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Is Safe and Legal to Watch Anime Online?

If you are among the thousands of users who stream and download Anime from regularly, and you are asking whether 9anime is safe and legal to use. Well, it is normal to ask such questions considering that it is not on the list of sites that are officially approved to share anime movies. is a popular streaming platform where you get to watch the latest and popular anime videos. It is free, therefore you have nothing to worry about any payment commitment. However, you might need to deal with advertisements. The ads normally showing on sites like this are to generate funds, which means you can continue accessing it for free instead of subscribing to a paid plan.

The site was designed to make it easier for visitors to use. When you access on your browser, you will be first impressed by the speed at which the site opens. The menu bar seems to be where the action is, as it has almost everything needed to quickly navigate through a list. It also comes with a search bar, the quickest way to find a particular anime movie. No wonder, people come in their thousands to enjoy the best of content.

Despite all the various benefits and features on the site, people are bound to ask questions since they are not operating like the popular Crunchyroll which is free and legal. Maybe, we may have subtly answered the question, but there is more you need to know.


9anime website is very safe to download and stream anime videos from. The only pitfall is users may experience ads while using the site. This should not be much of an issue, since you are getting them for free.

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However, users are always complaining of several redirects to strange pages while trying to access a section on the site. To be honest, it can be very annoying, but you have to understand that site owners need to make some income to keep a site running and this is one of the ways to make it happen.

Also, some ads could pop up inappropriate content which may not be good for kids or people with strong moral stances. Other than these few hitches, you should have no issues with using to get or download anime. Despite the annoying pop-up ads, you should not worry about the site causing any security issues on your device or giving your device a virus.

Alternatively, you can find a good ad blocker to reduce the effect, but ads seem to always escape on browsers like Opera. Nevertheless, it is worth giving it a try.


Any site distributing content with no authorization from the appropriate bodies or property owners is considered an illegal site which 9anime also happens to be one.

Take a look at properly legalized sites like Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Amazon, then go back to 9anime, there is a wide distinction between them. The team behind 9anime will never provide full contact details to avoid possible sanctions, whereas sites like Amazon always have an address, phone number, and email for users to reach them. 9anime only has an email address but avoids sharing other contact info. This is enough to tell you the team operates anonymously.

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Despite that, people are still more likely to choose this free streaming site over the likes of Netflix which only offers a free trial and then possible charges once it is over.

Any content you are downloading on the site is not stored on their server but is provided by third parties. There is nothing to squirm about though, legal or not, you can still download and watch your favorite anime content from 9anime provided you live in a country with no strong stance on copyright items.


There are several sites you could use to stream and watch your favorite anime videos. They are all the same in designs and quality, you just need to use anyone.

9Anime correct website links are,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

Users should also be aware of apps claiming to be the official app as 9anime has specifically said they do not have any official app either for Android or iPhone. All content can only be accessed on the site.

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