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Keystone Bank Mobile App: How To Download & Register

There is so much you can do with a Keystone Mobile App. The app was designed with the intention of helping Keystone customers access quick, easy and secure banking transactions anywhere from their mobile phone.

How many times have you felt betrayed because of the inability of the banks to meet up with expectations. You could go to the ATM only to find out that the server is down and there is nothing you can do because the bank is already closed for the day or for the week.

Sometimes, you might even get to meet bank officials but due to technical problems, they are unable to attend to you. This could be disheartening especially when you have so much to do. However, with Keystone Bank Mobile App, you can use the service just anytime and any day.

Keystone bank app is exactly what you should get if you do not favour the available channels. The best part of the mobile app is that it is well stocked compared to the use of ussd service. Therefore, if you own a smartphone, then nothing should stop you from using the service.

What You Should Know About Keystone Bank Mobile App

Setting up Keystone Bank Mobile App is simple, however, there are things you should know. To use the keystone mobile app, you must be a customer of the bank and how do you become one?

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It is by showing intention at the bank. To open an account at any bank including Keystone Bank, you must go to the bank with a valid ID card, utility bill and also fill a standard form.

Thereafter, you can start using all keystone bank services including ussd code and Keystone Mobile Application. You would also need to apply for a mastercard or visacard for banking transactions. You can now make a purchase from your bank account, buy goods or pay merchants using your debit card on the app.

Benefits Of Keystone Mobile App

  • Customers will be able to send money from their account to any bank’s account in Nigeria.
  • Open account easily using the Keystone Mobile App.
  • You will be able contact your relationship officer right from the app.
  • View your account information including BVN, account number and other sensitive details.
  • Enjoy access to instant foreign currency transfer and set up recurring bills payment and transfers.
  • Pay bills easily using the comfort that the app provides.
  • View your transaction history on the keystone app.
  • Locate an ATM or find a branch easily.
  • Get in touch with customer care via the app.
  • Buy airtime at no extra charge or service fee.
  • Cheque services are also available on the app.
  • Other self-services as allowed by the Bank.

How To Download Keystone Mobile App

  • To download the keystone bank mobile app on your android phone, launch “Play Store” on your Phone.
  • Search “Keystone Mobile App
  • Download and install the app on your Phone.
  • If you use iPhone or iPad, go to the App Store, search “Keystone App” and download to your smartphone.
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How To Register Keystone Bank Mobile App

  • To register your profile on Keystone Mobile App, launch the app from your Phone.
  • As a new user, you should click “Register”
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • After setting it up, you can start using your Keystone Mobile App.

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