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MTN Nigeria Affiliate Program: How To Start Your Own

MTN affiliate program is one of the several ways to make extra money. I know that for several people, this looks new to them but in our usual generosity, we will try to inform you about what you have been missing out.

Being at the center of it all has afforded MTN, the biggest network provider in Nigeria the chance of coming out with different kinds of products to help them make more sales.

Mtn Nigeria is under the MTN Group Limited. The group is formally called M-cell, a South African multinational company who operate in several countries with its head office in Johannesburg. They came into Nigeria officially on May 16, 2001 and started operation that same year in August.

MTN Nigeria is the first GSM Network in Nigeria, they have gone through a series of growth and has covered several grounds in the 36 states. They have more competitive package than the rest of the networks and also have more subscribers.

Mtn has continued to roll out several rewards-based program with Mtn affiliate program being one of them. Before we go deeply into mtn affiliate program works, let’s introduce you to affiliate program.Mtn *2018#

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the quickest way to make money online anywhere in the world as it always comes with high commission.

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Although there may be other ways spelled out by the companies who make use of agents to sell their products but the commission on referrals is always high like we have seen with NNU Income Program, Newpay Income Program, income program & several others.

Therefore, affiliate marketing is that type pf marketing you carry on for a company by promoting their products and for your trouble you are given a commission.

Several people have been partnering with business in order to make commission by referring people to company’s products and services.

The amount to be paid for referrals depends on how much sales you made. Using NNU Income Program as example, you get NGN1000 for any person who registered and get approved. If you are able to get 100 people, you would have made NGN100,000 on NNU Income Program.
How much commision you earn on MTN Nigeria affiliate Program

It is very important that you know what you are getting into. MTN Nigeria is clear and straightforward about their program.
For successfully selling your product, you earn 2% of any amount.

What you need to get started with MTN Affiliate Program

  • Your mobile phone.
  • MTN Number.

How to get started with MTN Affiliate Program (Steps)

Registration: Registering an account is the first step and it is simple and fast.

To register your account, dial *2018# on your MTN number. Follow on-screen prompts to complete registration.

You will receive a confirmation message when you are done.

The next step on the list is funding of your *2018# wallet: Now that your registration has been confirmed. You are now licensed to sell airtime to mtn and airtel users and in return, a 2% commission.

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Steps to fund your 2018 wallet

A GTbank account: you need a gtb account and if you do not have at the moment, you can have one opened for you either online or in their branch.

To get yours opened for you without visting the bank, dial *737#. Thereafter, fund your gtbank account.

Though there are still ongoing plans from MTN to make it bigger and add more banks to the fold but for now, GTbank it is.

Dial *737*50*amount*2018# from the same number you used to register for your MTN affiliate program.

MTN affiliate program rates *2018#

There are two ways to earn to earn commision on MTN affiliate program. One is when you buy airtime for yourself and the other is when you sell to another.

Selling to others earn you more commision than buying yourself.

2% commision when you sell to others: Selling to others other than you will give you 2% commission on each sale. Mobile phone is already like a way of life for several people, yet not complete without having data or airtime on your mobile phone.

People load for the purpose of making calls and buying data. Imagine having several people on your list who wants to load airtime or have it as one of your source of income in your kiosk or shop.

Even as phone merchant, sim card seller or one that operates a mobile money shop, you can still be earning proceeds from this channel.

I have seen a lot of mobile money operators in Nigeria who venture into this type of offering as another source. It does not have to be your only channel, make it what brings more money into your business. At the end of the day, you might find out that you have done really well for yourself.

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1.5% commision when you buy for yourself: even as an affiliate agent of mtn, you can still cut yourself some deal when you buy for yourself.

Now that we have been able to exposed you to another way of smoothing ride yourself into financial freedom, please read our other articles on the business section. We promise to come again with another exciting business prospects.

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