose between Twitter and Facebook. You can tweet to them or send a DM but I would advise you to tweet. An open chastisement always have the desired effect, no company will love to be dragged on social media. To contact spectranet through twitter, tweet your enquiries, feedback or complaint to

Facebook is not also bad. You can always use the comment section to air out your complaints or issues. You will agree with me that it is almost the same with twitter as they both allow interactions. Another way to contact spectranet on Facebook is by sending them a direct message, that could take a while if they are not the type to check messages regularly. Rule that out, you will always be contacted regardless.

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Contact spectranet on Facebook via

3. Contact spectranet via email

If you are not in a hurry, then contacting spectranet via email is one of the most reliable ways to reach out to spectranet. Replies could take a while, but you will always be contacted.

The best part of getting in touch with spectranet via email is that you can send messages as much as you want, attach files or other documents to help you back your claims. However, not my most preferred if you ask me as I hate waiting for long for feedback or replies.

To send spectranet an email, simply write to

4. Another way to reach out to spectranet is via their head office

If things become more complicated or can not be handled at the spectranet offices in the states they operate, then it is time to take a proactive measure.

Anyone could go to their head office, and if you are living in a foreign country, you can send a letter to the address below. Whatever your complaints or issues, things can be sorted out at the head offices.

Plot 36B, Mobolaji Johnson Avenue Oregun Industrial Estate
Alausa Ikeja,

5. Visit spectranet outlets or shops for support

If you have not been getting support via phone calls, email or social media, you can visit any spectranet office near you. There is a big chance that you will find at least one close to where you are.

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