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Best Free Movie Streaming/Download Apps for Android & IOS 2024

Do you own or use mobile devices such as Android, Ipad, or iPhone and you are looking for the best sites to watch or download some free movies to unwind?

We have got some ideas and we are ready to share them with our esteemed audience. Watching movies can be fun and one of the most fun ways to have a good time, aside from the many life lessons one can gain from some particular genres of movies.

Whatever your reasons for watching movies, it tends to have a positive impact on your overall health, help you cope better with stress, and also boost your immune system.

Watching some video content is always a great way to relax and below is a LIST OF THE BEST FREE MOVIE APPS FOR ANDROID, IPHONE, AND IPAD:

1. Youtube (Android, iPhone, and Ipad)

If you are looking for all kinds of free movies and videos, Youtube is one of the best Video Downloader Apps that has virtually everything that both kids and adults can take advantage of.

Meanwhile, Youtube has a strong policy when it comes to pirated content, it may not be a place to search for any illegal movies. All free videos come with ads, which can be avoided by subscribing to Youtube Premium.

The youtube premium has a 30 day free trial for all users, after expiration, a charge of $11.99 will take place per month if you want to continue using the plan. There is not much reason to use Youtube Premium as the Ads Serving Youtube Platform (Free) should be enough for you. Besides, the advertisement is not that annoying.

  • Google Play Store: Download Youtube for Android.
  • Apple Store: Download Youtube for iPad and iPhone.

2. Tubi Tv (iPhone, Ipad)

Tubi Tv is 100% a legal platform where you can stream and watch movies and Tv shows without making any payment. When using the app, you won’t be asked to enter your credit card, thereby saving your cards from being charged.

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To make it even for everyone no matter their age, it also has a kids section, unlike most movie apps that only put shows and movies that adults are likely to watch.

If you have used other apps trying to find your favorite shows, but failed, then the next step might be to download Tubi Tv on your iPhone and Ipad. The app is so great for housing shows that may not be on most apps as it receives support from big entertainment brands including MGM, and Lionsgate.

  • Apple Store: Download Tubi Tv for Apple IOS.

3. Viki (Android, iPhone, and Ipad)

The time of going to different movie apps is now over as you can now watch all your favorite video content using the Viki app. Viki is a one-stop shop to get all genres of Asian movies including Japanese Tv, Chinese, Kpop shows, and Korean movies and Tv shows.

All movies streamed from the site come with subtitles to help foreigners understand the intent of the Casts. Users will also be able to personalize the list so they could mark content they want to watch later. Viki is a legal streaming site, therefore, there is nothing to worry about.

The movie app is available for free, but not without the advertisement. However, you can also upgrade to a plan called Viki pass which goes for just $4.99 monthly. If you are unsure if you should subscribe to the plan, you can use the 7-day free trial to know more about the plan.

  • Google Play Store: Download Viki for Android.
  • Apple Store: Download Viki for iPad and iPhone.

4. WeTV (iPhone, Android, & Ipad)

Wetv is a movie app where you can stream and watch all your favorite Korean dramas, Cdrama, and more on Blu-ray picture quality for a better experience. It also comes with an option to reduce the quality to help conserve your data.

Aside from that, the site is very easy to use and you will be able to get your preferred content by scrolling through the category section. This makes it easier for you to find your exact movies. Also, users can swipe the screen to control the volume and brightness while on video content.

  • Google Play Store: Download WeTV for Android.
  • Apple Store: Download WeTV for iPad and iPhone.
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5. Viu (iPad, iPhone, & Android)

Once you open the app, It is easy to know what Viu brings to the table with the various customizations along with perfectly arranged movies for all Asian movie lovers. In addition, you can also get to watch or download content from India, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, and Nigeria, etc

The app could come at no cost without having the need to use your card, however, if you are not planning on being restricted, then you will want to go all the way for the VIU Premium.

The premium version removes locks and gives you access to unlimited video downloads and streaming. The app is also available on all major operating systems which we would share the download links below.

  • Google Play Store: Download Viu for Android.
  • Apple Store: Download Viu for iPad and iPhone.

6. Crackle (Android)

Crackle is another free video download app for all Android users looking to explore and watch the best movies, and tv shows from Hollywood without paying for a subscription.

Yeah, you heard it right, it will always be free with some advertising. Crackle currently has no paid plan, so you will therefore need to stick with the ad because there is no plan to have a paid plan at the moment. What you can do to make it more enjoyable is create an account to see fewer ads than you should.

  • Google Play Store: Download Crackle for Android.

7. Plex (Android, iPad, and iPhone)

With the Plex movie app, streaming your favorite movies and TV shows is now just at the tip of your fingertip and also comes to your screen without the need to make a purchase.

The teams have an idea of what users want and this is one of the reasons why they link up with top brands like Crackle, MGM, Warner Brothers, Lionsgate, and more to ensure you never miss anything while also ensuring a smooth interface for a great experience.

The movies site does not just cater to adults, it also has a section for kids. On the front, it may be a site where you can watch movies and Tv shows, but also have non-entertaining videos like news, informative content for people who will like to keep abreast of information and events.

  • Google Play Store: Download Plex for Android.
  • Apple Store: Download Plex for iPad and iPhone.
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8. Stremio (Android, iPhone, and Ipad)

Streamio is a popular streaming movie app made for devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Android. Through the app, you can access a large library of movies, video channels, and Tv shows which are made available from different sources.

However, streaming, for now, is only available on Android smartphones. It is not yet available on the IOS devices, but you can get updated about the content you should see and also keep track of the ones you plan to watch.

The absence of the lock feature when streaming movies is very disappointing as users have complained about accidental touches while seeing video content. Aside from that, it is a great app and you are just going to love all that it is.

  • Google Play Store: Download Stremio for Android.
  • Apple Store: Download Stremio for iPad and iPhone.

9. JustWatch (iPad, iPhone, & Android)

With a 4.3 rating on the store, you need no one telling you that JustWatch is near a perfect movie app for streaming and watching your favorite Tv shows and movies.

In addition to genres such as Action and Thriller, it also offers other categories like comedy, drama, romance, western, family, sci-fi, and more. It is also a legitimate movie app with both free and paid plans available for customers to choose from.

The site is very easy to use as users will be able to search and select their favorite movies and tv shows by the year they are released and by genres. This feature ensures you never get to wait for long before taking a sip of drink while watching your movies.

  • Google Play Store: Download JustWatch for Android.
  • Apple Store: Download JustWatch for iPad and iPhone.

10. Popcornflix (iPad, iPhone)

Another way where you can get free movies and TV shows on your IOS devices such as Ipad and Ipad is to download Popcornflix.

The movie app is authorized to share video content, but with some ads to contend with. The ads normally displays on apps like this is to ensure that you continue enjoying the content without making a subscription.

Popcornflix has all kinds of genres you are looking for and you can expect new content to reach the site weekly. If you are looking for a particular show or movie, but you can’t find it, maybe waiting another week is just what you need to be able to stream your video.

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