How to transfer 9mobile airtime

How to transfer 9mobile Credit to another number using These Simple Steps

How to transfer 9mobile Credit to another number using These Simple Steps: You simply can’t underestimate the importance transfer feature plays. Just like other mobile networks, 9mobile also allow you to share your airtime with your loved ones.

Communication is what keeps us dear to the people we love. It allows us to connect with people we love, no matter where they may be.

Transfer 9mobile

Sometimes, our loved ones will run out of airtime, other times, it may be us.
The good thing is that 9mobile, formally called Etisalat has made sure we can share our airtime with our friends and families.

Just like their competitors, the procedures for sharing airtime is not complicated. It is smooth and easy to learn

All you need is to get familiar with some sequence of actions and you are to follow instructions. If you can, it will be just smooth and fast.

Although in recent times, Etisalat has been rebrand. Their quality of service still remains the same, if not improved. Their codes and service numbers also have not changed.

How to change the pin

As usual, the first thing is to change the default pin. Changing your default pin protects you from unauthorized access.

Default pin is 0000 and to change the pin. Dial *247*default pin*new pin# and press ok/send.
i.e *247*0000*2341#

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You will receive a confirmation message when you are done. That is all. Now you are protected against unauthorized access to your data.

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How to transfer Etisalat credit to another number.

Do note that you can only transfer to customers on 9mobile and not to customers on other mobile networks. That is you cant transfer your etisalat airtime to people on mtn, airtel or glo.

To transfer or share your etisalat number, you will dial *223*pin code*amount*beneficiary’s phone no#
i.e *223*2341*100*08091123111#

When done, you will get a message to confirm the transaction. Press 1 to confirm the transaction or press 2 to decline.

And that is all you need to know about transferring Airtime from your 9mobile.

Happy sharing.

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