MathsWatch: Guide to access Maths Watch Login

There is a level to things and this is why this Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), MathsWatch stands out as one of the best online learning platforms that students can make use of to unlearn and learn in the best way possible.

Maths Watch is an online teaching platform that students from any part of the world can access to learn and understand mathematics in a simple method. The VLE has proven to be reliable and is available any time of the day. It can also be used by teachers who will want to explore further on certain topics or need additional input to arrive at a conclusion.

Therefore, if your desire as a student is to get a perfect score or willing to go all the way to improve on your grades. A time well spent with MathsWatch is capable of doing that for you.

If it happens you are just hearing about the VLE for the first time, it becomes important to go deep into this article. However, the team are kind enough to provide the MathWatch free trial for those who want to experience it. Meanwhile,, what are the benefits of MathsWatch?

Why Maths Watch for Students and Teachers?

Below are the benefits that MathWatch provide for students and instructors:

1. It goes beyond what is being taught in the Classroom

MathsWatch leaves no stone unturned when it comes to helping students get the best out of themselves as its topic coverage is top class. As a student, you are going to find the basics very helpful as it can help you during the transition period.

Videos delivered by Maths Watch will include contents that touch topics that will potentially be set in a standard exam. If you are a student preparing for math exams, you need no other tutor as MathsWatch VLE is more than enough to get you acceptable grades.

2. Made by experienced teachers

Experience is not something that just pops up overnight, it takes years of trials and errors to become better and this is why Maths Watch is the best online place to get maths resources to help you improve.

It does not matter if you are a student or an experienced teacher. You are going to find it very engaging and easy to learn as they are handled by highly experienced practicing maths teachers.

3. Access to real exam questions

The best way to pass your maths exams in flying colors is to attempt questions that are likely to come out and there are lots available on MathWatch. The team behind the project understands how to get the best out of students.

So, you are going to go through a series of questions that you will need to attempt to help you get better. Therefore, you won’t just be watching it, but also attempt likely exam questions.

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4. Available on popular devices

It is no gainsaying that Smartphones and PC are the most owned device in the world which Maths Watch does well on and well optimized for all users irrespective of the devices they choose to access the video content from Maths Watch.

Aside from that, the VLE can be accessed on major devices including tablets and PCs. This makes it easier to use and access from anywhere especially if you are using a mobile device or tablet. For reference purpose, access is available on Computer, Mac, Smartphone and Tablets.

5. Real-time progress status report

It is not enough that you should be left alone. MathWatch ensures that live progress statistics on learners are available for proper monitoring and development, thereby making it easier for teachers or students to work on any weak areas.

6. Arguably the most used Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

Not only popular in the UK but also used in many countries. There are also at least 100,000 users visiting the site daily and with over 2000 schools and colleges combined. With such a number, you can’t be wrong for choosing MathsWatch to learn all rudiments of math as well as the advanced stages.

Also, it makes use of advanced algorithms which ensure that the VLE are able to mark ‘working out’. MathsWatch happens to be the only virtual learning platform with the technology.

How to log into mathswatch vle

mathswatch login

1. If you have already created a mathswatch account, you will be able to sign in to your account by visiting

2. Provide your mathwatch username and password.

3. Tap ‘Login’ to access your account on the site.

4. Users will also be able to access the account by signing in with Google or wonde account.

How to create a mathswatch account

If your school has subscribed to mathswatch, then they must really care about the affairs of their students. The mathswatch VLE provides you with resources that could help you get better in mathematics.

There is a reason why the online resource offered by MathsWatch is at the top in the United Kingdom and can be pointed to several benefits as already discussed. However, what makes it stand out more is the large number of video tutorials that explain the way a private teacher will explain to you.

If you are up for exams like GCSE and KS3, then take a walk with the real exam-style questions to get even better. But first, you need a username and password to access Mathswatch.

Meet your instructor or teacher and ask to be provided with the Math Watch login details. Once received, proceed to the Maths watch login portal.

How to change your MathsWatch password

1. After login into your Maths Watch account, tap your First name which can be found in the upper right corner.

2. From the drop-down menu, select “My Details”

3. A new page will pop up showing your first name, surname, username, email address, and then blank boxes. Provide a new password into the fields. They must be the same.

4. Tap Save to successfully change your password on Mathswatch.

Note: your new password must be at least six characters. And if you ever forget your password again or want to change your login details, contact your teacher.

How to use maths watch

After successfully signing into Mathswatch, then you are ready for the big change. The first noticeable option that is going to catch your attention is the “My work section”

From the page, you can go to the “Assigned task“. The page provides you with tasks assigned to you by your teacher along with the deadlines.

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The assigned task could come in two ways, tests, and homework. If you had yet to complete an assignment, you will be subtly notified by the color-coded banner. Users will also be able to see the scores of the assignments they have completed.

It is also worth noting the conditions guiding homework and tests. Homeworks can be attempted many times so far it is not yet due for submission while tests are timed and you only get one chance at it. Therefore, homework or assignment as you may call it is the best way to prepare for what is to come.

The video section is another place you want to use as much as possible because that is where the magic happens. From there, you can access lessons that will cover your curriculum. Each lesson has two versions, one is a full lesson video while the other is a one minute video for quick revision especially if you are facing an exam or test in a few hours.

The video section is good if you want to study independently. Some students get better when they study on their own through the aid of VLE like mathswatch. You will be able to access lots of questions prepared to help you and also come with tool to mark your test questions. Feedback will also be provided, thereby giving you the reality of how far you have gone and if there is also a need for improvement. And if that is not enough, you can also have it in PDF format.

My progress section is also one of the highlights of the mathswatch VLE. Of what good is VLE if there is no way to view your achievements and progress? This section will help you to stay in control and to evaluate your performance. It allows you to filter to know your area of strength and what to do next if there is a need for improvement. You can start by clicking the column headers once you are on the page to sort the data. Students should note that the My progress section does not provide details about the results of questions attempted in your assignment.

Maths watch packages and pricing

MathsWatch has some exciting packages for schools and colleges. Private tuition centers can also get a package but they will need to contact Maths Watch for a quote.

Depending on the exam or test you are preparing for, you will come across different pricing. However, below are the list of mathswatch packages and their costs:

1. AS-Level Pure Core – £150 + VAT

AS means advanced subsidiary, but has now been renamed as Advanced Subsidiary exams in 2000. This is an advanced qualification that students in Wales, Northern Ireland, and England can study after their GSCE exam.

Schools going for the package enjoy several benefits such as 75+ Video clips covering all topics common with AS level, tracking tools for teachers to monitor their students’ usage, and more. AS-Level Pure Core costs only $150 including VAT.

2. GCSE – £375 + VAT

This package is specially designed for Grades 1-9 in England and Grades A*-G in Wales. With a £375 + VAT set as the price on the package, one can expect more.

On checked, we were not disappointed as the GCSE for Grades 1-9 (England)
Grades A*-G (Wales) come with over 240 Video contents covering every GCSE topic, one-minute videos up to 230 in numbers for quick-grab or revision, downloadable pdf file containing frequently asked questions and answers, Modelled GCSE Exam series to help students prepare fully, teachers can communicate and also receive feedback on students progress and more. GCSE level on mathswatch is priced at £375 + VAT

3. KS3* Years 7-9 – £150 + VAT

Another package you will find on mathswatch is KS3* Years 7-9 and this costs only £150 including VAT. In this package, you will find over 200 video contents that cover the whole new curriculum, 250+ pdf worksheets and answers, a homework/test setting tool with automatic marking, over a thousand interactive questions, and that are automatically marked for valuable feedback to teachers, and more.

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4. Primary* Years 4-6 – £100 + VAT

Students in Primary (Years 4 to 6) also have a package that will no doubt improve their knowledge of the technical subject, otherwise known as mathematics. The subscribers’ fees for Primary* Years 4-6 is just £100 + VAT.

Of all the benefits you can enjoy on this package, the noticeable ones are access to over 120 Video clips covering Yr4 to Yr6, 180+ pdf worksheets with answers, an assignment/test setting tool with automatic marking, and over a thousand interactive questions and answers.

5. Bundle 1 GCSE + KS3 – £450 + VAT

The Bundle 1 GCSE + KS3 package was designed to help schools and colleges save some money. If the school is wishing to save some dollars or euros while enjoying dual benefits, then this package it is.

On the package, you have access to both offers available on KS3* Years 7-9 and GCSE. The package only cost £450 + VAT, saving you a big £75.

6. Bundle 2 AS-Level + GCSE £450 + VAT

Bundle 2 offers AS-Level + GCSE at a very reduced price for schools or colleges looking to save some money. Bundle 2 only goes for £450, saving you £150.

This is the best package for schools that have students at such levels or taking the exams anytime soon. It can also be used to advance the knowledge of the students.

7. Bundle 3: AS-Level + GCSE + KS3 £500 + VAT

The next plan colleges and schools can go for is the 3 in 1 package, otherwise known as Bundle 3: AS-Level + GCSE + KS3. No package helps you save more than this and this could be good for colleges that have students that will be taking any of the exams.

Mathswatch’s bundle 3 only costs £500 which seems more than a fair price considering that GCSE alone costs £375. Now you can do the math on the 3 to know how much you will be saving when you pay for the bundle instead of paying the subscription fee for each of them.

8. Available in disc format

The package is also Available in disc format for Key Stage 3, GCSE, and Primary. Mathwatch only sell to schools or colleges and their minimum order requirement to meet before your order can be accepted.

For Primary, at least 20 discs per order while 25 discs per order for GCSE/KS3. You can visit this page to order and get more information.

Mathswatch free trial

Free trial is a way to test run a product or service in all its grace to know if it will be able to serve a purpose for which you need it. To gain the confidence of colleges or schools that need it, mathwatch provides a free trial.

To get the Maths Watch free trial, you will need to request from the web platform. Once your request is accepted, you can explore all the full functionalities of the mathswatch.


1. What is mathswatch?

Mathswatch is an online platform where you can get a better understanding of maths with lots of features such as interactive questions and answers, well-explained video content, and more to get you up to speed.

2. I am not in the United Kingdom, can I make use of the Mathswatch VLE

The Virtual learning environment (VLE) can be accessed from any part of the world. Besides, it is also available 24/7.

Students from all over the world including Wales and Northern Ireland have been benefiting from the platform, thanks to their schools’ willingness to go all the way to ensure that the students under their care improve.

3. Is Mathswatch free to use?

No, Mathswatch is not free to use. It is based on a subscription basis and there are several packages you can go for. The pricing will depend on the type of package your school is interested in.

4. Does Mathswatch have a free trial?

Yes, Maths Watch has a free trial. The test period will allow you to know if the package is worth buying. To get the free trial, visit and click Try it for Free. On the page, your school or college can get a free trial after completing the information required in the fields.

5. How do I sign into maths watch?

To log in or sign in to your MathsWatch account, enter from your web browsers and sign in with the login details provided by your school.

6. I’ve forgotten my password, how do I get it back?

There is no point in contacting mathswatch for help as the way forward to get your password back is to contact your teacher. Your teacher can help you reset the password.

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