how to check mtn balance

MTN balance: How to check MTN account and data balance

Do you know you can follow up your airtime and data usage on the MTN network by using different ways available to check your airtime and data balance?

People who have been on the network for long should know some important codes or commands. If you are just joining, you have not missed much too.

MTN Nigeria has a great list of offers including the popular MTN night browsing plans on the network. With those offers come their unique benefits, to know how much value you are getting, you will need to check your mtn balance from time to time.

Think of a scenario when you need to call a family or friend for a very important call and you want to be sure you have enough balance to carry the moment. The first thing expected of you is to check your MTN account balance.

If you are the type that enjoys browsing the internet for a long time, it also becomes crucial to check your internet usage especially if you are a heavy user. Other times, it might be to know if your friends or families are using the MTN data you share with them sparingly.

Whatever the reasons, you will always find the need to check your MTN balance. This article is set to cover how to check your MTN account and data balance.

How to check MTN account balance

MTN Nigeria provides you with a very easy way to check your airtime/account balance, you almost do not need any special attention to remember the MTN account balance code.

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How do I know this? The first time I got my MTN line was the day I could dial my MTN code even when I am half awake. Who will forget the special code 556 or the code to recharge on MTN, 555?

  • Without further ado, dial *310# to check your MTN account balance.
  • You will receive your account balance on your phone’s screen and will also be sent to your inbox.

If you are having issues due to network or faulty phone, you can reach out to any of their mediums and speak to MTN customer care. All you need to do is ask for your MTN account balance.

How to check data balance on MTN

There are two ways available to check your MTN data balance. They are through SMS and USSD option. The USSD is no doubt the easiest to use but not the easiest to remember when compared with the SMS option.

  • To check your MTN data balance, dial *323# on your MTN network.
  • For those who prefer SMS to check MTN data balance, send “2” to “323” to get your MTN data balance.

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Now that you have been presented with different methods to check your MTN balance, you should have no further issues with monitoring your usage.

If you are still finding it difficult to check your MTN balance, you could chill a while as this might be network. If after waiting a bit and there is still no way to check your MTN balance. MTN customer care might be the next line of action to take.

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