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How To Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program

When it comes to affiliate marketing, the Amazon affiliate program leads the global affiliate networks. They offer millions of product links to help publishers, content creators, bloggers, and website owners to make money with their traffic. So, knowing how to make money with an Amazon affiliate program is one of the best ways you can earn passively online.

Amazon affiliate program makes use of simple link-building tools that help content creators direct their readers to desirable product options and earn from qualified purchases. Aside from commissions earned from amazon products, affiliates also refer traffic to the site and possibly earn from other purchases made by their readers on the Amazon program.


Amazon affiliate program or Amazon associates is an affiliate program that pays you as a publisher when you refer a buyer to Amazon, and they make a qualifying purchase.

Registering for an Amazon Affiliate Program only takes just a few minutes. To sign up as an affiliate on Amazon go to Amazon Associates Sign Up Page, you will need to go to their link which will be revealed in this post.

As stated before, signing up is absolutely free and fast. However, ensure that you go through the Associates Program Operating Agreement to have a good understanding of what you should do or not do when posting product links.

It is free to become an Amazon Associate. After signing up, you can begin to earn referral fees when people buy using your amazon referral link.

amazon associates program


earn with amazon associates

There are a few reasons why Amazon Affiliate programs stand out in the league of affiliate networks, and why you should add it to your affiliate marketing arsenal or as a beginner affiliate marketer:

1. Amazon has become a highly trusted Affiliate program. They are known everywhere in the world. Everyone finds it amazing to sell, buy, and also earn as an associate.

2. While many think they have very low commissions on many of their products, going for their higher-priced products like furniture, cameras, or computers will provide you with decent commissions.

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3. You are not likely to see a buyer who buys just one thing from Amazon. When your visitor clicks through your link to make a purchase, most of the time, they end up buying more items. This opportunity broadens your potential earnings as an associate since you’ll get a commission on everything they buy.

4. Amazon has products that cover virtually every niche of life. So, regardless of the niche you occupy as a blogger or business owner, you are very likely going to find an affiliate opportunity on Amazon.

5. Purchases during holidays are very high. Thanksgiving to Christmas period can be very profitable when you promote Amazon product links as most people buy so much during this period.

6. Conversion rates are high on Amazon. Since everyone already trusts Amazon, when you make a product recommendation on your website or blog, buyers often simply go ahead to buy the recommended items through your links after reading your review.

7. You can easily set up as an Amazon associate with their great widgets, software, and linked images which you integrate into your content on your blog or website.


To make money on Amazon, there are a few things you must do to make your effort worth the time.

1. Start Blogging or Micro-blogging

People who make the most income from Amazon are people who blog. You can also leverage on microblogging sites or social media platforms as you may call it and other avenues to sell Amazon’s products.

However, setting up a blog or website will increase the trust that visitors have in what you do, which will also be transferred to what you sell. You may want to start with a free online blog using Blogger, Wix, or WordPress.

The blog will come at no cost except for the time you spend on creating content and designing it. Pick a niche you’ll always find interesting to write about, and create quality content with links to Amazon affiliate products.

You may also set up a professional website for your business. When integrating Amazon product links, be sure that you do not also sell similar personal products, as this move could drive business away. But if you have a blog that promotes diverse products, then you can recommend multiple Amazon products on your blog and earn from it.

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Your blog will still need social media accounts to leverage your social media audience. This also helps your blog has increased rankings on search engines. You can share product links on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to weigh in potential buyers.

2. Post Quality Contents Consistently

Post regularly but ensure that your contents are well researched and accurate. The value of your content will determine if your visitors will become long-term readers or not. So, ensure to post at least once every week on your blog.

3. Gain Loyalty

If your readers think that they are being pitched to, they may not come back to your blog. Instead of pitching to them, just include your affiliate product links as recommendations to them, preferred vendors, and best of lists. The more interesting you get with posting affiliate links the more likely is it that you’ll make sales.

4. Build Your Email List

Your email subscribers are your goldmine. Get them updated regularly without spamming them with your blog updates. You may consider an email series or a standalone email to update your subscribers on the content they’ll find specifically interesting to them.


1. To become an Amazon associate, sign up by visiting Amazon Affiliate Program sign-up page.

But before you sign up, read through the information given on the page cautiously. You need to understand the terms and conditions guiding the products you want to promote, how to post about them, and how to receive your payment.

Amazon affiliates pay commissions based on the kind of products being promoted. You can also increase your earnings when you start referring over 6 purchases monthly.

2. Sign in with your newly created Amazon username and password. Pick your payment address from the given list or input it.

3. Input your website information, average web traffic, and your online monetization. You will be required to input all the websites that you intend to use to promote Amazon product links. Then, you will need to verify your identity and then continue.

4. Look through products displayed on Amazon’s Associates Central. Choose products that connect with your niche and the kind of audience you have on your website. It is advised that you consider the ‘Bestseller’ filter to discover the products that sell best within your preferred category.

5. Integrate the product links in your blog posts. You may consider using text links, images, or an image and text. It all depends on the way you think they should best appear.

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6. Make use of Amazon Associates’ site stripe, the toolbar indicated at the top page, and capture links for your preferred products to promote.

Amazon Affiliate Commission normally ranges from 3% to 5% depending on the products you are going for, but they often max out at about 8% to 10%. On products such as Luxury Beauty and Amazon Coins, you can get a 10% commission. Therefore you should concentrate on the products that will bring the most traffic if you are running a blog and yet decent earnings.

Many people go for low-priced products such as office supplies and books, but your niche matters on the kind of products you promote on your blog.

The Amazon affiliate cookies only last for 24 hours. This means that when your visitors click through your affiliate links to make any purchase, you’ll only earn commissions if they make purchases within 24 hours.


If you are not in the USA, but in other countries like Nigeria, China, Ghana, South Africa, United Kingdom, Italy, or India, here is what you need to do to successfully register for Amazon Affiliate Program.

After you have clicked on the Amazon Affiliate Program. Proceed by providing every necessary detail required of you.

When you reach the section where you will need to provide your phone number, you will need to get a US phone number.

Go to Google Play Store or App Store depending on your mobile device. Download, install and sign up via Text Plus to get a USA phone number. If your country does not support Text Plus, you can get a good VPN app from the App Store. Meanwhile, we recommend Zenmate VPN, Nord VPN, or Thunder VPN.

With any of the VPNs, you should be able to download any app not supported in your country. You can even visit any restricted website using any of the VPN apps.

After you have successfully downloaded the Textplus app, you can now get your US Phone Number. To get your USA phone number, go to the app after signing up. Click on the select state. Choose an area code and then add a phone number. Follow prompts to get your fully functioning US phone number.

You can now go back to where you stop on the Amazon Associate and then add the newly registered phone number without the prefix +1. Click on ‘Call me Now’.

A call will come through, receive the call, and carefully write out the 4 digit codes which you will need to use to successfully complete your Amazon Affiliate Program Registration. Once punched in, then you are now an Amazon Associate.

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