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MTN Hynet Flex: Unlimited plans, coverage, price and How to subscribe

Do you care to know why MTN Hynet Flex is becoming a household name in Nigeria? It is because it is proving to be an effective internet solution for everyone who opts for it. The best part of MTN Hynet plans is that it also offers unlimited internet plans.

Whether it is for business or for leisure, you can not just go wrong with MTN Hynet. The device is not just about quality made, also comes with extraordinary speed for smooth downloads, uploads, online video streaming, surfing, and even more.

MTN Hynet is a high-speed internet service that is faster than traditional dial-up access. It allows users to download, upload and stream at an amazing speed.

If you are planning to set up an internet connection in your place of work or home, you will need a router. MTN hynet can otherwise be called an MTN Hynetflex 4G LTE Router.

MTN Router is a device that communicates between the devices in your home, office or space and the internet and thereby resulting to provide superfast internet service. It is ideal for anyone who spends a large chunk of time on the internet. Small and medium enterprises will also find it very valuable.

Who can use MTN HynetFlex?

  1. Anyone can use MTN hynet flex, but people that use high data volume will find it more valuable and cheaper.
  2. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) will love to have hynet flex to help shape the fortune of their business.
  3. Heavy data users including people that love to download seasonal movies, stream videos, watch football online, play online games, etc.
  4. Small office Home office (SoHo) and home users.
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Why you should choose MTN Hynet flex 4G LTE Router

  1. Multiple users can connect about 64 devices at the same time.
  2. Inbuilt battery offering uninterrupted power.
  3. Customers get to enjoy 100% data bonus for the first 6 months of activating the service.
  4. Enjoy great value on capped and unlimited data plans
  5. Access to flexible and various data plans that suit your needs. Whether limited or unlimited plans, you are covered.
  6. MTN Customer support is available 24/7 and any day.

MTN hynet flex coverage in Nigeria

Before purchasing MTN hynetflex, understand that the device is location bound. Meaning that you may be unable to use it in certain parts of Nigeria. Although, works are speeding up to ensure that everyone can use MTN hynet flex anywhere they are.

For now, MTN hynet package which offers high-speed internet services is only available in Lagos and some other states.

MTN hynet flex coverage spread within Lagos, Abuja, Ilorin, Bauchi, Ibadan, Kaduna, Oshogbo, Makurdi, Port Harcourt, Warri, and Sokoto.

MTN Hynet Flex Data Plans

Below are the prices, data caps and validity period of MTN Hynet Flex data plans;

  1. 30gb – N8000 – 30 days – Visit to subscribe.
  2. 45gb – N11000 – 30 days – Visit to subscribe.
  3. 100gb – N18000 – 30 days – Visit to subscribe.
  4. 200gb – N25000 – 30 days – Visit to subscribe.
  5. 300gb – N36000 – 30 days – Visit to subscribe.
  6. 400gb – N45000 – 90 days – Visit to subscribe.
  7. 1tb – N9000 – 180 days – Visit to subscribe.
  8. 2tb – N150000 – 365 days – Visit to subscribe.
  9. Bronze unlimited – N5000 – 7 days – After 30GB of data usage weekly, speed may reduce to 512kbps – Visit to subscribe.
  10. Silver unlimited – N20000 – 30 days – After 130GB of data usage monthly, speed may reduce to 512kbps – Visit to subscribe.
  11. Silver unlimited – N20000 – 30 days – After 130GB of data usage monthly, speed may reduce to 512kbps – Visit to subscribe.
  12. Ruby unlimited – N30000 – 30 days – After 250GB of data usage monthly, speed may reduce to 512kbps – Visit to subscribe.
  13. Gold unlimited – N45000 – 30 days – After 500GB of data usage monthly, speed may reduce to 512kbps – Visit to subscribe.
  14. Diamond unlimited – N60000 – 30 days – After 800GB of data usage monthly, speed may reduce to 512kbps – Visit to subscribe.
  15. Platinum unlimited – N165000 – 180 days – After 2.5TB of data usage monthly, speed may reduce to 512kbps – Visit to subscribe.
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The ideal steps to buy your MTN Hynet Flex

  • Visit any of the MTN offices or stores in Nigeria.
  • Confirm your place of usage is within the MTN hynet flex coverage.
  • Ask for the order form which is to be completed by you.
  • Attach all relevant documents.
  • Make payment in cash and instantly have your MTN hynet flex delivered to you.
  • Installation is very easy. follow the simple steps to install and you can have your device up and running in no time.

Other ways to buy your MTN hynet flex

  • Another way to get the MTN hynet flex router is to buy from third parties.
  • Depending on your choice, you can get it new or fairly used. If you are looking to buy new MTN router, jumia and Konga are good places to buy.
  • Classified ads sites like Olist Nigeria also provide you with a platform to connect with sellers. You can get fairly used or new device router.
  • When dealing with classified ads sites, always be careful. Check out some valuable tips to help when dealing on Olist Nigeria.

MTN hynet Flex Prices

MTN Hynetflex 4G LTE Router’s price was recently slashed, a move intended to give more people access to the device.

HyNetflex 4G+ router is currently sold at N25,000, plus you also get a 120gb free data and 100% Data Bonus on every data subscription over a period of 6 months.

The lucky one may also get a free desktop phone from MTN.

How to subscribe to MTN hynet flex plans

  • Go to MTN hynet flex official portal,
  • Start the process towards renewing or subscribing to MTN hynet flex by going through the MTN hynet data plans.
  • HyNetflex Data Plans consist of monthly capped plans, other capped plans and unlimited plans.
  • Locate and click the link to subscribe to MTN HyNet Flex data plans.
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