how to share 9mobile data

9mobile data gifting: share 9mobile data and transfer data

Every Gsm network in Nigeria has provision for data sharing or transfer including the rebranded 9mobile network.
People do run out of data, if you are in the adult phase – you will be getting some data requests from friends and families. You have options though, one is to share, transfer data or purchase data for them.

If you love purchasing your data in large volume, this will no doubt save you some cash. Experience taught me that the higher data bundle purchased, the more value you get. For instance N1000 gives you 1.5gb of data plan, 1200 gets you 2gb and 1500 will give a whooping data of 3gb.

Sharing 9mobile data is one of the awesome ways I know that people can used to connect with their dear ones. It brings you closer and gives you a sense of responsibility. The new revamped Etisalat understands the power of giving, thereby giving you a rare privilege.

This article promises to guide you on how you can share, transfer and gift your 9mobile data with anyone on the 9mobile network. The ruling requirement is to have a data plan and beneficiary to be a 9mobile customer.
Want to hear the great part? Sharing, transfering and gifting can be done using USSD code.

What you should know about 9mobile data share and transfer

  • This service is available to all 9mobile prepaid customers.
  • 9mobile allows you to allocate a portion of your data to maximum of 5 9mobile numbers.
  • Maximum of 200MB can be transferred at a time.
  • Maximum of 1000MB can be transferred in a day.
  • Unused allocated data can be claimed back.
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How to share 9mobile data with friends

9mobile data sharing allows beneficiaries to make use of portion of data allocated to them.

  • Buy a data bundle from 9mobile data plans.
  • The data brought should be at least 200mb. To quickly buy data, dial *917# from your 9mobile line.
  • To share 9mobile data, dial *229*9*pin*data quota*recipient’s number*3#.
  • To activate your share data pin, dial *200*3*7#. To opt out of family share data, dial *200*3*7*6#.
  • You can remove or delete number from MTN share by dialling *200*3*7*5#

How to transfer 9mobile data to a friend

9mobile allows you to transfer from your data to another 9mobile user.

  • You can transfer a maximum of 200mb worth of data at a time and not more than 1000mb in a day. 50mb is the minimum.
  • Beneficiaries must also be on the 9mobile network to receive data.
  • To transfer data on the 9mobile network, dial *229*pin*volume of mb*recipient’s number#.
  • To have your 9mobile data pin activated, dial *200*3*6# to get started.

How to gift 9mobile data to a friend

9mobile data gifting allows you to buy data as a surprise for another person.

  • The first thing to do is to get the 9mobile data plan code.
  • To buy data for a friend, dial *standard data plan code * recipient’s number#.
  • You will be charged for the data while the recipient gets the bundle.

How to use one data plan on different devices

  • You can add up to 4 additional SIMs to the primary SIM.
  • Dial *215*pin*1*new number*new puk# *for subsequent SIM, replace ‘1’ with ‘2’, ‘3’ or ‘4’
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