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How To Use UBA Bank USSD Code

The United Bank For Africa (UBA) allows you to enjoy seamless service with aid of Mobile banking code. Uba Bank ussd code as popularly called is quick, convenient and secure.

UBA bank is one of the fastest growing banks in Nigeria with its expansion spread over the country. They offer almost all the same services like other banks including the popular UBA Africard. Services available on UBA bank is not just about cash deposit, withdrawal over the counter, sending and receiving money and many more. The UBA bank ussd code just makes it better.

The UBA bank ussd code is not just limited to fund transfer, it can also be used to purchase airtime for family and friends, account opening, pay billers and merchants, check account balance and lots more.

It is almost like a full-fledged operation except when there is a need for documentation.

Another good thing about using this service is that it can be cost effective especially when you will be visiting the physical branch from a far place.

Of course, there are lots of benefits in using the UBA Smart Code, another is Time-saving, secured and convenient.

The icing on the cake is that it does need an internet-enabled phone to work. You will be fine with any mobile phone as long it is connected and the number registered to your UBA account.

The UBA Bank USSD Code for UBA is *919#

How to open an account using UBA bank ussd code *919#

  • To join the list, dial *919# and follow steps. Account number will be sent to your mobile number.
  • To enjoy all the benefits, you will have to visit the physical branch. Carry along your bvn so it can be linked to your account.
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How to send money to UBA Account using UBA bank ussd code *919#

From the registered mobile number, dial *919*3*Account Number*Amount# i.e *919*3*1234567890*2000#

Follow the steps to complete the transaction.

How to send money to UBA Prepaid Card using UBA bank ussd code

The prepaid card has a close similarity with the card except that it is not linked to your bank account.

An alternative to carrying money around and sometimes called everyday cards. You load whenever you plan to use or spend the money.

To send money to your prepaid card, Dial *919*32# from the mobile number registered with the bank.

How to send money to other banks using UBA bank ussd code

  • Dial *919*4*Account Number*Amount# from the phone number registered with the bank. i.e *919*4*1234567890*2000#.

How to buy Airtime using UBA bank ussd code

  • You can use the UBA USSD code to purchase airtime for yourself or for family and friends.
  • You can buy airtime for yourself by dialing *919*amount# on the mobile number registered with the bank. i.e *919*500#
  • For friends and family, simply dial *919*phone number*amount# i.e *919*08123456789 on the registered number.

How to Check Account balance using UBA bank ussd code *919#

  • You no longer need to stand on queue to check your account balance.
  • Have it displayed on your mobile phone screen by dialing *919*00#.

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