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Keystone Bank Quick Loan For Personal And Business

You are probably on this article because you need a loan from Keystone Bank or want to be privy to all information about a personal and business loan the bank offers.

Like every other commercial bank in Nigeria, Keystone bank has a lot of loan products for customers and non-customers with the concentration more on those that have an account with them.

If you own an account with the bank, you can qualify for a loan after spending some considerable time. It is even better if your salary account is domiciled with the bank. You will be amazed about how much you can get from them when you have no other options elsewhere but to borrow funds.

It could be for children’s school fees, home appliances upgrades, automobiles, mortgages, businesses, or any other issues that demand money. Therefore, customers will no longer have any reasons to wait till their payday especially when they can finally settle everything through the finance provided by the bank.

Below are the types of loans you can get for personal lifestyles or business needs. Take your time to select what is best for you.Keystone bank quick loan code


Salary backed loan is a short term loan facility designed by Keystone Bank to help salary income earners meet their urgent or immediate needs.

This type of Keystone bank loan is given to employees in a structured organization where the employers or owners have been profiled and accessed to meet the requirements.

Customers can meet their HR or the bank to confirm if their organizations can enjoy such loan offers. Depending on their regular income, they will be able to borrow up to five million naira (N5,000,000) with the loan tenor being 48 months.

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The repayment period is enough to pay up quickly if you are on a good salary. This is the kind of loan that could potentially improve the performance of your side hustle if you have one. It can also be diverted to any urgent needs.

To apply for Keystone Bank’s Salary Backed Loan, visit any Keystone Bank around you or speak with a Keystone bank customer care representative on any other online platform.


Keystone bank also has a loan product called SALARY ADVANCE INSTANTA. This is a facility that offers salary earners or employees 30% of their net monthly salary as a loan.

With this loan, customers will no longer wait for the ending of the month before they can meet up with any emergency. The only disadvantage is that it is 30 days repayment plan but on second thought, it is just to provide a temporary cover pending the time customers get paid.

Salary Advance Instanta is available to all Keystone Paytime Current Account customers and can be accessed all year.

For more details about Salary Advance Instanta, contact the customer care at Keystone Bank via +234 700 2000 3000 or email however, you will need to visit any of their branches to obtain loans. No keystone bank quick loan code available!


Are you a salary income earner or owner of a small or medium enterprise (SMEs) looking to acquire residential properties, your best shot is with the loan product called Keystone Bank Home Acquisition.

To get this loan facility, salary earners will need to contribute 20% of the total cost of the mortgage while SMEs contribute 40%. Do note that self-employed, entrepreneurs, small business owners also fall under Small and Medium Enterprise(SMEs).

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There are documentation and collateral that must be met. In this case of collateral, the property itself will be the collateral which means that title will not pass to you until you complete full payment. Meanwhile, you can use the property while you gradually pay up.

Keystone bank home acquisition comes with 7 years tenor for Non-Salary Domiciliation and 10 years for customers who have their salary domiciled with the bank.

To apply for Keystone Mortgage, visit the bank during their official working hours or reach out to customer care on their online platform for more info.


Keystone Bank Auto Loan is almost the same as Home Acquisition except that this is a loan facility for salary income earners or Self-employed persons who want to acquire automobiles.

If you are a salary earner, you can get up to 48 months tenor while entrepreneurs, self-employed, or SMEs get 36 months to pay back the loan.

You point to the vehicle or car of your choice and the bank comes forward. The vehicle must be brand new and must be for personal use.

Customers will need to complete the necessary documentation to be considered for a loan. The major requirement is to have a regular source of living. You can apply for the auto loan at any Keystone bank branch around you or you can get in touch with the Keystone customer service representative for more information.


Consumer Asset Finance loan is a loan specially designed for salaried workers and Self-employed/SMEs who are looking to acquire a brand new household assets from the Bank’s prequalified vendors/sellers.

Therefore, customers can purchase the machinery or equipment instead of waiting till when they can come up with the money. The loan has been made easier for customers to pay, you have up to 18 months to payback.

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To request for Consumer Asset Finance loan, visit the bank to fill out the paperwork. You can also contact the bank via any of email, social media platforms, or phone calls to get more info.


Equity Release is a long-term salary advance that is secured by the legal mortgage of the occupied residential property and is only accessible to salary earners.

The loan comes with 7 years tenor for borrowers with a salary account with Keystone Bank and 5 years tenor for Non-Salary Domiciliation.

This loan does not require collateral and repayment shall be made from customers’ salaries with the bank. However, if you do not have a salary account with the bank, then it shall be by NIBSS standing instruction.

Customers will need to visit a Keystone bank to request or apply for equity release.


Creative Industries are also not left out, they can also obtain loans from the bank that can be used to push their business to further heights.

The creative industry includes Fashion, Information Technology, Student Software Development Loan, Movie, and Music. Depending on your industry, you can get up to 500 million naira as a loan with up to 10 years flexible repayment plThe interestrest rate is 9% per annum which is fair if you ask me.

To obtain this loan, your business must be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), satisfactory CRMS report of owners, sponsors, and directors, and must have a clean Credit Bureau Report with zero overdue obligations.
These are among what you will need but the most deciding factor is that business must be in the Creative Industry. Also, you must complete documentation.

Go to any keystone bank around you and chat with the customer care over obtaining CREATIVE INDUSTRY FINANCING. You can also send your business proposal and other supporting documents for your enterprise to

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