how to make money on facebook

How To Make Money On Facebook

Facebook  remains the most used social media in the USA, UK, Canada, India, Nigeria and other parts of the World. The use of social media marketing to create brand awareness and boost product sales using the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are becoming rampant in the emerging world.

Are you a full-time business person or just someone who runs a side hustle to boost his or her income. It doesn’t matter what category you fall in, be it a newbie or experienced person, you can make money using facebook in Nigeria.

Facebook for long, has been known as a place to connect with families and friends, most of the time to share some beautiful moments or take quizzes.

With the evolving world, comes a big upgrade from Mark Zuckerberg and his team to make facebook business-oriented instead of just social connects and buzzes.

Who can make money using facebook

If you have been using Facebook for a while or just starting, you can make money off it. To make money with facebook, you need to get yourself familiar with various ways that people make money.

Being busy is never an excuse even if you are a student in tertiary institutions or taken totally by your main source of income. If you can find time to message friends and family on Facebook from time to time, you can expend such energy on making money on the platform.

I have seen people who make money even as a student, imagine how much you can make on facebook when you invest your time into this profitable scheme. Facebook comes with awesome tools to make your business a success.

How much does it cost to advertise on facebook?

You can make use of normal facebook account at no cost except that you may not get enough outreach as you would want. This system will limit you to just family, friends, acquaintances and friends of friends.

To extend your outreach, you can just pay a few bucks for facebook ads to get connected to individuals in any part of the world.

Facebook ads have no doubt proved to be a huge success on business; with Facebook, you can target users based on their age, gender, interests, category, location, languages, and education.

The major mistake most people make is not knowing who to target. Imagine trying to sell an ebook on “how to sell on eBay” only for you to direct it to the age group of 15 to 21.

The chance of making a great sale will be very low when we look at what individuals in those age groups are most likely to be doing.

Some of them are not even planning on becoming self-reliance, knowing who to target can automatically make it a success. At a small price, you can have your facebook ads functioning in no time.

Who should advertise on facebook using Facebook ads?

If you have been trying to use your facebook account, group, and page to promote your business and it is not working or not enough. It is probably time to use facebook ads.

To do that effectively, you may need to employ a social media manager to help you out. Only do it yourself if you have perfected the art of social media marketing, an important part of digital marketing; running Facebook ads goes beyond creating content, paying with cards or PayPal and publishing.

A social media manager with years of experience would have known what will work for your business or brands to gain grounds. If there is a problem, you will be advised accordingly.

Using a carefully laid and working strategy, you will get the most from your facebook ads and reach out to your target audience. The traffic to your business is sure to blow your mind and generate sales and leads.

What can you promote on Facebook?

I would have said you can advertise almost anything on facebook then I remember there are things you can not sell on the platform.

If you are promoting a brand or product, make sure it is not against community standards. Before facebook ads could go live, it will be reviewed by the team, if it violates the standard, it will get disapproved.

Items like tobacco, drugs, unsafe supplements, adult products or contents, controversial content or one that intends to cause disharmony against a particular set of people and several others are not allowed on facebook.

To learn more about prohibited content, follow this link

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Are Facebook ads worth it?

Are facebook ads effective? Of course, it is. It is the best alternative to Google adwords. Google adwords is awesome, Instagram ads is cool, twitter ads is great but Facebook ads stand out.

The question of whether facebook ads is effective depends on your level of your social media marketing skills.

Thousands of dollars have been lost to facebook ads because majority do not know how to implement it.

Legends like neil patel have said enough about social media marketing especially one that rallies around facebook ads.

Over a billion people currently occupied facebook, if you want to reach out to random and great number of people without leaving your warm home, facebook it is.

Nowhere you will ever see more audience than facebook. It is the biggest social media in the world where you get to make more sales.

Ways you can make money from facebookHow to make money on facebook

The first step is to open a facebook account. If you have not done so, click on and sign up. Set it up, connect with friends and friends of friends.

Building strong relationships through facebook prepares you for opportunities to come. Having people who can vouch for you would prove useful in the long run.

How do you bond with people? Check on them from time to time. If they are ever in need of help, if it is within your power, help them out. That way, you are slowly warming yourself to their heart.

Be interesting as a person and learn to throw some funny remarks to help soften the tension. Knowing what to say at the right time helps you connect with them easily.

Back to the main reason why we are here, how do you make money from facebook?

1. Start with building awareness on your facebook wall

If you have been around on Facebook for a while, you would have come across your friends’ posts which aim to sell their products or create awareness for their brands.

This comes at zero fee and can also be extended to your friends of friends when you use the facebook tag feature.

While having fun on facebook, you can also make some great cash by selling new items or things you no longer need.

You do not need to be a pro to sell things there, you just need to find a model. If you are finding it difficult to come up with something cool, use your friend’s posts to create yours. It is free marketing after all, and you have nothing to lose by starting now.

To get better results, ensure that the image clearly defines the content and make sure your content is well scripted and simple to avoid misunderstanding.

Once done, publish and watch as the magic happens. If it is not working, do not go yet, there are still ways to make it happen.

2. Try out facebook chat app

Maybe you have tried a couple of times using your Facebook account but you are not getting results, you can switch to other tactics. Remember, you must make sales.

Although, I will be a bit shaken if you are not making sales or getting leads from your facebook wall. I would understand if you told me that the item is not in-demand products or you have few contacts in your list.

No matter what your excuses, I would advise that you have not less than a thousand Facebook friends. This makes your jobs easy. It gets better if 70% of them truly know you well.

Build up your list with families, high school friends, college friends, workplace friends, friends you met at a religious center, and whoever can vouch for you.

Even if some of them won’t be needing what you offer, you can expect a recommendation from them. Just one person can connect you with several others.

Now to the facebook chat app; target a list of potential buyers by going through their profile.

Someone who works with an IT company will need a PC from time to time. If you are into computer and accessories sales, you should start seeing them as who to build a solid relationship with.

The first step is to have an informal conversation with them using the facebook messenger. Do not just enter their inbox and start with, “Hey, I sell computers and all its accessories”

If you have not bonded, there could be a moment of awkwardness even if you once had some connections. Being acquainted with someone does not make you friends, you need more than that to stay relevant.

To get bonded, facebook messenger gives you all you need to make it happen using facebook text mode, calls or even video calls. Hear the awesome part, it is free.

3. Launch your own facebook page

Do not see facebook page as just a place to share your content. It could potentially make you 6 to 7 figures depending on how well you can use one.

I have seen bloggers and influencers make cool cash from their facebook pages, making it one of the avenues they make money online.

To make money on facebook page, you will need to create one or buy an already established page with large followings. Buying an active Facebook page with an established niche will fasttrack your chance of making money on your facebook account.

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It is important to be clear from the beginning and have some ideas about the field so you will be able to deliver rich content to your fans.

For example, if you will be posting about football-related news, ensure you are consistent with it. If you are having problems with getting fans, run a facebook ad or link up with top Facebook page owners.

What will you sell to football fans who currently occupied your space? it is jersey and other football souvenirs.

Imagine how much you can make for just selling football merchandises to those energetic fans!

However, When you leave your page for long, people are likely to forget your page unless you are a celeb. Listen up, even celebs can be forgotten.

If you are too busy to manage your facebook page, you can schedule your posts using buffer or hootsuite.

These tools will ensure your fans have something to cheer about even when you are down with other things. You can even use those tools to share content with LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram and of course, facebook from one location.

In a bid to create awareness, bonding with fans matter a lot and there is no better way to do that than solving their problems. Always take time to look through their comment section and reply. It means something to them when you do that a lot.

After you must have had a great connection with your fans, selling items and charging a space for an advert will be become like a walk in the park.

Connection first and other things would follow. With a facebook page with huge presence, there are so much you can do.

4. Get your products and services listed on facebook buy and sell groups

This has proven to be a huge help for me, it can be the same for you. Find a buy and sell groups that operate within your locality.

Facebook buy and sell group is more like a facebook group except that it allows its members to list items, mark items as sold and make search for items to buy.

Make it a task to post about your services or products that you have for sale. When you do this, people will be able to connect to you and discuss deals with you.

You can have almost everything listed for sale on your local buy and sell group except drugs, animals, counterfeits, weapons and commodities that violate intellectual property rights. This is an alternative to facebook marketplace that is currently not available to all facebook users.

5. Start a facebook group

Facebook group almost has a similar function as a facebook page in terms of sharing to a larger audience. However, there are some clear differences between them.

Facebook group accommodates people who have the same orientation, belief or common interest while a facebook page represents a brand or entity.

Instead of going for a page that represents a person, organization, brand or website, you can decide to come closer to your targeted audience by using a facebook group.

What Facebook group actually does is to link you up with a location where you can connect better with people of similar interests and share information. For instance, there are groups for bloggers, which makes it easier for them to discuss, solve problems, bond and even make money by selling to one another.

In most groups, you can make money if you have a service or products you want to sell. It could be SEO services, themes, content development, graphic designs, and even blog management services.

Meanwhile, your interests may not be the same with bloggers or content developers, whatever you are or good at, there is always a facebook group for it. You just need to make your search according to keywords associated with what you do.

Next? Get that services and products rolling by giving it out at a reasonable price along with great description and image to back it up.

6. Make money by selling facebook account

Selling a page or group is one of the quickest ways to make money from facebook. People have been doing this for a long time and making good money.

If you are an expert at getting people to join a facebook group or page, you should start doing so. It is becoming common these days to have several facebook accounts that are then sold to whoever needs them.

Another common practice is selling old facebook account to webmasters. I do not know how true is this but it is believed that old facebook account rarely gets banned by facebook for abusive behaviors.

7. Apply for a job on Facebook

Getting a job means you get to make money, Facebook also delivers an arena whereby you can find and apply for a job.

Companies with available positions will advertise in the jobs section. You can select based on your preference. Facebook has full, contract, volunteer or part-time offers and can be shown based on the location you selected.

Applying for jobs on facebook is even easier; with just a click, you can show your intention to apply for the job. Only in special cases that employers will ask you to follow another process.

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8. Make money as an influencer on facebook

Depending on how influential and active you are, you can make money on your facebook account as an influencer or PR.

It doesn’t matter what type of facebook account you run; it could be your main facebook account, group or page. Anyone could still make money, although it is common with facebook group and page.

The downside of relying on a normal facebook account is that it only allows just 5,000 friends, even though you can get as many people to follow you on your normal facebook account.

Also, if you know you can handle more requests and be able to persuade others, you can tag with Having a large audience does not make you an influencer, but influencers must also have the ability to influence the decisions of people.

It is better and more profitable if you are known for a particular niche. That way, brands and business will be able to envisage what they should expect from you.

9. Raise fund using facebook fundraiser

You can create fundraising for yourself, someone, charitable organization or for a cause that it is crucial to you. I have seen people raise money on facebook fundraisers even for things as personal to them.

Whenever you want to raise money on facebook, be clear from the beginning. If you create a fundraiser for personal cause or for someone else, all money amassed from the scheme will be sent to the creator’s account. For nonprofits, it will be sent directly to them.

Money received for or on behalf of nonprofits come with no facebook charges while there are charges for personal causes.

To create fundraisers, go to the left menu on your Facebook newsfeed and click fundraisers. Tap fundraisers and then select charity or nonprofit. Choose a charitable organization, and complete other requests as may be demanded by the system.

10. Use Facebook ad to create massive awareness and make cash

Facebook ad is a paid service. It ensures you target the right people if you have not been doing so with the free services.

Have the platform to yourself, get connected to over 2 billion people by filtering accordingly. With just $1, you can subscribe to the facebook ads.
More money means more reaches depending on how well you utilize the facebook ad’s tools.

It is simple to set up Facebook advertising, you do not need any technical experience to get started. I admit if this is your first go at it, you might find it a bit complicated especially when you want to pay for the service.

Ensure you already have a website or facebook page to run Facebook ads. If you are unsure of how to run Facebook ads, get a digital marketer to help you on how to run Facebook ads.

Another thing is that if you are using Facebook ads to generate traffic to your blog, it could translate to more clicks on your AdSense. Bloggers do this to make money from Adsense.

11. Earn money by participating in a contest

This is one of the most common ways that freeloaders win money and gifts on facebook. Companies, blogs, individuals and small businesses occasionally come up with different promotion strategies.

Big companies like Pepsi, MTN, Jumia, Olist, and payporte give out cash and items for providing answers to a question or performing certain tasks.

To start winning freebies on facebook, follow top brands on their Facebook page and watch out for their contests and giveaways.

12. Become a social media manager

The work of a social media manager is really straightforward, which is managing a business or brands’ social media.

Anchoring social media platforms especially Facebook is no easy task at all, managers must from time to time implement strategies for companies, brands and businesses in order to build up their profile in positive ways, create inbound traffic and massive awareness. In return for this, social managers get to make money.

Other duties as expected of a social media manager are creating content, current about best practise and social media trends, research how best to beat competitors by using and improving on current strategies, and provide social media optimization.

To become a social media manager, you do not need a degree in communication or marketing. In my experience, I understand employers only hire those who they think are the right fit for their business.

Jide ogunsanya of was a microbiologist, turned blogger. The question is how does the course he studied correlate with social media marketing? I guess you will say, “no way” but he definitely knows his onus and he is making money as a social media manager

Through trials and errors, anyone can become a social media manager and with several articles and ebooks on the internet, it is just a matter of time if you know how to put into practise what you read.

Wrapping up

You too can make money from facebook, it does not matter what type of account you run. You just need to find out what works for you. If you are the type that easily connects with friends, one way to make money is by finding products and services they crave for.

It could be graphic designs, product sales, or creating awareness for businesses. Facebook is just a part of social media marketing, you can even broaden your chance of making more money by learning other marketing platforms such as instagram, twitter, pinterest, snapchat, and LinkedIn.

If you want to connect globally, you could open a blog. Blog can be beneficial to your business, in the sense that it can be used to create contents relevant to your targeted audience, entice them and drive them back to your social media.

This approach will ensure that you do not just run your business locally but also make money from foreigners using your facebook account. Having a blog will also open another stream of income and build your reputation.

Lastly, if you are not familiar with the other social media platforms, it is better you stick with what you are used to. At your own pace, you can develop other skills.

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