First City Monument Bank Transfer Code

FCMB Bank USSD Code for quick banking transactions

FCMB is also not left out in the banks continous search to make service easy and accessible for their growing customers. You will be able to perform some basic transactions using the FCMB bank ussd code.

FCMB is no doubt one of the best banks in Nigeria with some arrays of services to help them satisfy the every growing demands of the customers spread around Nigeria. Formerly, transactions and actions are carried out in the banking hall, but there have been a great shift recently, thanks to the FCMB ussd code.

Among what you can do on FCMB bank transfer code includes account opening, bank transfer, bill payment, account balance checking and many more which this is post is set to do justice to.

Just like we have done in other related posts like this, you don’t need to be connected to the internet or have a smartphone before performing some actions using the FCMB bank ussd code. With just any phone that can access your sim, then you are good to go.

Meanwhile, you will need to have your mobile number connected to your FCMB bank account. If you have not yet done so, go to the bank and request that your phone number should be added to your database.

What is the FCMB bank ussd code?

The fcmb bank ussd code or bank code as popularly called by Nigerians is *329#.

For me, I love tagging it as magic or smart code. It is truly beautiful when we see or experience how quickly it can get things done especially from anywhere and anytime.

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How to buy airtime using FCMB USSD Code *329#

  • Ever wanted to make an urgent call or send airtime to friends and family? FCMB, like other banks, allow you to send airtime from any time and anywhere using the smart code.
  • If you are recharging your own personal mobile phone, dial *329*Amount# i.e *329*500#
  • For family and friends? That will take a different format. Simply dial *329*Amount*Beneficiary Mobile Number# i.e *329*500*08123456789#
  • The code should be dialled from the mobile number registered with first city monument bank.

How to transfer money using FCMB USSD Code *329#

  • Most of all have been in a dire need to send fund or make payment as quickly as possible. We have often met with a long queue in the bank.
  • You can now make transfer anytime, any day and anywhere by dialling *329*Amount*Account Number# i.e *329*2000*1234567890# and follow prompts.

How to check your FCMB account balance using *329#

  • There is no longer need to meet customer care or go to the nearest ATM Stand to check your account balance.
  • You can do that on your registered mobile number with the bank.
  • To get your balance displayed or sent to you, just dial *329*00#

How to reset or change your FCMB Pin Code using *329#

If you have any reason to believe third party now knows your pin, do not wait another second. Simply dial *329*0# to take proper action and follow prompts.

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Another way to block it is to visit the bank branch and tender your complaint to them. The more time you wait, the more you give them access to deplete your funds.

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