how to put ad on your website and get paid

How To Put Ads On Your Website And Get Paid

How To Put Ads On Your Website And Get Paid: You have done remarkably well with putting up contents on your blog.

Why not get rewarded for that hard work by learning how to put Ads on your website and get paid?

Aside from the utmost feeling of joy of having your thoughts being passed out to many, there are some juices that come alongside with owning a blog.

Do you want to know those juices? Among them is getting paid for having your contents on the web. The second is getting freebies from companies.

There are several benefits of having a blog, that is If you know your onus. Several bloggers may never get to such level but the close most will get to is getting paid as Publishers.

Lets us introduce you to some high paying Ad Networks

Ads Networks you need to consider

Google Adsense: Google Adsense is a programme by Google that allows publishers to earn revenue on their sites.

It was launched in 2003 and it is currently the most popular advertising company on the web.

Google Adsense is based on cost per click and revenue sharing ratio.
Getting approval from Google has become increasingly difficult.

Although there are other alternatives to google which I am going to discuss extensively before that, I should let you in a bit.

Reasons Why You Are Rejected by Google

1. Poor looking sites with spammy contents: Google expects much from you. If you want to be taken seriously, you need to create a post that is original and as well as useful for readers.

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You don’t go about filling your site with junks just because you want to meet up with the expectation that you need a good number of posts on your site to have a chance of getting approval from Google.

Take your time to research more, think deeply and give your readers what are beneficial to them. For a good article, you should have not less than 300 words. It is better if you can produce an article of about 1000 words.

That tells Google you are serious. Have a good number of posts before applying. 15 will just do.

2. Contents: Google is ever updating their policies. Be careful with what you feed your audience.

Pornography, violent content, content that can promote discrimination or incite hatred, copied contents, Hacking tutorial, illegal stuff won’t get a nod for Adsense.

Visit their site to know more about others.

3. Traffic sources: Every blogger wants a great amount of traffic on their site especially the newbies.

I understand the waiting period could be so difficult yet Google expect a free flow of traffic from legitimate sources.

You can source your traffic from social engines, social media, and others but not from paid traffic.

Other Alternatives To Google Adsense

1. is inarguably the best alternative out there. An ad network that is currently enjoying goodwill from around the world.

It is powered by Yahoo network. It is a contextual ad network that allows ads related to your niche.

Be rest assured that you will only get high quality and high paying ads. No wonder people join everyday as an alternative to google adsense.

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2. Infolinks: Another alternative to Adsense is infolink. Infolink is another great platform one can earn revenue.

They do not have strict conditions like Adsense and you can get ads running on your site in less than 48 hours.

Infolinks offers different types of ad unit which are inframe, intext, in the tag, infold.

To earn money on infolinks is quite easy. It works in a way such that views and clicks count.

When readers engage with your ad, it counts. The downside is that it does not offer contextual ads like and Google Adsense.

3. AfriAdvert: We can say this is one for Africa. Afriadvert helps bloggers to monetize through various ad format including text links as seen on infolinks.

All ads passed through stringent review and test, through the security and protection fraud detection system.

This is required to avoid bad ads and malware. CPC/CPM is up to $10.

4. Bidvertiser: This is another alternative to Adsense. It offers contextual and text ads that are related to your niche.

Bidvertiser offers display banners, pop-unders, smart links, XML, sliders and programmatic.

One major advantage of using bidvertiser is that they have a minimum payout of $10. Newbies or those that generate revenue slowly would enjoy this.

5. Adversal: Adversal has been around since 2003 and we can say they are one of the oldest out there. They pay publisher on every 1000 impression.

Sign up is quite easy and may take less than 3 days to approve you. The downside is that it is not for blogs with low traffic.

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They expect no less than 50,000 page views in a month and site must have its own domain name.

6. Fomo: For page views on FOMO, you get $6-$10 for every 1000 interactions and $2 for every 1000 impression. Much more than what most ads network pay.

How to put Ads on your website with ease

Step 1:
The first thing you should do is to download Wp Insert Code

Step 2: Install plugin and activate. If you do not know how to install

Go to dashboard > locate and click plugins > select Add New > click on Upload Plugin > Choose file and Click Install NowHow to upload plugin

Step 3
Get the Code from your Ad Network. You can copy into a notepad on your computer or one on your mobile phone.

Go to your dashboard > setting > wp insert code and then paste to your of your preferred one.

If you are not okay with wp insert code, there are lots of Ads management plugin to choose from. We have Adsanity, Insert header and footer, Insert Post Ads, Quick Adsense, and Ad Inserter.

I am currently using Ad inserter and wp insert code. Ad inserter for me remains the best out there. It is available in free and paid version.

Ad inserter allows you to create multiple ad bloc of which you can customize to whichever way you want it.

There are numbers of way to add your ad, you can set it up to be before or after paragraph, before content, after content, before or after post excerpt, and more.

Ad Inserter looks professional enough to handle whatever you throw at it coupled with the fact that you do not to upgrade as the free version is good enough.

But if you really want more power, you can go for the paid version.

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