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How to share my data on Glo network

Bringing to you another exciting way to tap into lots of benefits that Glo Nigeria offers. You will find Glo data sharing very thrilling and convenient to use. With this feature, you will be able to share Glo your data plan with friends, families and even acquaintances.

As long as the beneficiaries are on the Glo network, there is nothing stopping you from letting them enjoy from the puddle of data available to you. This can save you a lot of cash especially when you realise that the more Glo data plans you purchase, the more value you can get.

For instance, a Glo data plan of N1000 will get you 2.3gb data cap, N1500 gets you 3.7gb, N2000 gives you 5.2gb. This could go up depending on how much you are willing to commit. Glo Nigeria has not been shy when it comes to giving much value on Glo data plans, living up to its name, “the grandmaster of data”

If you are not a heavy data user like me, you will be able to comfortably share your Glo data with family and friends. This article will present you with a tutorial on how you can share your data with anyone on the Glo network.

How to share data with another Glo number

USSD code has made it easy to perform some certain functions without the need to contact the Glo customer care or attempt to visit any of the Glo world offices scattered in Nigeria. However, the SMS format is also available for Glo data sharing.

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To share your Glo data plan with another Glo using the dedicated ussd code, dial *127*01*beneficiary’s glo number#.Which is best explained by dialing *127*01*08055555501# to confirm your Glo data sharing.

You can also share your data on the Glo network using the sms format by sending “Share beneficiary’s number” to 127. For instance, share 08055555501 to 127.

In summary, to share data on the Glo network, follow the simple processes below:

  • Dial *127*01*08055555501# from dialer’s pad (replace it with your friend or family phone number)
  • share 08055555501 to 127 in SMS format (always replace it with your friend or family’s family as that was just a sample)

How to check who is using your Glo data

I will always advise you to place a security pin, passcode or pattern on your phone. This way, you will be able to avoid people sharing your Glo data without your knowledge.

Whatever happens, there is a way to check who is using your data or not. It would do you well to always check once in a while.

To see all the numbers currently using your Glo data plan, dial *127*00#

How to unshare Glo data

You will be able to unshare your Glo data plan any time and anyday. Sometimes, you might feel you have had enough or after checking the Glo numbers using your Glo data sharing plan, you discover that some numbers need to be removed.

There are two ways available to unshare your Glo data plan, the sms way or ussd format.

  • To unshare Glo data, dial *127*02*beneficiary’s number#.
  • Alternatively, you can send “Remove beneficiary’s number” to 127 using the SMS format.
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