How To See Pending Deposits On Chime

How To See Pending Deposits On Chime

If you are wondering whether Chime shows Pending Deposits, the answer is right on this page and we will be providing the details to you.

Customers of the bank often inquire about how they can see their pending deposits on Chime, the methods to use, and if they can be shown online.

Chime is an online bank fully focused on bringing a remarkable upgrade to conventional banking methods most people grew to know. With Chime, you can send and receive money from people for free or at minimal fees.

How to cancel a Chime Payment

Being able to carry out these major transactions can be very convenient, but sometimes issues can arise which will need you to try to monitor the pending deposits on Chime. When a pending transaction occurs on Chime it normally means the fund has not been processed by the bank.

The issue may also occur due to the following: poor internet connection, ongoing updates by Chime, unusual errors with the Chime app, and more. When this situation happens, you have two options, cancel the payment from the third party or wait for it to be resolved by the financial technology company.

  • To cancel a payment on Chime, Visit
  • Sign in with your login details, email address, and password.
  • Select the pending transaction, and click the “Cancellation” tab.
  • Cancel the pending transfer or payment. This can be repeated as much as you want.
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How To See Pending Deposits On Chime

As a Customer of the bank, you can check whether a direct deposit is sent to your account by going to your “statement tab” on the app section.

Your statement tab is well arranged making it easier for you to view your monthly statements or previous ones. This feature can help you keep track of pending deposits and also verify transactions.

You can see your pending deposits on Chime on the Chime App. After downloading and login in with your user details, you will see the status as “Gray” on the main page.

Below are the step-by-step instructions on how to see Pending Deposits On the Chime website:

  • Go to the Chime official website,
  • Click “Log In” and provide your email and password to access your Chime Account.
  • Once in, click “Statement” located at the left corner of your screen. Then, click “Download” to save the statements on your device.

Another alternative to see your Pending Deposits on Chime

The app or the website is not the only way to view your pending deposits. Another good alternative is to contact the helpline.

To view pending transactions, call the helpline at 844-244-6363. The number can be reached any time of the day including on weekends.

When you call the number, they will ask you some questions which will be only known to you. It is very important not to delegate this to a third party as the bank will not want to compromise the safety of your account.

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Among the information you will need to provide are the transaction date, the actual amount, and the sender. Be specific on what you want Chime to do for you. Ask them to provide you with the status and when you should be expecting payment confirmation.

How does direct deposit work?

Chime always tries to post a deposit once they receive it from your employer or sender provided there are no unusual issues. However, the deposit will depend on the time and date it is sent to your Chime account.

Any time of the official working days, deposits may be received into your account except on weekends or federal and bank holidays. When this happens, the deposit may be delayed until the next working day.

Once you receive your deposit, you will get push notifications and emails from Chime notifying you of the new payment to your account. Before the payment hits your account, it would need to go through several steps of processing.

If the deposit you are expecting is taking time, you can always contact your benefits provider or employer to confirm the current status.

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