How to make money writing for clients

How To Make Money Writing For Clients (Freelance Writing)

If you have been wondering how you can turn your writing skill into a steady source of cash, then you must read this article carefully. I have provided here the different ways about how you can make money writing for clients, which is freelance writing.

Most times, people think writing cannot pay enough as to offset daily bills. Unfortunately, those who think in this direction forget to understand that writing is a special skill mastered by few.

These few good writers are of high demand moreover. Depending on your writing interest, you could choose to be a personal writer (I mean writing and publishing your own books), or a freelance writer. How about being a Freelance Writer?

What Exactly Is Freelance Writing?

A freelancer is a self employed person who works for different people, perhaps at the same time and not necessarily on a long term. When this is related to writing, Freelance Writing is simply writing for clients and getting paid for the job. It could be writing anything including, blog posts, magazine articles, sales copy or even a book.

Ways To Make Money As A Freelance Writer

To get paid well as a freelance writer, you must take certain steps. I would not forget to inform you at this point that being a freelance writer is competitive. There are so many writers today. So if you must get jobs, you have to stand out from the crowd and prove yourself a better writer than the rest.

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The first thing anybody who wants to make money from writing should do is to get a blog. Doing this will help you develop and constantly improve your writing style and will also attract clients.

The blog serves as a reference to potential clients. The job left to you is to write contents, brandishing your style and skill. If you do not have much money to start a blog with customized domain name, you can try the free ones like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr etc.


Another way to get started as a freelance writer and make money is to sign up with freelance platforms like Fiverr, Upworks, Freelancer, Peopleperhour and so on.

On these platforms, you can get employed by clients who need the services of a writer. It is not usually easy getting started with these platforms, but if you persist in making sure you do things right you will definitely break the jinx.


A good way to begin your freelancing job is to pitch to clients for job. You could make use of social media platforms and freelance blogging job boards like

You could get into Facebook groups of bloggers or publishers and pitch for jobs. You can also get good pitching ground on LinkedIn. Optimize your profile and then pitch your different writing jobs. Those who need you will definitely hit up on you.


Writing a guest post is another smart way of how to make money writing for clients. So if you have a favorite which you read, why not pitch guest post?

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Many blogs accept guest posts and they are ready to pay you for it. But before you plunge into this, you must have taken your time to study the blogs writing styles and guidelines. By doing so, you will be able to do it right.


If you must make money writing for clients, you must be professional in your job. Be honest with you clients; maintain an integrity that will scale you a good writer. If you have these qualities, one client could refer you for a bigger job and that’s how you climb the ladder up.


Now you can go ahead and make some cash writing for clients. I would inform you that if you must be a good writer, you must be open to new ideas: listen, read and write. Maintain a good integrity in the career also, and you will have no time pitching for new job because you will always have much on your table.

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