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Minecraft Game For Free: More Than A Video Game

Minecraft game is a video game that improves your intellectual ability. In the gaming world, it is a blockbuster and since 2011 when it was officially released, it has continued to rock the market.

In this post, I have given you a random review of this game: everything you will need to know about the Minecraft Game.


Minecraft is a sandbox video game that was first released as a public alpha for personal computers in 2009. A sandbox game is one in which players can create, modify, or destroy their environment; it incorporates some atoms of a game creation system.

Therefore, with the Minecraft game, you can use boxes to create, modify, and even fight challenges/enemies, depending on the game mode you have chosen.

Minecraft was developed by Mojang but it was created by Markus Notch Persson in the Java programming language. This game was officially released in November 2011 and since then, it has been taken to different platforms.

Minecraft game has also become a world best-selling video game of all time, with over 180 million copies sold across the different platforms on which it is hosted. In 2019, there were over 112 million monthly active users.


Minecraft is a 3-dimensional sandbox box video game. It does not have specific goals required of players to accomplish, but it gives you the freedom to choose how you want to play the game.

By default, the gameplay is in the first-person perspective, but you can set it to a third-person perspective. The Minecraft game world is composed of rough 3D objects which are mainly cubes and fluids, and another which is commonly called “blocks”. The blocks represent materials such as dirt, stone, ores, tree trunks, water, and lava.

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To play this game, you will need to pick up these blocks and Materials to create your own world of fantasy. By doing these, you are ‘mining’ blocks and crafting different things.

With a material called Redstone on Minecraft, you can construct many complex structures ranging from primitive mechanical devices to electrical circuits and logic gates.

The game world of Minecraft is infinite and it is procedurally regenerating as you explore the game using maps. There are limits to how you can move vertically, but you have a non-limit horizontal movement.

On this gaming platform, the world is divided into biomes like deserts, jungles, and snowfields. It includes terrains like plains, forests, mountains, caves, lava, and water bodies. A day and night cycle on Minecraft is completed in 20 minutes real-time.


There are five game modes on Minecraft game and four difficulties. Before you start a new world, you must choose one out of the five-game modes and also one among the available difficulties.

Let us now explore these various game modes:

1. Survival Mode

In the Survival mode, you will have to gather certain resources around you, like wood, stones, and other materials, to create structures and objects that will help you survive in your place.

Depending on the difficulty of the game, monsters spawn in dark areas within some radius of your location. Therefore, you will need to build shelter and armors; get food to keep you energized and healthy.

In this mode, there is a health bar that depletes when you are attacked by monsters, or when you drown, suffocate or you are starved. There is also a hunger bar that tells you when to eat. When the hunger bar is filled, your health bar will be automatically replenished.

As a player, you can create a wide range of things on Minecraft and by creating those things, you acquire more experience points. So, you can breed animals, cook, kill mobs and other players and generally, build tools that will help you survive

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2. Creative Mode

The Creative game mode of Minecraft is designed to give you the time and every resource to focus on building and creating objects of different sizes. So, here you are not affected by hunger, neither are you attacked by monsters and so on.

You can fly freely around the game world getting building blocks and materials, which will help you make your ideas come alive.

3. Harcore Mode

The Hardcore mode is just like the Survival mode. But here, the settings are tougher and when a player dies in this mode, his map is deleted and he is not allowed to interact with it.

4. Adventure Mode

Again, the adventure mode is like the Survival mode. Differently, in this mode, restrictions are placed on different tools.

So by this restriction players are forced to acquire the required tool and by this, explore and experience the adventure of the created map.

5. Spectator Mode

Just as the name sounds, the spectator mode allows you to fly around different blocks and watch the gameplay without necessarily interacting with it.

This mode allows you to see the perspectives of other players and their creatures; from the experience, you can go to survive or become creative. This mode is only available on Java and PC editions.


The multiplayer feature on Minecraft is available through Local Area Network (LAN) play, direct game-to-game multiplayer, local split-screen, and servers.

With this feature, you can communicate and interact with multiple players in a single world.


Maybe you are having a hard time deciding whether it is really a good decision to give Minecraft your time and perhaps money. Well, I will leave you to make that decision and I guess these two points below can help you make the right decision.

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1. It Challenges Your Creativity

Aside from the Spectator Mode, every other game mode questions your ability to create and adapt. So in order to survive, you must create structures and objects to help you stay in your world.

2. You Create Your Perfect World

There is no limit to what you can create on Minecraft. So, you can go ahead and design such a world you want to live in, to survive. You can rare animals, grow crops, build shelters, create mechanical devices, and so on.


With Minecraft, you have a lot of option. Although, it is a PC game but has been extended to all devices. Lovers of Minecraft game will now be able to also play on Xbox One, Play Station, Android, Xbox 360 and on IOS.

It does not matter where you play Minecraft, all have been built to give you similar capacity and functionality. However, people may have different experiences due to the devices being used. Studies show that the larger the screen, the better the atmosphere it tends to display. Another thing to consider is that some people do love the idea of playing a gamepad or joystick.

Now that it has been established that you will be able to play from some devices. Your friend could connect using his or her iphone or ipad while you are on Android and you still get connected.


To play Minecraft game online for free, you might need to make some payments. Upon payments, you can rest assured that your game is always backed up on the server. As a user, you are entitled to a private server which is hosted for you by the team.

Therefore, you do not run a risk of losing your progress while playing the game.


Children from age 7 and above can play Minecraft. However, parents are always admonished to monitor their kids since they are likely to chat with a party they have no idea of who he or she is.

However, if you are of the opinion that your kids will not be able to handle the game due to mild violence and interactions with a complete stranger, then it is better you keep it away from them until they are able to discern between which is right or wrong.

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