Glo Affiliate Program

How To Make Money In Nigeria With Glo Affiliate Program

Glo Affiliate ProgramGlo affiliate program

Do you know you can make money off Glo by partnering with them through an affiliate program? Glo Nigeria is no doubt one of the biggest network providers in Nigeria and the acclaimed grandmaster of data.

The mobile operator has done reasonably well to establish themselves as the biggest merchant of data and with wide range of services offering.

For days, we have been taking you on different ways you can make money but today, we will be speaking at great length about Glo affiliate program.

Glo in their usual generosity is giving everyone the chance to become an agent and earning cash. Before we delve into the benefits of mobile money agents on glo, let introduce you to what is affiliate marketing is.

What really is affiliate marketing?

The word affiliate means officially connected with an organization. You are more like an intermediary between the organization and the public. You have important duties to the public and the company.

The organization is counting on your expertise to help make more sales and in return, you will be fairly compensated.

The public does hope you have every information they need about the products in the hope they would buy. It is very important to know a lot about products.
Not being able to answer properly to the customer’s question would cast doubt and could ruin the chances of converting leads.

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For the purpose of this exposure, we will define affiliate marketing as a type of marketing whereby you promote organization products and in return, you are given a commission.

How affiliate program work?

One of the fastest ways to make money has always been through the affiliate program. It is evident with the way every agent takes up the role. The commission and incentives are always reasonable compared to the company other offerings.

As an affiliate agent, you only need to market the goods to the public with procurement and delivery being left to the organization.

It is also easy to calculate as it is based on an agreed percentage between the organization and its agents.

As an affiliate program, all you need to do is use a product or find everything you need to know about the product.

Promote the products to another and make sure it is your link or channel they use to purchase it.

For your efforts and time, the organization will pay you a commission. The more referrals, the more the cash your earn.

As the product owner, you only pay commission when sales is made which can be of advantage to you. It does not matter how much marketing tools the affiliate market employed, if he or she is not making sales, you are not paying commission either.

But properly train or give them the needed information to help them make sales, which can subsequently improve your business.

Benefits of Glo affiliate program

As an agent of the network provider, you have access to very reasonable commission. The company claims you can make as much as NGN50000, even more with glo referrals.

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Another great advantage is that unlike most affiliates, setting up on glo is low. You don’t need to have much or borrow to kickstart it. The network provider really take it into consideration and afford everyone the chance.

You are not alone even when you are agent, you have the support and expertise of the company to help make things work as soon as possible. Be it marketing support or business support, you are totally covered.

You do not even necessarily need to get a physical place for the business. With your phone and glo sim, nothing is stopping you from becoming an affiliate.

What you need to become Glo affiliate marketer.

Becoming glo mobile money agent is quite easy and straightforward.

  • Your phone
  • Glo sim card
  • Email address
  • Names, state and local government area.

To get started, click on the link and provide correct information to the fields.

Be it known that this is just a pre-qualification form, the network provider will contact you in the coming days about the status of your application.

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