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MTN Awuf4u: Benefits, Migration Code + Charges

As a new or existing MTN customer, you are going to find a lot of products on their platform very tempting and choosing rightly becomes an issue. MTN Awuf4U is just another great plan but the question is, does it worth the commotion?

This short and precise article will try to explain in details and also put it to you about what you should know about MTN awuf4u. However, MTN awuf4u is not a tariff plan but a bonus given to customers upon recharge.

MTN awuf4u is an offer that gives customers 500% on every recharge from N100 & above or 350% airtime bonus on recharge below N100.

Benefits of MTN Awuf4u

  1. All prepaid and postpaid customers can make use of this plan.
  2. Customers get between 350% to 500% when they recharge their airtime.
  3. The bonus airtime can be used to make voice calls to all networks in Nigeria.
  4. Customers also get to make calls to international destination when they activate this offer.
  5. 75 SMS every week on MTN awuf4u.
  6. The validity period of the MTN awuf4u is between 14 days to 30 days.
  7. Customers can get airtime bonus when they recharge via VTU.
  8. You will be able to send 75 SMS from your Awuf4U account
  9. You will not lose the bonus even when you migrate to another tariff plan.
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Charges on MTN Awuf4u

MTN charges 68.80k/sec when you initiate a call to any network in Nigeria while a call to 13 international destinations is charged at 90k.

If you are sending an SMS, you will be charged N4 per SMS. International SMS is charged at their standard rate.

For using the internet, the charge is N15 per MB.

Analysis of call rates on MTN awuf4u

There is no doubt that you are going to enjoy making calls on mtn awuf4u, but let us take a look at how much value you will be getting on the plan.

A purchase of N100 gives you 5 times value of the recharge value, that is N500. With a charge of 68.80k/sec, one should be able to get a one minute call for just N41.28. Imagine, how many several minutes of calls one can get on Awuf4u. Your calculator should do the job just fine.

Which international destinations are eligible on Awuf4u?

Customers will be able to make calls at 90k per second to 13 selected countries. Upon activation, customers will receive an SMS containing the list of the 13 eligible international destinations.

The selected countries are United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, Germany, India, Ireland, Malaysia, Romania, Singapore, South Korea, and United States Of America.

How to check balance on MTN Awuf4u

  • To check your MTN Awuf4u balance, dial *559*14#  and wait as the system loads.
  • The bonus airtime will be displayed on your screen.

How to migrate or activate MTN awuf4u plan

  • Buy a recharge pin from any shop, VTU, supermarket, nearby store or eligible channels.
  • Recharge by dialling *888*Recharge PIN#, that is *888*3648494047594#.
  • Upon successful activation, you will receive the full value of the recharge and airtime bonus will be credited to your bonus account.
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The FAQ on MTN awuf4u

Q. Does recharging from VTU qualify for the MTN awuf4u bonus?.

  • A. MTN customers will only receive the bonus on VTU if they select awuf4u option when the recharge.

Q. Is their bonus available when you receive airtime through share and sell?

  • A. No bonus will be given if you receive airtime through share and sell.

Q. What are the eligible channels to receive a bonus on awuf4u?

  • A. The eligible channels are through VTU, *888*recharge pin# and MTN on demand.

Q. Will çustomers on awuf4u be able to purchase data, callertunez, backup, MTN play, etc using the awuf4u balance?

  • A. Customers will be unable to subscribe to any of these services using the awuf4u account but can do so using main balance.

Q. Can one transfer airtime to another MTN line using the awuf4u balance?

  • A. This is not allowed on this plan

Q. How many SMS am I eligible to send on this plan?

  • A. Customers can send up to 75 SMS from awuf4u account weekly. However, there is no rule stating you can use it up in day but subsequent ones will be charged from the main account.

Q. Is there any restriction as to the number of SMS I can send from my main account?

  • A. There are no restrictions, you can send as much as possible provided your main account balance can cater for.

Q. What happens a customer exhausts the airtime in the Awuf4U account?

  • A. The moment you have exhausted your awuf4u balance, you will be charged from your main account at your default tariff plan.
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