how to win at Football Betting

Tips on how to win at Football Betting

Are you new into betting or you need some best  betting tips to use for your football predictions

Football is also referred to as soccer in some part of the world and there are several competitions to pick from including the iconic champions league, europa league and the super cup.

If you are a non football fans, there are also other competitions to bet on. They include basketball, cricket and tennis. 

Making money from betting is no easy task. It is, by means of its very nature, a hazard-ridden manner to make up time or even to try and make cash. When done sensibly, it can also be an amusing and thrilling addition to the beautiful game we all love to watch.

Winning is never easy, especially for those who pick many games. Only the few get lucky and most time not based on their expertise but by some luck.

The main question every punter asks is how do we make most of our bets?
How do we get the better of the bookies?
How do we make money on betting especially football bet?

People spend several hours permutating bets and they still end up losing. Do not feel sorry for yourself as this article will explain to you what the bookies never want you to find out.

It’s all about finding the best value for money. Whether that’s the right fees, the right markets or maybe the exceptional time to position your bet on. Use the guidelines we will be revealing in this article and you will soon be earning from betting.

Before that, hope you now know what each Betting code means? No one goes into a business without knowing the basic things to know. Knowing the elements will help you avoid misunderstanding. Do not be like most people.

If yes, below are the important tips to win money from Betting.

1. Know the game inside out

it should not always be about how many games they have won but how well they have really played. Know the way they love to play the game whether offensive or defensive. Are they good at keeping possession or they just know how to get the win?

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Look at the old chelsea during Mourinho’s regime, they were never good at playing the game but they know how to get a win. You will not want to give the fancy Arsenal side a chance against them.

These are the details that will help you make a good judgment on which team you should give the nod. If you are unsure of giving the favourite the win, why not double chance it instead on bet9ja? In the end, you will know this is the best anyone could have done. This time, you will want to better and this could go a long way in helping you on bet9ja.

2. No such thing as a fixed game

It is a scam. Do not pay anyone to get a game. Most of them only analyse a game and then claim it to be a fixed game. If they are lucky, the game comes in, then they gain your trust.

Don’t be sold a lie. No match-fixing was ever made public as it’s against the principles that guide football. There is a penalty for those who engage in such. Who in his right mind will expose such to a third party? Learn to discern!

3. Do not always ignore the underdogs

If you have been around for a while, especially betting on bet9ja, you would have noticed that the underdogs at times always have their own day: put it at the back of your mind that the favourite does not always win. This is obvious but it is always difficult to ignore it.

Leicester winning the league in 2015/2016 is a great example coupled with the wins they got against the favourites and others.

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Another one is when Nadal took on Fognini at the Barcelona open back. Nadal was the favourite, only few would thought otherwise. What people overlooked was that Fognini had beaten Nadal on clay a few months earlier. Fognini went on to beat Nadal in straight sets.

4. Make fewer selection

This seems obvious but punters forget all the time. The lure to win big always overcloud our judgment. If you are betting to make money, think small and not big.

Picking many odds further limit just chance of winning. It is proven that bookies lose their cash mostly on singles. If you do thorough research, you can double your money with just a single game.

I have seen people making large amount of money on bet9ja by picking fewer games with not more than 1.40 odds. I know of a guy who only plays any team can score in 1st or 2nd half and so far, it is been a good run for him. You can stake high, but pick lower odds, remember it is all about making profits. However, the rule is never stake with an amount you cannot afford to lose on bet9ja.

5. Stop Depending on prediction sites

Predictions from most sites are programmed. In such a way that the system makes use of the recent wins, head to head, position on the table, home advantage, possible line up, all in a bid to make a decision. It is safe to call it a random guess.

You wont go anywhere by depending totally on them. However, there are still some good prediction sites that you can use for your betting simply because they were done objectively instead of using computer to determine fate of each opponent. Skysport’s expert prediction is a good one though.

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6. Do not bet with your heart

I am an Arsenal fan! How many times have I wanted arsenal to win being the team I support and love? You might really want your team to win. You are confident to the extent you put your money on it. It is better to avoid betting on your team.

This is one of the reasons why you will always lose to the bookies because instead of analysing objectively, you will end up letting your love decide for you. People that actually want to win on bet9ja will need to learn how to reason objectively instead of being lured by our sentimental values.

7. Stake only when you are in a good state of mind

Anyone can make easy money by betting on sports. One just needs to do it right by following stake rules. It is the same for other sites like Nairabet and Betking.

Only stake when you are in the right state of mind. Staking because you just lost a game and looking to cover up, will only make you lose more. You need to stay calm, improve your analysis to stand a chance of coming on top. Also never be in haste to book a game, make a thorough recheck on selected games. This will notify you of what you have missed earlier.

8. Do not roll over all but instead withdraw 70% of your winnings

This is always difficult to follow especially when you have just won a big one but it will do you good to withdraw a certain percentage of your winnings. Many punters often lose all their winnings because of their greed, playing such a risky game will put your account at risk.

The best way to avoid losing all is to withdraw some percentage and leave the remaining ones in your bet account. That way, you still have some staking power in the event of a loss.

9. Do not keep your money in bet account

Why would anyone keep his or her money in bet9ja’s account? This is unacceptable and should not be done. Your survival should come first. Do not make the mistake of treating your bet account like a bank account.

Having all your money in a betting account might tempt you to use all the money for betting since nothing is assured in betting, you might end up losing all. Whatever you stake, make sure you are 10x more, this is one of the golden rules of betting.

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